This show has done something strange to me. I can honestly say, I’ve never laughed more at people getting killed then I have in this series. That sounds really strange because I don’t normally like violence, but the things that happen in this show are so stupid that it makes me laugh. It just…the stupidity of some of these characters. Just…wow. However, I feel I have to explain what i’m talking about, so let’s just begin.

The episode starts up with the earthquake having started up. Since none of the people beyond the gate have any idea what an earthquake is, they’re all freaked out and don’t know what to do. However, since earthquakes happen like every Tuesday in Japan, the SDF is walking around like it’s nothing.

a 5? pff. that's for noobs.
a 5? pff. that’s for noobs.

After the earthquake Itami informs the princess that there might be a few aftershocks. She then says that they should go to the palace so he can inform the emperor about them. He and the ambassador reluctantly agree and head to the throne room along with a few of his soldiers.

The emperor seems moderately annoyed she brought them there but takes their help at face value. That moment is broken up however as dumbass mcidiot prince blusters in, and, tells his father that he also knows about the aftershocks because…get this, he captured a few Japanese people before the original battle in Ginza and brought one there beating her for information.

god this...this is not going to end well for all
god this…this is not going to end well for him…at all

So yeah….yeah…I bet you can guess what happens here. The prince gets punched in the face and they rescue the girl. The dumbass prince, pissed off about this, tells his guards..armed with spears…. to attack the soldiers….Yeah…gonna give you three seconds to guess how well THAT goes.


yeah…yeah exactly that well.

Itami asks the prince where the remaining hostages are, he won’t tell him, so the female soldier then proceeds to punch the ever loving shit out of his face. I have to admit. I laughed.

that is somehow very VERY satisfying
that is somehow very VERY satisfying

Oddly enough it’s that bunnie girl from last episode that he was beating that shows up and saves him. (I know, weird, right?) But they make it a point that the next time they talk, they better bring the hostages home.

In retaliation for this, Japan blows up their senate building (but with no one in it, just to make a point)

The senate then reconvenes and asks why they did that to which the princess basically tells the senate “because they care about their people and treat everyone including enemies with respect and don’t just sell them into slavery”. It’s at this point that most of the senate’s like “Hm…yeah…we MIGHT have to surrender.”

They blew up the rumpus room! THEY BLEW UP THE RUMPUS ROOM!
They blew up the rumpus room! THEY BLEW UP THE RUMPUS ROOM!

We are then introduced to ANOTHER one of the princess’s brothers, this time looking like a cross between Sesshomaru and a member of the Ouran Host Club.

Gaze upon my bishonenness!
Gaze upon my bishonenness!

The asshole brother basically tells him that he’s going to be the new emperor because the dad when he resigns wants to rule from the shadows and the dumbass one would be easier to control. The bishonen brother gets mad at this.

Cut back to the girl we saved and we find out that she went missing before the attack so her parents were looking for her and….got killed during the attack on Ginza.

oh....well there's some shitty odds right there
oh….well there’s some shitty odds right there

So they didn’t tell her yet, so she doesn’t know. And that’s where the episode ends.

Now, if there’s something you think i’ve been missing, you’re right. And it’s not because I’VE been missing it, but the show has had a SEVERE lack of the three girls. The elf girl shows up a bit, but the magician girl and Rory don’t show up like…at all. They show up for about 10 seconds and that’s about all their screentime these two episodes…which is sad because I think Rory is actually a hell of a lot of fun.

Besides that, this episode was okay. I liked the no shits attitude they gave to the earthquake and I laughed my ass off when the stupid prince is like “get them guys!” and the two guys just fucking blow everyone away. That was kind of funny. I was like “Lol okay yeah. This is going to end well for you guys.” And of course it didn’t. Because spears vs guns


The prince is a pretty stupid character, but it’s interesting to note that he’s actually self aware of this and actually tells his brother that he knows he’s not that intelligent and that’s why he’s going to be the next emperor. I don’t know what they plan to do with this character, but i’m a tad intrigued now.

Still, this episode had a BIG hard-on for Japanese love. The princess makes this big impassioned speech about how the Japanese love their people and how they’re honorable and everything. I mean, I’m not saying I don’t agree, it’s just very very funny to hear this coming from a writer who has a bigger boner for Japan than really any other writer I’ve ever read in my life.

This was one of those episodes that I wanted to keep going. I had a lot of fun with it, and I want to see how next episode goes. So once again, that’s a positive thing. Hopefully next episode has more Rory. You know…more than 10 seconds. That would be nice.

Episode 7/10


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  1. Shiki

    By the end of the episode we got more or less introduced to a new arc which will take a few episodes.. just pay attention to elf girl and prepare for headache (at least thats what i felt)

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