Sigh. I suppose all good things must come to an end, and that is the case for this series. Out of all the series I’ve seen this season, this was by far my most favorite, and the one I looked forward to every week. So, seeing this is the last episode, how about we recap it one more time? Here we go. Let’s do it.

So the episode picks up immediately where the last one left off, the titans had just stolen everybody’s food stands, and, understandably angry, Eren wants to get it back. Unfortunately, the school faculty basically tells him no way, but with the help of his fellow classmates, manages to escape to chase after the titans.

Ha. We ain't dead in THIS show bitches
Ha. We ain’t dead in THIS show bitches

He runs back to the titan fighting club only to find out that they refuse to help Eren and tell him that he shouldn’t go after them. Levi then speaks out and tells him that he can’t tell him what to do though and to make his own decision. Eren does so and runs after the titans.

Upon arriving at the titan school house the group meets up with Hans and he tells them that the cheeseburgers will likely be held in the principal’s office and he’ll need to use the key to unlock a door. Rico is also there and gives them their omni directional gear.

When they arrive in the office they are shocked to find that the key is placed in a diorama of a human sized town, and while everyone else distracts the titans that are there, Eren goes after the key, which, unfortunately is stuck.

That's what he said? a fat person maybe?
That’s what he said?… a fat person maybe?

Everyone pitches in to distract them, and even that titan from a few episodes back who likes Jean shows up to help them. Eventually, in a scene that mirrors the Eren boulder scene, he manages to get the key in the door.

haha. i see what you did there  show
haha. i see what you did there show

Turning the key they enter the room to find a stadium with all of their stands placed in a pile. Falling into the room, the titans start upon them, but then Levi shows up and plays an idol song to distract them. No. No I am not making this up.

I seriously COULDN'T make this up
I seriously COULDN’T make this up

That’s when the colossal titan shows up and starts to eat the hamburger stand. However, Eren jumps in and manages to save one hamburger. This causes people to realize that they can fight against the titans and it’s a great step for humanity, and that’s where the episode and thereby the series, ends.

This…this was a very fun and cute ending to the series. It wrapped up everything nicely. It fit in well with the tongue and cheek of the series, and was dramatic, but at the same time had a cute sense of humor with it that managed to be serious, but also silly at the same time, which is hard to imagine, but ended up working really well.

Really. How can THAT be taken seriously?
Really. How can THAT be taken seriously?

It was nice to see them implement all the characters in this final episode, even the characters that are dead in the actual series. It really felt like a final episode and didn’t leave me with any annoyed cliffhanger feelings. Leave it say, I think this was a great episode and a great finale to this series.

Episode 8.5/10

Well, it’s that time guys, let’s wrap up the series. I know, I don’t want to see it go either, but it’s something we have to do. For closure.

Head: For me, this premise was absolutely fantastic. Let’s take a super serious stupid show and make it about the same characters in school. Every episode had a unique plot which really had me excited for the next one and every one ended up being the same level of tongue in cheek as the previous one. There was really no episode which flagrantly disappointed me, which is a SHOCKER because I thought this show would be a stupid money grab. I was incredibly shocked to find out it wasn’t and actually had some genuine love behind it. Head: 8

Eye: This art style, I think, is absolutely adorable. I like the big heads, the way they chibafied the characters, and yet somehow gave them enough of their original designs so that when they had serious moments, it looked awesome, heartfelt, or adorable.

awww. crying MIkasa is cute
awww. crying Mikasa is cute

The designs really lent themselves to the gags and really hit home with me. The music as well as the voice acting also did this. First off, I think the opening to this series is one of the catchiest things i’ve ever heard, and the voice acitng is the cast from the original so that only puts icing on the cake. The look of the show was just wacky enough to keep its integrity and yet have a great time. No complaints in this artwork. Eye: 9.5/10

Heart: It is no secret to ANYONE that I am not a fan of the original Attack on Titan. Like….at all. I think it’s a lame, stupid bore fest. That being said, when no one picked up this show this season I said to myself that i wanted to give it a shot simply because no one else picked it up and it might be a popular show to review. I was SHOCKED to find out that the show actually WASN’T very popular, but made me feel happier than any show I have seen in a long time. When it comes to the original Attack on Titan, I never bothered to learn much about the characters as they tended to die so quickly it felt like I was watching a Gundam show. There were interactions that couldn’t happen as the characters were already dead and a lot of potential was lost.

I mean hey, who DOESN'T want more Thomas in their Attack on Titan?
I mean hey, who DOESN’T want more Thomas in their Attack on Titan?

The subject matter they tackle in this show is funny, but also great in their own way. They deal with romance, hauntings, school festivals, and other things you would NEVER expect the original show to handle. And, to my shock, they were done remarkably well. Every time the show wanted me to squee, I squeed. When it wanted me to laugh, most of the time I did. This show did nearly everything right. It was hilarious, but also dramatic and heartfelt at the same time. In a word, Awesome. Heart: 9/10

Total Score 9/10

This series was just absolutely fantastic. To anyone who says they didn’t watch this show because it felt like a cash-in, I am here to tell you that you are wrong and this show is not only amazing, but much better than the other crappy show it is based on. I can’t believe a spin off show kicks the CRAP out of the original, but it does. This series knocked it out of the park.

I never enjoyed the original, but I have to say, after watching this show, I can’t even STOMACH the original and can’t even watch it anymore. I love these characters I’ve come to know and going back to a series where most of them are dead is something I can’t even think of doing. So if there’s ANYTHING negative about this show, is that it’s so good that if you watch it, you won’t watch the original anymore. So…I GUESS that could be a negative thing?

I lose the original series? Meh. No big loss
I lose the original series? Meh. No big loss

I had a blast reviewing this show and I am really sad to see it go. I will say this series definitely taught me something. Don’t dismiss spin-offs just because they’re not the original. Sometimes, just maybe, you may get something even better than the original.

I don’t know how many of you agree with this, or if there are even a few of you who DON’T think i’m crazy. Either way, that’s fine with me. I love this show to death, and to me, this show is the Canon one.

See you later everybody. Peace out.


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