The second to last episode opens with a bombshell – Reisi had ordered Fushimi to betray him and Scepter 4 in order to infiltrate JUNGLE, to get close to Nagare and be ready to help the other clans from the inside if the original plan (to keep the Green Clan from stealing the Dresden Slates) failed. I definitely did not see that coming. o_o   Reisi is very cunning indeed.

We see that Misaki Yata and the rest of HOMRA have hopped a ride aboard Shiro’s shiny airship, making plans to get Shiro, Kuroh & Neko to the bottom of JUNGLE’s secret headquarters, located nine levels underground in an abandoned water intake station.

Sword. The sword will win.

Above ground, Reisi is slowly taking damage in his fight with the Gray King. The two Kings continue to taunt each other with insults as their philosophies and ideals continue to clash. Sword against gun, which one will win this time?

When Shiro crash lands his ship through the Yomito Gate area, Scepter 4 use the distraction to arrive on the scene, with the top soldiers all forming a living barrier between Reisi and the Gray King. Other members of the Blue Clan are protecting the city’s inhabitants and squashing any riots – basically just trying to keep order and prevent the chaos from spreading. When the battle resumes, Reisi gives Tenkei Iwafune a final slash, killing him at last. Huzzah!  But as Scepter 4 celebrates their win, it’s immediately clear that Reisi is not alright. Seri orders everyone to stand back, including Goki, stating that since she is Reisi’s lieutenant she will be the one to kill him if necessary.

Far underground, Fushimi is fighting Sukuna (and losing), but has his butt saved by his former best buddy. The two youth beat a hasty retreat, but Sukuna catches up to the duo and they are forced to fight him. I honestly love everything about Fushimi and Misaki, and while their happy reunion was pretty predictable it was still heartening to see them fight as a team once more, complete with a cheesy tagline that reminded me of Team Rocket from Pokemon. Eventually they defeat Sukuna, and I thought GoHands did a good job not being too detailed with his presumed death (falling through a large hole in the floor). Even though he’s a brat, and a super-powered one at that, he’s still a kid and it always looks bad when your show starts killing children.  ^^;;

After Sukuna is gone, Misaki leaves Fushimi to go help Anna (at Fushimi’s insistence). Naturally as soon as he’s gone, more JUNGLE losers show up rarin’ for a fight and aw shit, Fushimi’s out of knives. But all is not lost! Hirasaka from episode nine shows up in the nick of time to save him. It turns out Reisi paid her to go find Fushimi and bring him home safely. Yay! (I didn’t want him to die. ;~;  ) vlcsnap-00029

By this point, both Sukuna and the Gray King have been eliminated, and our main heroes come across Yukari on what I’m assuming is the ninth floor. The plan had been for the trio to fight Yukari, but Kuroh insists that Shiro allow him to fight Yukari alone while Shiro and Neko go to destroy the Slates and defeat Nagare. Yukari says that Kuroh had better kill him, otherwise he will go after Shiro.

My thoughts: This episode does a great job heightening the hype before the grand finale, and the music was fantastic as always. Will it be Seri who kills Reisi, or Goki? Will Kuroh live through his battle with his former senpai? Will Shiro & Neko succeed in defeating Nagare without losing their own lives in the process??

I also liked how, with the death of each of JUNGLE’s J-rank members, the flaws in their ways of thinking are exposed.  Which is not to say that Reisi’s ideals are perfect, because they’re not. Both clans’ ideals have their pros and cons. But after spending most of the series listening to JUNGLE go on and on about their revolution for mankind and how perfect their plans are, it was nice to see some holes. For example, Reisi accuses Tenkei of being a man who ran away from the Kagutsu tragedy, and someone who sees the world “through cloudy eyes” while covering what he should be seeing with “vague, non-committed actions.” And Sukuna is really just a lonely kid with no home and no friends, so he took refuge in JUNGLE but still spent all his time playing video games to hide his insecurities. Huh.  (How’d he even get recruited anyways??)

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!