You know, every time I’m about to watch an episode of this show, I say to myself, “This. This is going to be the episode that’s going to suck. I know it. This is going to be the episode that’ going to make me hate this show.” And, by the blessings of the gods, that has not happened yet. I liked this episode, and I still love this show.

This really amazes me that THIS is the series I would like most this season. The series I literally only took because no one wanted it because they thought it looked stupid. What is it with me and taking random stabs in the dark and those are the series I end up liking? Yoru No Yatterman, Gate, this one. All series I didn’t even think stood a chance of being good, but ended up being great. Oh well, I guess that just goes to show you right?

Anyway, let’s begin the episode.

It seems that the girl in charge of the school newspaper finds out there’s a big corruption in the student council and they end up removing the current president.

And then you find out it's because they were conducting snail races.
And then you find out it’s because they were conducting snail races. No. Seriously.

So a bunch of people decide to run for the office. That includes Jean, Bertholdt, Rico, and Eren. They all have their own selfish reasons for running, especially Jean, but…it’s Jean so we’ll forgive him.

Hey. Jean's my favorite...shut up!
yeah…Jean’s my favorite…. baka.

Meanwhile Eren’s trying to get Armin to help him make a good campaign poster…on photoshop.

I'm sorry, I just find it REALLY amusing that the cast of Attack on Titan is using Photoshop
I’m sorry, I just find it REALLY amusing that the cast of Attack on Titan is using Photoshop

However, they end up finding out that every one of them has no support in the polls and desperately want to know how to get more popular. The scientist chick and levi reveal that the newspaper girl who ousted the last president has a notebook that will give whoever gets it an edge as they’ll know what it is everyone wants to hear and be able to use that to their advantage. Because of this, a chase ensues by everyone who’s running to get the notebook.

Once again, GO JEAN!
Once again, GO JEAN!

When they finally get their hands on the notebook they discover that it’s filled with tips on how to properly clean the school. (Which explains why Levi thought it was important).

Finally the day of the debate comes and everybody ends up blowing it. Eren screams that as president he’ll eliminate the titans, Bertholdt says something sexist, nobody wants to clean the school with Rico, and finally when Jean stands up and talks about how he’s doing it to get girls to like him, Marco steps in to speak for him, but everyone thinks Marco would be the best choice and vote him to be the president.

Not only does Marco NOT die, he becomes class president. Take THAT Attack on Titan!
Not only does Marco NOT die, he becomes class president. Take THAT Attack on Titan!

And that’s where the episode ends.

Once again, why this episode is good is all in the presentation. This series is DEFINITELY not for the plot, but the way that these characters react to the world around them. Their goofiness really makes this series. The way they over exaggerate these characters does not get irritating with time, but actually, more endearing. I love these guys the same, if not more than I did in episode 1. At this point, I’ve not only COMPLETELY forgotten about the other series, but from now on, I will refuse to watch it. In my mind, this is the canon series and the other one can go rot.

to me, this is far more entertaining
to me, this is far more entertaining

Even though there’s a LOT of characters, this series never feels crowded. Characters that never interacted with each other in the other series because they died form bonds and it’s really cool to see. For example, the girl in charge of the newspaper is Ilse, a character who dies in a side story. However, she interacts with Marco, another character who had died, and forms a bond with him, stating that she thinks he would make a great president.

This is awesome
This is awesome

I actually had to wiki who this girl was because I’d never seen her before, and after reading her bio, honestly, once again this show did it better.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but the other AOT is just…it’s bad by comparison. This show is so much better. Its design, its comedy, the life it brings. Everything is better. Cute story and I can’t wait for next episode.

Episode 7.5/10