Nijiiro Days Episode 5: [Tennis Trauma]

When tennis is a fight 


Natsuki and his friends are eating ice cream on the grass, watching their comrades sweating, working those muscles out and playing tennis on a court. The Blond hair band guy ( I forgot his name sorry) says that Evil college students kicked them out of the tennis court and took their rackets. Grrr such evilness

From right to left: Mattsun prince of lovers, my Sin-amon roll, Too pure for this world-kun, Paquito, Blond Hair band guy and Rudolf.

One of the Evil college student was Natsuki’s Senpai in Middle school. For the sake of this review I will call him Pedrov. Don’t try to understand the meaning of this name. There isn’t any.

So, Natsuki was in the Tennis club of his school  and everything was fine until that fateful day where Pedrov-Senpai fell in love with a girl who was “friend” with Nayuki. I’m really careful with the “friend” appellation since that girl seemed to be really interested in Natsuski. Guess she likes Shota boys. Anyway, the mighty Pedrov, then, was nice to Natsuki in order to get closer to the gurl that I will call Tatiana. One day Pedrov confessed to Tatiana but got rejected since his face wasn’t as cute as Nastuki’s. I told you, dat gurl is into Shota.

Since that day, Pedrov-Senpai made Nastuki’s life in the club, a living hell.  That’s why Natsuki doesn’t want to join the tennis club now, because of his trauma. Filthy Pedrov, it’s all your fault.


In order to get their rackets and the court back, our young fellows have to play 2vs2 matches against Pedrov and his gang.  The winners will keep the rackets and the losers will have to be the winner’s salves.

Is he really on the good guy’s side ?

 Although they aren’t happy with that decision our young cast is resolve to play. Tsuyopon and Mattsun are paired together but since Tsuyopon isn’t really athletic and Mattssun doesn’t know how to play tennis, they lose. However, Natuski is good at tennis and Keiichi is just good at every sports cuz he’s fabulous, so they win their match easily.

Everything ends with the victory of the good guys. Pedrov’s crew give the rackets back and since they are now the good guys’ slaves, Keiichi takes his portative whip out and starts having fun with them. I kind of wanted to see what he did to them but everything was off-screen. Too bad…

Even after having fun playing  tennis and taking his revenge on Pedrov, Nacchan still doesn’t want to join the tennis club. He says that it’s true he enjoyed playing this time but only because he was playing with his friends.

God dammit, that’s the power of friendship again…

Natsuki is too pure and shiny for me…

I can’t take such cuteness…

Too damn sugoii .. 

Then, they call it a day and separate with blond hair band guy and his friends. Our little crew remains a little bit more to talk about their daily life while looking at the sunset. They basically say that they are trash cuz they don’t study and other stuff. So, does that make them a bunch of “Yolo I don’t care” guys ? If so, I identity with them. That’s exactly me and my friends, a bunch of living trash, good for nothing but who are still enjoying their life and the time they are spending together, eating boxes of tuna with cheese. Don’t laugh, it’s delicious.

 My 4 motos are:

I’m too old for this shit

I’m too tired for this shit

I’m too sober for this shit

I don’t have time for this shit

You are free to copy those lines  and to write them  on your bedroom wall next to your Naruto poster. Don’t thank me it’s my pleasure.

Oh stop it…

You’re making me blush ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ

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    1. Natsuki is too shiny 4 me. Too “kira-kira” or “mabushi” I swear Imma gonna need wearing sunglasses next time. Maybe then, I’ll look cool
      Oh ok Sanada then , Blond hair band guy was a good replacement name though ^^
      As for my favorite supporting character … I don’t know.. Maybe Keiichi’s brother ? (For some obvious reasons), even though he dosen’t really appear that often in the manga if I recall correctly

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