Oh lord… I wasn’t prepared



Oh God

shit happened 

This week’s episode opens with boobs girl and Manabro coming back for the town. Manabro stops and starts feeding birds like he’s some kind of Disney Princess.

Is he fucking snow white or something ?

 Shihoru wants to try but she’s like ” ugh oh no I can’t, plz Manato teach me how to feed birds”. She’s also scared of them and falls on the ground when a pigeon lands on her while making squeaky noises like it’s some kind of hentai stuff.




BUUUUUT Manato catches her and they both fall on the ground like every crappy shoujo manga ever. I face-palmed at that moment. seriously anime ?

The next day, our loser crew is back to chase gobelins. They all learned new skills. I don’t really feel like explaining them in detail. But! Ranta got his demon that he named Zodiaco, we didn’t see it though.

vlcsnap-2016-01-31-21h58m48s142They’ve become a nice party and are now able to kill 3 gobelins at the time.  Since I don’t know, it’s maybe Christmas or something Manato compliments everyone. Like “oooh Yume ur so brave”, “OOh Moguzo ur strong” and “oooh boobs girl you want to help us”.Yeah, he says: “you learned magic because you wanted to help us right ? “

No kidding man, you bet she wanted to help.

I mean, she has to, she sucks at it but at least she’s trying.

That’s funny, Shihoru is the only one who’s compliment didn’t sound as nice as the others, like ” Shihoru .. aaaa… At least you’re trying right ? “. Also, Haruhibro did not receive  any compliment… Why ? Maybe because Manato is so gay for Haruhibro that he’s afraid everybody will notice if he starts complimenting him fufufu.

They all finish eating and start leaving the area when Haruhibro spots an enemy before Manabro and saves his ass. However he is touched by arrows twice. Manabro heals him and they try to escape. There’s also random gobelins which start popping all around the place, and they are quite threatening. All the crew manage to escape, Manato is hurt by an arrow but he says he’s fine.





Yeah…Manato collapses in the forest and can’t manage to heal himself. They transport him to his guild so that Gandalf the elf can save him but he can’t cuz Manato is already dead.
















They have to incinerate him because of some bullshit magical reason and it costs money but Haruhibro wants to pay cuz Manabro is their friend. I don’t usually Yaoi ship but those two were great together. And Manato didn’t even had the chance to compliment Haruhibro… AND AND HARUHIBRO spreads Manabro’s ashes in the wind and there’s birds and there’s music and this is some poetic bullshit but I don’t give a single fuck cuz I’m sitting there crying like the pussy I am, it’s clannad all over again for me. God dammit fuck that shit, I need pizza now. Why did you put sad music ? I’m a sucker for sad music, gosh and they are standing there saying nothing, just crying inside. I swear, I’m gonna die of dehydration. AND everybody is sad, even the Reiji guy and his team, even the pink hair dude from the beginning. I SWEAR I’m cancelling my Gobelin defense movement, fuck them, fuck this world of shit fantasy,  GIMME MANATO BACK I’M SO PISSED RIGHT NOW!


Let me get this straight, Manato was the best member of the team, he was the leader and he was so good at it. I don’t even want to imagine how screwed they are now. He was mapping the area, healing them, he was collecting information when they were sleeping, he was managing the money, he was nice to everyone supporting and complimenting them, like the freaking mom of the team. Plus he was fighting along them smashing gobelins with his gay stick instead of staying behind. I don’t really know much about Rpg fighting techniques but it seems that the priest, the healing role has to stay behind right ? At the end he did not have enough strength to heal himself. If it was anybody else they would have been fine by now but for lord sake it had to be Manato…

Don’t get me wrong, I love when there is no plot armor for the characters, when anyone can die just like that, especially in series that want to be realistic. Well, actually, series that  want to show realistic things happening in a unrealistic environnement. I absolutely love Shingeki no Kyojin because of that. I love when there is drama, that’s what I meant when I said that I love crying… I really enjoys when a series makes me cry even if that’s not really complicated if you ask me…. Okay, okay, sometimes the drama is a bit forced but I don’t really care.


In this episode’s case, I don’t have the feeling that everything was forced. Shihoru was almost crying in silence, Haruhibro wasn’t understanding what was happening and the other ones were silent. There was no ” MAAAAAAAAAAAAANAAATOOO I WILL AVENGE YOU MY FRIEND GYYYAAAAAAHHH. I WILL KILL ALL THE GOBELINS AAAAAHH” and then he turns into a motherfucking giant gobelin ready to whip their asses. Yeah, no stuff like that.

This scene just felt so real for me. I don’t think they spent too many time grieving Manato. I mean come on, he was a friend! They spent an entire episode about grieving that motherfucking gobelin so it’s just normal for them to cry a friend.

I feel like this show prefers describing the emotions of the protagonists rather than showing us epic fights, and I like that. I want drama so I’m happy with the show right now. If I wanted to see epic fights I’ll go and watch SAO. I don’t care if they’re going to spend 2 episodes talking about Manato’s death cuz you know, that’s a big thing. Everybody should be shocked after seeing a person dying in front of you, especially your friend. Lol I have the impression that I’m repeating the same thing I said about the gobelin in episode 2. BUT I DON’T CARE . IT’S NOT THE SAME THING OKAY ?! IT’S MANABRO WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! Also, I feel quite guilty for doubting him all this time. I mistook the death flags for an “here’s a traitor” sign… I’m such an awful detective.

I’m not blaming anyone in particular for Manato’s death. I feel like it’s everybody’s fault. They were too careless. They fought that they will be okay because they had become stronger so they let their guard down. Too bad there is no re spawn button this time.

These are my feelings after being crushed by this episode

Next week : looks like they are going to meet a blue hair girl. Yeah, another girl … uray. I hope she isn’t annoying. If she’s annoying and is in the team to replace Manato I swear I’m not going to go easy on her. That might be unfair but I don’t care, they took Manato away, they have to be prepared.

Here’s my tribute to Manabro, the boss of da game:

4 ever in my heart

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  1. zztop

    The anime’s only covered half of Vol 1 of the source novel so far.
    I’ve heard the anime changed one detail – Manato didn’t die from an ambush. In the novel, they’d tried attacking a large, powerful-looking goblin, and failed miserably. Manato died from injuries fighting that large goblin.

    It’s interesting to compare Grimgar to another concurrently running anime, Kono Subarashii Sekai Shukufuku wo/Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings, because of how each of them handles the fantasy-world survival aspect in their plots. The major difference is that Grimgar plays this seriously and makes you think deeply about the survival part, whilst Kono Subarashii plays it for laughs and parody, pointing out the absurdity of fantasy survival (plus various JRPG clichés).

    1. Vantage


      Should you be reading this, then I am already dead. Let’s walk the path of explosions together with best girl!

    2. Charibo

      I don’t know if I like this way of dying better.It kind of makes us remember that they suck really bad. Although in the anime it’s more sad I think. Manato dies because they were careless, they let their guard down and thought that the bad days were behind them. IMO the anime makes it more tragic… But I haven’t read the novel, so I’m just assuming.

      There’s too many girls in Kono Subarashii for me to deal with. Way too moe 4 me. I need more guys lol. Now I realize that I’m such an fangirl trash. Oh well, whatever. I like comedy and parody though. So maybe, maybe I’ll check it out… eventually… If I have nothing else to watch but… that’s not going to happen any soon.

  2. Vantage

    Why is Yume so delicious? Even her feet are perfect. I’m developing new fetishes I didn’t even know I had.

    Also, RIP Manato. I knew it was coming but it was still pretty sad.

    1. Charibo

      She was rather cute in that scene. I did not paid any attention to whatever she was saying about her god dream. I was too focused on her perfect legs. I’m almost jealous.

      god fck dammit Manabro. Why did it have to be him ? The last picture of my gallery makes me very sad. He was so nice T-T And and, apparently his life before wasn’t cool and and he was best buddy with someone for the first time. He did not deserved it. I’m so pissed. Plus, I have to find another best guy now .__. The reiji guy seems okay for that role. Even if my heart is saying haruhibro 4 ever

      1. Vantage

        I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a gif collection of Yume doing… Yume stuff.

        Ranta should have died. He pissed me off to no end in the novels, the only time I entertained the idea of dropping it was because I couldn’t stand him any more. Or maybe Shihoru should have died. She’s useless and can’t even feed pigeons without falling over. Her shy, timid maiden nature means she hasn’t even properly talked to 66% of the people she’s supposed to protect.

        Renji is a safe choice for best boy. A badass, but we hardly see much of him because the story follows Haru and friends. Look forward to the new girl next week!

        As for Konosuba (or Gifting) it is a little perverted, but there’s a lot of parody. All the girls have something wrong with them (either their personality, ability or otherwise) and the show basically features all the characters acting like retards together. It’s a dumb series and it knows it’s dumb. It’s the best thing Studio DEEN have produced in years, and no-one (not even Japan) expected it to do as well as it has in BD pre-order rankings. DEEN FOUND A WAY!

        1. Wanderer

          “Or maybe Shihoru should have died. She’s useless and can’t even feed pigeons without falling over. Her shy, timid maiden nature means she hasn’t even properly talked to 66% of the people she’s supposed to protect. ”

          Don’t make me light your underwear on fire. >:(

          It seems fairly obvious to ME that Shihoru is suffering from some sort of trauma: potentially abuse or rape trauma, which has led to her, justifiably, being terrified of everyone. Once Ranta tried to peep on the girls it made things even worse, and she retreated into distrusting all of the guys. She’s trying to get over it, but yeah, she’s having problems. You can’t just flip a switch and make whatever’s difficult in your personality turn off whenever it’s inconvenient, or whenever viewers decide that it’s boring to have a character actually act like a PERSON.

          Yeah she’s got some problems. Here’s the thing: so do I. So do YOU. Everyone does, in some way or another. If you suggest again that she deserves to die, especially for something that she KNOWS is not good about herself and that she is at least trying to fix, I will be Seriously. Fucking. Pissed with you.

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