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I am quite infuriated with how they executed this episode. I mean seriously, BONES! You guys were doing so well up to this point, but what the hell were you thinking?! Last week I had a feeling they were going to make Yato witness Ebisu’s death in the anime edition- for the sole purpose to create more drama and angst. And I honestly had faith they were going to do it right. But holy shit, how wrong I was. What a disaster this episode was. In fact, I have to say they fucked up big time- and no, I am not exaggerating.

Noragami Aragoto Ep 12 Img 0031Let me tell you why and how they absolutely ruined it. They cut out such an important detail, just so they could drag out the fight- longer than it should have and have some anime-edition Yatori moments. Hell, it was not worth to prolong Ebisu’s the fight against the Heavens for as long as they did. At first I thought it was cool and fun, but the longer they dragged it out, the more ridiculous it became. I kept on throwing my hands up in the air, shouting at my computer screen in frustration, “JUST END THE FIGHT”. I just can’t wrap my head around why in the world they thought it would be a good idea to pointlessly drag out the fight in the first place! I felt it played a big part in messing with the emotional build-up of Ebisu’s fate was dangling on a thin thread.Noragami Aragoto Ep 12 Img 0026 They absolutely RUINED his final moment all because they wanted Yato to witness it and have this big heroic moment. I couldn’t find it in me to feel a shred of sadness or appreciation, I was consumed by the frustration of how BONES messed it up. Ironically, part of this has to blame the decision to switch up the order of events. It looks like it is an inevitable to avoid having it come back to bite you at some point down the line.

Oh and the important thing I mentioned they had decided to cut out? It’s this little girl, a Goddess whom nobody knows of- but there are a lot of theories revolving around her and her potential ties with Yato, besides the hints she knew Yato’s true name: Yaboku. She was also the one who told them how to get Yato and Bishamon out of the underworld.

She was also the one who told them how to get Yato and Bishamon out of the underworld.

I don’t even know if Bones is going to make the decision to throw her into the finale next week. As far as I’m concerned the finale should be completely devoted to Ebisu and Yato, anything else will make me want to claw something.

But enough of the rant and more about the episode itself:
Noragami Aragoto Ep 12 Img 0022Yato’s true name is Yaboku. Hiyori figured it out as she was the one who carved the name into the shrine in the first place and recalled which form she carved his name in the first place. But it took everyone a long time since they were puzzled when they realized that Yato was not responding to the name they all knew him as. The problem was that Yato never opened up to them about his true name. He was afraid they would leave him because of his terrible history and the things he has done. But as Kofuku explains, it isn’t out of the ordinary for Gods to have a different name or title, as she herself uses another God’s title because she doesn’t like to be known or called as the God of Poverty. But both Bishamon and Yato could have also been goners had Hiyori not been there at the scene because it required a living human to call out their names in order to return to the surface.

And finally, we can all agree that the Heavens is a bunch of grumpy pricks who wouldn’t even give Ebisu a chance to explain himself. They didn’t like how he took in Noras, they didn’t like how he is trying to be a Conjurer by wielding the Phantoms, etc.. etc…
To me, The Heavens are like a bunch of butthurt Gods who are not productive considering the ones who attempt to make a difference are often the ones who are punished.

That’s it for this week, let’s see how the finale goes. What a shame they messed this one up, lets hope they can just do the finale justice with Ebisu and Yato.


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  1. zztop

    I haven’t been able to find any official statement from the director on why he removed the little goddess’s scenes. But she hasn’t appeared again in the manga, correct?
    Perhaps the director felt her appearance would elicit too many questions from anime-only viewers, who cannot be given a guarantee that a Season 3 will be made. I can’t claim to speak for him though; you’d have to ask him yourself on that one.
    I’d like to reconfirm something with you after rereading the manga.
    [spoiler] I’m not clear what the Father’s supposed to be. Is he a god, or an ancient human soul? Because if he’s a god, that would mean he still needs his own worshippers to continue existing. And if he’s shunning the very principle of being a god due to his personal hatred of the High Gods, then shouldn’t he cease to exist without worship?[/spoiler]

    1. Eva

      I don’t think there is any excuse to cut her out- especially with how they dramatically changed the circumstances. Had they included it, it would have left it open in case they do get a third season (not that they’d get the answers then anyways), and encourages curiosity from the fans by creating a situation of, “OMG WHO IS THIS?! HOW DOES SHE KNOW YATO!?!?!”. And if the fans are desperate enough to find out, they can just read the manga if there is never a third season.
      As for the little goddess…Just because she hasn’t shown up in the manga since doesn’t mean she has been officially dismissed. She was there for a reason, and a lot of theories right now are pointing to what her purpose may have been for foreshadowing….
      [spoiler]Yato’s true identity actually as Tsukuyomi. You can check out the theory :here:
      She clearly knows a lot more than anyone else, and she is a powerful figure. In fact, there is a great possibly that she knows Yato, but he doesn’t know her- especially if he had experienced a reincarnation as oppose to being born by Trash Dad’s wish.
      As for Trash Dad, we don’t know yet whether or not he is a God or what he is for the matter. Whoever he is, he is powerful enough to possess humans to use as his shell (or something like that from what I’ve heard thus far). But right now, it is likely he is definitely not a God, especially since he hates Gods and wants to have revenge. He has been shown to be extremely abusive to Yato and Hiiro. [/spoiler]

      1. zztop

        So the Father’s
        [spoiler] identity is still unknown? Because I asked this question on another forum, and they said he was a rogue god trying to surpass the limitations imposed upon him by the High Gods. [/spoiler]
        Based on what you’ve read so far, is there enough material for a Season 3, or are we in for a wait?

        1. Eva

          We are getting hints, but otherwise no. It is still a mystery.
          As for whether or not there’s enough material for a third season… Hm, I’m not really sure to be honest. If a third season were to be developed, we are definitely in for a wait though, I would say at least a year and a half, minimum.

      2. Lin

        I just wanted to clarify some things regarding the loli goddess. First, she doesn’t know Yato personally. I just re-read the whole chapter again and she doesn’t say anything about knowing him.
        As for her identity, I think a Japanese reader could tell fairy easily who she is. The clues are in the third page of chapter 37. She says “Heaven is righteous and absolute, and it must never bow down or apologize to anyone, no matter what. My reason for being here is simply because I want to be.” That’s the first clue, and second is the sun in the background in that page.
        Can you tell who she is from these clues? It’s pretty easy actually.

        1. Eva

          I never said she knew Yato I said, she there is a great possibility aka MIGHT know Yato, and if she by any chances does, she probably had reasons to not say anything.
          Yeah I know who she is 😉 all hail the symbolism! I anticipate seeing her again = v =

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