The last episode of High School Star musical resolves the problem of the ruined performance and promises us a return of the series at a later date in the ending and in the post-credit card. It also brings us the full version of the ending song with it’s own dance number. I’ve always been rather fond of the ending so when it started as they began their performance. It was a huge jolt of joy for me, but let’s start from the beginning and work our way to the end of the episode why don’t we?

So the episode starts where the last episode left off. With the stage breaking, drama! So now what are they going to do about their show? Well good thing the Jerk Committee is here to cancel the show for the safety of the students. Okay, well I can’t really argue with it. I mean, they have a storm going on that is strong enough to wipe out the outdoor stage. It’s probably not safe to be out performing in that.
Does this discourage our main characters? Nope, not at all, not in the slightest.


I get it, I do. I get them wanting to perform for a group. I get them wanting to shine and show their progress to the world despite everyone trying to stop them at every turn. I do get it, but you’re having a bloody typhoon out there and you STILL want to perform outside?
I mean, at the end of the episode. Anime magic and the sheer force of…whatever, makes it so instead of a typhoon it’s just a little light rain they are performing in but still.

Well whatever. They get the school to back them on doing a performance outside of the music building. You remember, where the Kao council did their song back in episode one? Yeah, they’re going to perform there. So they have students from all over the school come and help them set up.
And of course, we have to have one last confrontation from the biggest jerk of them all. Akatsuki steps in and is like “You can’t do this!” and Hoshitani is like, “Yes we can!” and has a huge dramatic speech that with the help of the other two members of the Kao council flipping on the broadcasting system is broadcast around the school.


So the weather clears, even Team Hiragi rushes back on stage after their performance to tell everyone about Team Ootori’s stardust musical. The curtain opens and they perform a brilliant full version of the ending. Akatsuki is still a jerk, Ootori and Hiragi make up some of their problems between each other. That moment where you stare at the screen and go “If you weren’t brothers, I’d ship this SO hard.”, but that’s alright. As at leas Ootori knows that the student that Hoshitani was talking about was him…
And Hiragi knows it. At the end of the series though, Hoshitani still hasn’t realized it. Oh well, that’s what second seasons are for right?

At the end of the episode it’s New Years and the team is splitting up for Vacation. The Kao council seems closer then ever, and they’ve even let Ootori back into their group. Akatsuki still doesn’t look happy with it, that’s right Ootori. Choke hold him, choke hold him until he’s dead.
What do you mean this isn’t that kind of anime?
Well whatever, Team Ootori splits up in a symbolic five shaped star and the dialogue heavily alludes to the idea that this won’t be the last we see of them.


What I am a little disappointed about is we didn’t get to see more then a few seconds of Team Hiragi’s song. Come on guys, they’re the main characters rival’s/biggest supporters. They even help encourage them earlier in the episode and give me my favorite scene with the green haired guy and his beloved Ice scream.
The few seconds we heard sounded really cool too!

So how was this episode for a last episode of the season? ACTUALLY, pretty dang good. I loved seeing them do the performance to the ending. No matter how cliche’ the way they got there was, I was thrilled to see them perform and I liked seeing them put Akatsuki in his place.
While I feel like things were resolved in the Kao council a little too quickly. Eh, what can you do. It’s not really the Kao councils story, it’s Team Ootori’s story and I am happy with the progress that they made from episode one to episode twelve and at the end of the day. Isn’t that what’s important?


Look out for full series impressions from both Chari and I on our ‘final thoughts’ post for High School Star Musical.


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  1. sliverroses

    I thinh Team Hiragi’s song is Caribbean Groove in CD Show Time 5. It’s a really nice song.

    1. MidnightDevont

      I need to go look that up then, because the first few seconds of it in the show sounded great!

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