As I had expected, this week’s episode was a sad one. Shut has been drowning in this despair for so long, he empowered himself, using the despair to strengthen his abilities. This is something that has been building up since day one, and finally it exploded. Shut was in so much pain, he looked for someone to blame, which he puts onto Twilight. He claims everything started to fall apart the minute she stepped into the picture. But I think what surprised me the most was how brutally blunt the girls when they immediately slammed down on his claims on how ‘he is the most beautiful’.

In the end, they did save Shut from demise, but he refused to accept their offer of joining their alliance.
Go! Princess Precure Ep 46 Img 0019It was disheartening to see, but at the same time, it makes perfect sense. Shut has been betrayed and pushed around by so many, it is only natural for him to be wary of others, even those who have just saved him. For the time being, he will wander alone, and perhaps will provide him the time he needs for a bit of self-reflection and re-establishing his self-esteem and trust in others. And while he doesn’t trust the Precure and refuses to take Towa’s hand, he did accept a scarf from Miss Shamour, as she is someone who he knows had helped and had treated him so kindly in the past- even when he was their enemy.

Although this was a fantastic episode, a sad one at that, there was one thing that disappointed me. I know Haruka is the leader and all, but I think a lot of us would have appreciated Towa being the one to say, “Let’s save him”. I think it would have been more symbolic, especially with the follow up she provides to Shut, explaining how different she is now compared to who she was as Twilight.

Go! Princess Precure Ep 46 Img 0000Finally to wrap things up on a higher note: Towa playing with the snow is the cutest thing ever.
It was a lot of fun to watch the kids get together to help Towa build Hope Kingdom’s Castle (with Yui drawing the blueprint)! It was nostalgic to watch, especially when they brought up the idea to use the leftover wood to build the core of the castle- something I used to do as a kid all the time when it came to make snow-forts! We would put in Christmas Lights, boards, multi-levels, tunnels, bunks to sit or sleep on- ahhhh, those were the days!

Next week, it looks like we will finally be kicking into gears for the final battle! Better yet, it looks like Dyspear had laid out a trap for Haruka at her respective castle, which would definitely be a step in the right direction given how she had failed to prevent them from re-obtaining the Princess Precures’ castles.

Random Note of the Week: Everyone proceeds to have their vacation, we even see Kirara’s father

Happy 2016 Everyone!


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  1. Marcos Pinheiro

    Amazing. Beautiful. Sad. And Touching.
    This episode is great and it’s sadder than I expected.
    Shut sure is having a very hard time on what to do next and also misguided. I hope he gets healed and helps the Princess Pretty Cure team sooner or later. I bid him ‘good luck’.
    I really love these moments:
    a) The team playing in the snow and having their experiences together and even the fairies! Kawaii! XD
    b) Building the Snow Castle with everyone’s helping hands! Yuuki showing off again, so great! Yui making the blueprnts, fantastic! Ranko funny-scary appearances, surprising! And the fairies playing a song for them while building it, so cute and a good idea!
    c) The Snow Castle! Wow! I liked to see Towa happy and saying that she needed friends to help to build it! ^^
    And it’s really so amazingly beautiful and huge! 😀
    d) The battle against the broken villain. So sad and so good. And I got surprised when the princesses told him about the word ‘beautiful’. And thank goodness that they decided to save him this time. And I must write this, Shut was very terrifying and completely outraged that did give me the chills like Close and Lock did before.
    e) Yui’s purpose while her friends are fighting! I really loved her expression and she did her part so nicely to call everyone to rebuilt the Snow Castle after it was a bit damaged by Shut. And her saying that the Pretty Cures protect the dreams and she and her friends protect the castle was very nice to hear! Way to go, Yui! I give a thumb up for her! 😀
    f) The end of the battle. Love the part when Scarlet tells about her as Twilight and then what she is now to Shut and offers him to join her team. I really thought he was going to accept it, but he denied and left without a word. How sad. 🙁
    But I agree what you wrote about his past and his problem of trusting others, Eva. That really helped me to understand him even better and I can’t blam him.
    g) The castle restored, Miss Shamour’s kind gift to Shut (glad he accepted), and our warriors having their holiday moments! Wished we could see Yui’s holiday moment too. And yeah, glad we could see Kirara’s father!
    h) Last, but not least, the sign of light of the last temple to be saved by one remaining Princess Pretty Cure! Her time has come!
    Can’t wait for the next episode and oh my God, it’s a trap! Haruka!
    Oh! That’s right!
    Happy New Year 2016, Eva! ^^
    Happy New Year 2016 for all other authors and every follower of this blog as well! ^^
    Happy New Year 2016, AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog! 😀

  2. Tech

    I do agree. Toei, you had one thing to do to make it right and that was to have Towa acknowledge that she had treated Shut poorly as Twilight and she would be the one that says “Let’s save him.” If it had to end this way, least don’t make Towa look like she didn’t do anything wrong to Shut as Twilight. If it had been written less clunky, Towa would indeed have said that. She would have indeed acknowledge how loyal Shut was and how much he cared for her. How much he worried over her and wanted to make her happy somehow, even if it was misguided most of the time.
    I do get why Shut didn’t accept the cures. He’s too hurt for that but I really hope in one of the future episodes left, he does come back and helps them. (Though I somewhat doubt it because there being only 4 episodes left of the series. A sudden heel turn and jump in would look misplaced and clunky if we don’t see any reflection.) We shall see.

  3. 6月の夢

    Awww!! Out of all the generals, he was my absolute favorite, so this was really just… AUGH. D’:
    I just hope that Shut might come back soon, and hopefully sides with the team. :’)
    Also, can we just stop and appreciate how FABULOUS Shut is with that long hair. (sorry, weak spot of mine)

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