So this episode…yeah… it was pretty cute. Sure it had the same plot that we’ve seen a bunch of times, but it can be excused as this series is obviously meant for little kids. It is going to win awards for originality? No. Was it cute? …yeah. So let’s just jump right into it.

Kokoro is going off somewhere with her family for the day and the Cocotamas are told to stay home. And for once they actually listen. Yep. This is going to be one of those “The human’s away” episodes we’ve seen in a bunch of pet shows before.

While she’s gone, Luckytama thinks it would be nice if they all dress up the Cocotama house in Christmas decorations.

At least...I think so
At least…I think so from that drawing I kinda guessed at first.

However problems arise when the gang starts to set up up the way they think it looks nice when Lucky starts to disagree with their choices and tells them they’re doing it wrong. He gets pissed at them all and they all end up going their separate ways in different parts of the house.

Angry Luckytama is still cute
Angry Luckytama is still cute

To be fair, Lucky is kind of a dick saying that since he was the first Cocotama he’s the most important and how they should listen to him.

They all hang out with the items that they came from. While they are there, Lucky, still in the room continues to decorate, but is having a lot of trouble doing it on his own.

Meanwhile, as time goes by, everyone has memories of them all hanging out together and how they had some great times including eating together, saving the mother’s wedding ring, and listening to lessons from the one with a book on her butt.

I forget her name, but she really does have a book on her butt
I forget her name, but she really does have a book on her butt

They all slowly begin to make their way back to the room (with the exception of the green one) and help Lucky set it up. However they end up not having enough people to lift up the star to make it complete, but then the green one shows up and helps them finish it.

Christmas teamwork! it's like regular teamwork...but somehow better!
Christmas teamwork! it’s like regular teamwork…but somehow better!

After they finish, Lucky apologizes to everyone and tells them what a real jerk he’s been. They forgive him and when Kokoro returns they have a nice display to show her.

D''s so cute and Christmasy!
D’aw…it’s so cute and Christmasy!

And…that’s pretty much the episode.

Yeah, there isn’t a whole lot to say about this episode plotwise. The moral of the story is, work together and don’t be a jerk. That’s pretty much all you have to know. Your friends are there to help, but don’t take them for granted and act like an ass.

Overall it was cute like usual, and it dealt with them having emotions other than joy, wonder, and cuteness. It was definitely interesting to see these characters express something other than positive emotions. I was a bit shocked to see Luckytama be the one to do it though as he’s usually the super happy gungho one, but it’s nice to see that they show that everyone can have bad days.

This episode didn’t have a whole lot going on, but that’s okay, it was nice to relax to. As I said before, it’s not going to win any awards for plot originality, but it is important for kids to learn to not be selfish dicks…so I’ll let it slide.

Episode 6.5/10

I agree, kids should learn that if you're a dick your friends will leave you
I agree, kids should learn that if you’re a dick your friends will leave you

I think there’s one episode left…..I could be wrong but we’ll see next week. Until then, peace out