Apologizes for the delay! Earlier in the day I noticed Episode 11 had not shown up and then heard the news about how the broadcast had been postponed until 12/18. But then at 11:38PM while looking around, I saw that episode 11 had in fact did come out. Apparently Funimation wasn’t affected by this delay, so without further delay, let’s dive right in!

Noragami Aragoto Ep 11 Img 0006It was about ten minutes in when I realized they were going to drag the episode out for one more episode, and I have to say I am not complaining. Remember last week when I wondered how they were going to handle the scenes re-arrangements and tweaks? Well they did even better than I expected them to. First off I have to commend them for their clever adjustments to ensure that Yukine would not lose out on his badass moment despite how they had both Yukine and Hiyori travel to the location together. What they did was simple, instead of Hiyori running into Kugaha when she was alone, they had it so he had stunned her and separated her from Yukine. From there they were able to return to the original path without screwing up Yukine’s epic moment. That moment was when Yukine fought back after Hiyori helped re-enforce how much Yato cares about him, and absolutely kicked Kuraha’s ass. It was a sweet revenge after having messed with Yukine psychologically.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 11 Img 0008In the mean time, (although it was only for a brief moment) it was extremely emotional to see how proud Yato was to have been able to save Ebisu by his own will. He was so happy about it, it made me want to cry. He did it because he wanted to, not because it was his father’s orders. It says a lot when he is able to laugh in such a grim situation of having been dragged back by Izanami herself. But as he wanders around, Hiiro starts talking as if they are definitely going to die and how she doesn’t mind because she is with Yato. As result he almost, succumbs to the idea of staying down there to die together with Hiiro, but then remembers he has people he needs to return to, and so resumes his fight to find a way back to the surface. Of course that doesn’t go well as Izanami once more manages to successfully capture him again.
But luckily for him and Hiiro, Bishamon on her way to rescue him. With the help of Kofuku of being the one to open the vent once again, Bishamon dives into the underworld to return Yato the favor of saving him as he has saved her twice. His knight in shiny armor forced her way through and revitalized his will by sharing how Yukine and Hiyori were waiting for his return to the surface.

We were given some insight why Ebisu cares so much about Noras. It’s because he relates to them in a way most Gods don’t. He who has reincarnated over and over again, with so many names, when he was younger he considered himself to be a form of a Nora. This truly highlights one of the unique traits that makes Ebisu who he is in this lifetime.

Since they decided to drag it out for at least one more episode along with making the decision to re-arrange the scenes once more, they really did take their sweet time with this episode. So when you think about it, there was not a whole lot of progression. In fact, because of the pacing of how they have dragged it out for this particular event, they may even make it so this arc will be officially wrapped up within the final episode. But once again I am perplex of how they will execute the scene that was chronically supposed to have happened within this “segment” so to speak. I do have quite a bit of faith of BONES figuring something out as they have continued to show us their creative ways of managing to do so. I also suspect the primary reason why they decided to “post-pone” the segment I am speaking of, is for the sake of impact for the semi-final, or final episode, because it is one of the most dramatic events in the series. So if they choose to do so, as long as they wrap up the arc in a way it would avoid potential ripple effects that could come back to bite them if they were to do a third season (DO IT BONES, DO IT!), I will be a happy Noragami fangirl.


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