Wow, it’s time to watch another episode of underwear egg gods? Well allrighty then. So for all five of you who watch this show with me, you’ll remember last time Mishii (the mail one) wanted to live with the other Cocotamas but there wasn’t enough room. So it looks like it’s time to add an addition to the house.

That’s where our episode starts. Kokoro sees that she has to build extra rooms for the house so that Saline, Paline, and Mishii can all live in it. The others offer to help her, but she says that she can do it herself and works long into the night to try to get it done, asking for stuff from her mom, brother, and father. The resulting final product…isn’t that great.

(gilbert gottfried voice) "oh well, at least she tried!"
(gilbert gottfried voice) “oh well, at least she tried!”

She gets dejected but the Cocotamas tell her that they’re more than willing to help her out and they work together and make a better version. They reveal it to the three new tenants, but Paline is a bit sad that it’s not part of the actual building. So Kokoro picks it up and puts it on top of the other part of the building.

well...that dilemma was resolved surprisingly easily
well…that dilemma was resolved surprisingly easily

The whole gang is happy and the three new ones sign their contracts, and everyone parties. But then part one ends with them realizing that they didn’t create a way to get up to their new rooms. Oops.

The second part then starts up. Kokoro gets a letter stating that she has to get something at the post office. Being the god of mail as she is, Mishii asks if she can visit the post office. Kokoro seems okay with that and takes her with her along with the two shampoo ones as they’ve never gone on a trip with Kokoro before. The rest just stay at home.

Upon arriving at the post office though, Mishii gets the great idea to jump on the mailman and not tell Kokoro.

Not cool brah
Not cool brah

Of course as soon as she realizes that Mishii is gone, Kokoro goes on a frantic search to find her looking through every mailbox to find her.

The next few minutes of the episode are devoted to her running around trying to find her. And it’s actually kind of sad because you see how worried she is until finally, arriving home, she finds her in her own mailbox.

I DID feel bad for Kokoro here
I DID feel bad for Kokoro here

Mishii doesn’t seem to think she did anything wrong and Kokoro doesn’t really correct her which I think was kind of a weird moral. Anyway, while the group was gone, the others stayed at home and made the three an elevator so they can get to their room.

D'aw..fatty's being cute and not eating.
D’aw..fatty’s being cute and not eating.

and that’s where the episode ends.

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Firstly, it’s good to see the new characters getting screen time outside of the main six. I do like how they expanded the main cast and officially made them part of the house. That’s always a bonus. What i’m NOT  fan of is how Mishii was kind of a dick this episode and she never really got any scolding for it. I think Kokoro should have been like “Mishii, what the fuck was that?” I know I would have.

Aw...don't make Kokoro cry...unless it's about that stupid romance subplot...which is stupid.
Aw…don’t make Kokoro cry…unless it’s about that stupid romance subplot…which is stupid.

However, as i’ve said in the past, this show is very very harmless. It normally teaches good lessons and is a cute show. The art has stayed pretty consistently good and the new characters being added don’t detract from anything and add new things to the series.

I like how there’s 9 of them, yet they all get equal screentime and get to all shine. It’s very nice and feels like Lucky isn’t the main character, but just part of an ensemble cast, which is very nice. All in all…episode was decent, but the final moral was a bit odd.

Episode 6.5/10