Oh Kamisama. Yeah, you know, this wouldn’t be a Hideki season if I wasn’t covering at least 2 continuing series from the previous season. And honestly, I did not expect the series about underpant egg gods to be one of them. But, not only because of my extreme luck is this show still going, but it’s also a show that’s only available in Japanese raw. So yes, I shall confuse myself for another season. Hooray for barely knowing light conversational Japanese! Oh well, as I am a self destructive sort, let’s begin.

So the very first thing that happens is the gang from Kamisama tells us thanks for watching the first season and celebrating how they got another season.

Yeah well it wasn't easy, I'll tell you that
Yeah well it wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that

Once the credits roll (in which it is SLIGHTLY altered to introduce some new characters) the actual story begins. The father comes home and is feeling stressed and just wants to go take a bath to relax. Kokoro doesn’t like seeing her father like that so she asks the Cocotamas to help him out.

I just realized this....Why does Kokoro's shirt have the 4chan logo on it?
I just noticed this….Why does Kokoro’s shirt have the 4chan logo on it?

However, before they can do that, while the father is washing his hair, two new Cocotamas who came from the shampoo use their magic to make the father feel better.

They must see a lot of naked when using their magic.
They must see a lot of naked when using their magic…

Coming out of the bathroom he feels better and Kokoro wonders why he’s in such a good mood as they didn’t have the chance to cheer him up. (So…a guy goes into a bathroom feeling stressed and comes out feeling much better after a while… hahahaha ah….my first thought wouldn’t be magical egg gods)

So anyway, it’s Kokoro’s time to wash the bathroom and in the process discovers the two of them and they introduce themselves as Saline and Paline. They are twins and the girl is an extrovert and the boy is an introvert. They talk about how they were formed when the family had great times bonding and bathing together.

Yeah, it's Japan, just roll with it.
Yeah, it’s Japan, just roll with it.

The rest of the gang then invites the two to come back with them to their Cocotama house. They agree, but while there, the Mogutan accidentally gets them dirty and they freak out, running and bouncing all over the place.

Truly, dirt is the real enemy here
Truly, dirt is the real enemy here

Eventually they get calmed down, and everyone helps clean up the Cocotama house that got dirtied in all the mayhem.

The episode ends with them presumably going back to the bathroom to live there as we don’t see them sign a contract with Kokoro.

This episode was pretty cute. It was definitely centrally focused on introducing these characters as the main characters were kinda of shooed to the side this time. But that’s something I like about this show. It doesn’t make the main characters always the central focus and lets other Cocotamas shine. It shows the show is more of an ensemble effort than just one character, and I can always get behind that.

Teamwork right there
Teamwork right there

There are a lot of times that I’m not that excited for a series to get a second season, but I’m glad this one did. I feel like there’s still a bunch of stories they can tell and I want to learn more about the Cocotamas and see them grow as characters.

And yes. I’m fully aware that they’re just introducing more Cocotamas to sell more. However, it’s a damn cute marketing strategy. Still, it’s not like it would work on me! It’s not like…I own….every…Mameshiba plush…ever…made…..


Really though, I do like to see the new characters start off the season and hopefully we’ll see them again. It’s nice to see a twin setup as this is something new I haven’t seen in this series before. The art’s still great, the music’s still good, and here’s a random factoid, the two voice actors for the two shampoo gods are Yukina from Yu Yu Hakusho and Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking. I know, weird, right?

Overall, it was a fun episode and a nice way to bring us back to another season. Am I excited for more? God help me, yes I am. Ah well, at least I have this series for at the minimum one more season. Bring it on Japanese Raw…bring it on.

Episode 6.5/10