You know, I was really worried that this filler plot would get really really stupid. Well thank god that this fear was quelled….because now I know for a FACT that it did. So…that’s one less thing I can worry about I suppose. Why did this story get really stupid? Well besides the ENTIRE REST OF THE FILLER ARC being the reason, I’ll cover this episode and give you the reason why it’s fallen into ridiculousness.

So the episode picks up with Giev being his crazy monster form. The gang tries to do some damage but succeed at nothing, including Chika whose attack gets reflected and it blows up a nearby mountain. (she hesitates because she has this thing where she can’t attack actual people). As Giev charges up his super powerful attack he looks at the sunset and passes out. No…no I didn’t skip anything, that’s the actual scene.

sunset is nappy time
sunset is nappy time

He gets taken away by the evil little white robot and the gang kind of just…goes back to that haunted house they were in earlier.

A few minutes later they are enclosed by a giant dome that was made by the white robot to keep them from getting away.

well...the ability isn't SUBTLE but it's useful I guess....also...does that work for underground too?
well…the ability isn’t SUBTLE but it’s useful I guess….also…does that work for underground too?

We learn that Giev is also a humanoid trion soldier like Lillith and thanks to some flashbacks, we learn that he is in love with his creator, Doctor Lamia.

...fine. I'll say it. D'aw. there you go
…fine. I’ll say it. D’aw. there you go

Now, here is the stupid part. Here’s the part that annoys me. So, according to the white robot thing, Giev was a failure and Lillith is the true neighbor robot thing that Dr. Lamia wants. So she decides to send her ONLY OTHER HUMANLIKE NEIGHBOR THING SHE CREATED to go get Lillith back on a planet in which she has no idea if he’ll succeed or if he’ll even come back. Here is where the stupid starts.

  1. If you indeed labelled him as ‘a failure” why would entrust the return of your most IMPORTANT THING EVER to him?
  2. How can this guy be construed as a failed experiment? You basically BECAME GOD and created AI that can think, feel, love, use a black trigger, create strategies, and learn. HOW BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION IS THAT A FAILURE? That would be like me saying “Aw shit. I meant to create this teleportation device that can transport anyone to any place in the world, but it can only send someone up to halfway around the world. Well, guess it’s useless, better throw it out.” There is no logic behind this rationale.
  3. Why would you send your only other humanoid neighbor robot to retrieve her? I’m PRETTY SURE you have other people that could have gone. You don’t need to risk your only other important dude. I can’t believe I have to say this. This is common sense here people.

(sigh) so, anyway he starts to remember stuff and like a dick, the white robot deletes his memories. …yay for….useless scenes?

You know what's awesome? pointless scenes where memories get erased
You know what’s awesome? pointless scenes where memories get erased

The ONLY scenario in which this makes sense, The ONLY one, is that Dr. Lamia actually DOES care about Giev and the white robot is lying to him and kidnapped him and made him go off to recapture Lillith in an attempt to make itself get praised when it returns home as it was thrown out in the past. That’s the ONLY situation in which this makes any sense. Because if it’s as the white robot is suggesting, this entire premise is stupid, and the scientists in charge of wherever the fuck these guys come from are just painfully idiotic and need to go die. However….knowing this show, thinking their clever named the scientist “Dr. Lamia”. Now for those of you who don’t know Greek mythology, Lamia was Zeus’ mistress and was a snake woman. (hence why in Monster Musume the snake people were called “Lamias” However, in Greek mythology she was known for her habit of devouring children.

You get it? They’re trying to be clever! Because she uses the children she makes for her own ends…YOU GET IT? IT’S CLEVER RIGHT?!

No. It’s not clever. It’s fucking stupid. WHY is it fucking stupid? Because she, like Lillith, come from another dimension where GREEK MYTHOLOGY ISN’T A THING AND THAT NAME WOULDN’T BE CLEVER THERE. Just because it’s a reference to stuff WE know doesn’t mean it makes a LICK of sense to name somebody from a different dimension something WE would recognize. That would be like if they  had a neighbor that saved everyone and died and his name was “Jesus”. It wouldn’t be clever, it would be stupid and nonsensical.

Sorry about that rant, but that is just plain stupid.

Where was I?


Oh yeah. Right. There.

So yeah. Giev shows up and begins to attack the group. Lillith gives Giev an impassioned speech about remembering who he is and blah blah blah to which Giev thinks that even if Dr. Lamia betrayed him, that’s all right because he loves her and would do anything for her. Because…you know…that’s healthy. And so he absorbs Lillith ala cell and transforms.

(funky cell synthesizer music starts playing)
(funky cell synthesizer music starts playing)

And that’s where the episode ends.

Seriously? This arc of nonsense isn’t over yet? Oh no! A filler character is upset that another filler character got absorbed by ANOTHER filler character! OHH NNOOOOOOO!!! Really? Come on guys. There’s only 3 ways this could end.

  1. they save Lillith and Giev and everyone goes off together in happiness.
  2. Giev dies in a stupid moment that’s meant to be dramatic and sad talking about how he loved Dr. Lamia and it’s all right that he dies because blah blah stupid shit.
  3. Either lillith, Xeno, or both die along with Giev.

That is PRETTY MUCH it. I can’t imagine it ending in any other way.

This whole revelation that Giev is actually not a bad guy isn’t…bad persay, but it’s coming REALLY late in the game. There were no hints before, it just kind of…showed up last episode that he wasn’t a terrible person…robot…thing. And if they were to kill him now it’s like “Oh…thanks for making him redeemable and then killing him two episodes later.” Because that would be pointless and stupid.

I’m just annoyed at this episode for trying to make me care about a saga I gave up on caring about ages ago. I don’t care about Lillith or Xeon’s well being. Like… at all. I honestly hope Giev lives and the two of them both die. Because honestly, Giev had MORE development in this one episode that I cared about than Xeon and Lillith combined for the entire arc. That doesn’t mean that I cared a LOT, that just means that I care about Xeon and Lillith that little. Like…at all….I hope they die.

I hope we’re about done, because mentally, i’m checked out. I don’t care what happens. Can we Please get back to the actual stuff? You know…with the tournament? and the rescuing replica? Please?

But wait....the amount of care Xeon has for Lillith is truly...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
But wait….the amount of care Xeon has for Lillith is truly…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Seriously. We done yet? pfffff……damn it.

Episode 4/10