Idk why I watched this show.

Overall Thoughts

Ok I’m not even going to bother doing separate reviews for each episode when I can just easily sum them both up in just one paragraph. Really there’s never anything I can really talk about with this show. I was trying to make my reviews longer in the beginning by rambling about crap related to the episode but I couldn’t do that anymore because I just didn’t care lol.

Episode 12, Goura steals Miya’s secret power box. Hakone fights back as she sees Miya as a friend rather than a rival, then Miya sees her as the same. Short fight ensues, they get the box back, then they run off to the shrine. Episode 13, they reach the shrine. Hakone and Miya turn older as they gained powers from the shrine. Goura and Ashinoko arrive. Hakone’s all like “Hey man quit it. Your hot spring’s gonna be shit if you use stolen power.” Goura has a change of heart but Ashinoko doesn’t. She doesn’t know how to use her power and goes berserk, Hakone gets in the way and fights back, and for some reason after a big water attack she shoots up into the air and into the water and then she does missing for awhile and everyone is heartbroken. Some time passes (idk how long), Tohya accidentally drops  a steamed bun into the shrine and poof! out comes Hakone like nothing happened. Everyone is happy, they all get along, the end.

Alright that’s enough of that. So this show…reading the synopsis it’s alright. Not super original, but it could have been fun. And then it turns out it’s a short. Only 3 minutes. Damn, well that’s a red flag. And yet I kept watching because, why not, it’s only 3 minutes of my time, no biggie. But I really don’t get why I even went on to review this show. I guess because it’s short. But I’m just going to say this right now, you can skip this it’s not worth it.

Plot – The plot of this show was a hot springs goddess, Hakone, trying to regain her powers after having been in a slumber for a long time. Tohya, the guy who summons her by accident, is the one who helps her. Well, he doesn’t. And does Hakone get her powers back? Not really. Not permanently. She regained her true womanly form occasionally, one reason because she gained attention from the people or something, and the other reason because she was at the shrine. But those were the only ways she could get her true form again. She still remained a kid goddess, even though she’s pretty old. Oh, also that “death” in the end? Stupid. It all happened so fast, I felt nothing, and of course she wasn’t going to disappear forever. Everything was going to wrap up with all the characters being happy and shit, anyone could have seen that coming. There was no real conflict in this show, they were just mini stories, and most of them didn’t even have to do with the plot so there was no progress. Nothing. Also the comedy was boring. I got a couple tiny giggles in the beginning but then the episodes just stopped being funny.

Characters – There’s a small group of characters, but most of them are just really on the side. Obviously Hakone took the spotlight all the time. Tohya and the others were just…there. There was no character development, everyone stayed the same and they were boring. Nothing. Also, bad idea to introduce characters near the end.

Animation – This shit looks like it came out 10 years ago.

Audio – I don’t remember shit.

Final: 3/10

Idk what else to say honestly. There’s only so much you can do with a short. And really I don’t know why I expected more. This show could have been better if it had better animation and actually had full-length episodes. But since it’s a short…well…there you go. No conflict and most of the time no plot, forgettable characters, ugly animation, idk the music, comedy wasn’t good, this show in general was a major miss. It’s pretty bad, but it’s not the type of bad where I’m just screaming at my computer, it’s the type of bad…well, I’m just not in a fury. It’s just…whatever, you know? Whatever. I’ll just forget about this show because nothing stood out. I guess I’m not in a fury because this show only took 3 minutes from my weeks, so no big deal. I just watched it to be entertained even for a little bit. Well, I was only entertained for a little bit. But yeah, that’s Hakone-chan, don’t watch it. Ok bye.


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