I knew they’d figure out a way to implement Sorata, but certainly in the least expected way. Based on my first playthrough of the game, I am aware that Sorata and Koharu first met in the city when she was wandering about waiting to be picked up by the ship. But I don’t think it poses any major problems by adjusting Sorata to appear within the ship. Regardless it can work out in the same way of how he (from 2016) been transported to 1919 in the first place.

Norn9 Ep 2 Img 0021Since Sorata has now been officially added to the party, and based off how this episode was executed, I think I have a better grasp of which direction this adaption will be going. Last week I was wondering about this because Norn9 has three heroines, so I wondered if they were going to pick one route or maybe mash them altogether. After this week’s episode, it looks to me they are going to mash all three of the heroine’s story-lines, and pair them up with their true partner. While Koharu is leading in the spotlight, we were given a hint how both Nanami’s and Mikoto’s also possess a deep secret of their own when we had the chance to see things from their perspective. At some point along the line, I expect to see each of them have a turn being the lead and focus, just as we seen each of them face conflicts of their own (Mikoto VS the Enemy / Nanami’s and Akito’s tense relationship).

Since they have been attacked, it has become a tense situation for the group. Mikoto faced an enemy with a unique weapon that takes a toll on her powers, and tried to capture her. Norn9 Ep 2 Img 0010They become suspicious of a traitor within them after seeing how immense the damage is- which doesn’t help Koharu since she burned the Peach Trees when she deflected a major attack with her fire powers. Some may be wondering, why doesn’t Koharu just explain the situation of what had happened. Well the thing is Koharu is clearly disturbed by her powers, it makes her uneasy of how destructive it is. And like Nanami, she really would much rather keep it to herself than to share it- regardless of how it may or may not help weed out the traitor. She came onto this ship because she was told by the traveler her powers will be used to help create peace, but while she is happy about the idea of that, she is also terrified of how it may be abused. Koharu doesn’t want to destroy anything, she was heartbroken when she destroyed the Peach Trees. It it also worth pointing Koharu’s reasons for crying while she ate was not just because she wasn’t eating alone, but probably from guilt as well. But what we learned the most about Koharu today is how grateful she is for being on the ship and how much she cherishes interacting with others, and how she fears of how others will perceive her powers. Most noticeably, she is constantly singing praises about Kakeru’s powers, because she considers it a beautiful and wonderful ability, one to be proud of- unlike her own.
Oh and Koharu is naive, like super naive but in an adorable way. She cracked me up how seriously she took Kakeru when he was going on how since they are partners, maybe they should share a room, and Koharu even asks if they are supposed to take a bath together- oh sweetie….

Norn9 Ep 2 Img 0015With the looming suspicions of latest attack having been assisted by an inside job, Kakeru suggests they ditch their original rule and tries to get everyone to open up about themselves. Unfortunately the majority does not want to do that, so that plan goes out the window. He then suggests in order to catch the traitor, they be paired up into two to monitor each other for any suspicious activity, and with that they finally find an agreement- but not everyone is happy with their chosen partners, as Akito is ticked off to have to be partnered with Nanami. All we know from Nanami is that she had taken something very important from him.

Finally, THEY ARE MAKING IT HARD FOR ME TO MAKE UP MY MIND. I KEEP ON BEING TORN ABOUT WHAT I SHOULD COMPLETE FIRST? ANIME OR GAME?! WHICH SHOULD IT BE?! IF IT’S AN ORIGINAL STORY, THEN I WON’T BE EXCLUSIVELY SPOILED BUT IF THEY GO WITH ALL THREE ROUTES THEN I AM TOTALLY GOING TO BE SPOILED, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE I WILL BE SPOILED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER IT’S JUST WHICH WAY I WILL BE SPOILED. Man I thought I made up my mind after I was able to finish my first playthrough of Norn9 Var Commons, starting with Koharu x Kakeru’s route. (And naturally, the first round result is: BAD END, ahahaha!) I thought it was a good thing, really, since while I was playing, it dawned to me that it probably would have been better to be spoiled by the anime and not by the game. Usually the anime can’t be as obvious as the game and leave a couple of details out… Gosh I can’t make up my mind. SO CONFLICTED!

Oh well, I’m glad I played anyways, it was a lot of fun and extremely enjoyable. Koharu is such a precious cupcake I adore her! So should I leave Kakeru’s first play-through with the bad end so I don’t get spoiled of the true/normal ending if the anime goes down that path, or try to complete the normal/true end?

PS: I’ve been taking lots of notes, so once I have completed the game and have time, I intend to write a review/impression for it!


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  1. Alice

    Your insights on the latest episode are pretty spot on when it came to Koharu. She definitely feels guilty for what she did, even though unlike in the game, we can’t hear her thoughts. I was pretty surprised that instead of her growing a strawberry plant she got from town, she is growing the peach she burnt. I think that was pretty significant to her character.
    I really suggest completing all the routes in the game before going too far instead the anime. The true ending in the game is only available after you complete all the happy endings of all 9 guys, and looking at the anime (and looking at other animes based on games), they will be spoilering the true ending. Though it is true that the anime is missing a lot of content that the game has due to limitations (which means you won’t be spoiled for the game), I think the anime is pretty rushed and hard to follow, so knowing more about the plot from the game will help in the long run.
    I’ve completed/platinumed Norn9 quite a while ago, and though I do have complaints about the anime (i.e. rushed), I’m enjoying it all the same. Especially seeing how different it is.

    1. Eva

      Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely look into prioritizing time to get through as much of the game I can before we get too deep into the anime!

  2. zztop

    What sort of bad endings did the source game have? Someone dies horribly there, I expect.

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