Sekkou Boys Episode 5&6: [Mars the Hunter of Love and Hermes Trismegistus]

Rock that Body


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Episode 5: Minerva Protecting Peace from Mars

The Rockies are invited to a talk show called Setsuko’s mooR because they’ve made their debut in the music industry with heir first single “We are Boys”. Wow, sounds totally legit to me, u know like every boy band song ever. They are even wearing matching outfits which are hilarious. Btw they are rocking them lol

Ladies contain ur orgasms

Participating in the talk show will make them appear as celebrities. However, the host of the show, the rather old Setsuko is known as the “comedian killer” who always come back with stupid lines and leaves her guests speechless. So, she can end their career if they don’t make a good impression. They wonder who should handle the talking and since Setsukso is a women, they decide to leave the talking to Mars, the Hunter of love, known for his multiples love conquests. Mars isn’t quite confident in his skills and isn’t into older women buut, he says ok bb, leave it to Mars, the Hunter of love.

The day of the show, Setsuko asks him if he has loved many women, if he has kids, if he’s paying child support and other personal questions that leave Mars speechless. Special Mention to the other rockies that did not help him at all, they even back stabbed him, I don’t know if it was intentional though, but that was pretty funny.

After the show, Mars is devastated by his poor performance and things don’t get better when Athena nee-chan calls him to tell him how pathetic he was, and that  the whole Olympus family is disappointed by him. Aaaahhnn poor mars. I find it quite funny that they are making mythological jokes. I didn’t do 2 years of Latin and 1 year of Greek for nothing. At least I can understand those jokes. Yeeeaaah… But wait, since Mars is the son of Zeus and Hera and Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maïa that makes them brothers right ? I wonder if they are going to mention that in the next episodes… Also, that’s quite strange that they are using Greek names such as Athena, Dionysos and Hermes while Mars is the roman name of Ares…

Episode 6: Primavera

This episode is dedicated to Hermes, the most grown up member of the team who’s always there to comfort is friends. However, he’s quite mysterious and none of the Rockies actually know where he lives. Furthermore, during a show with Mira-chan, her manager tells Isshie that she saw Hermes in Mira’s appartement last night. Isshie then, decides to investigate with Medicis, even if the latter one doesn’t want to. They go to Hermes’s appartement and first see a bunch of good looking ladies followed then by random people. Hermes is actually hosting a kind of reception in his flat. He appears appears as a full body statue with a little baby, who’s supposed to be Dionysos, on his shoulder. Of course, his genital parts are hidden by the logo of the show…. PFFFF I can’t, this is so ridiculous.

Sorry, too creepy 4 me

Hermes, wants to sell the “Trismegistus” which is literally a screw in a fancy box. But according to him, it’s a kind of tri-dimensional energy form. Thanks to the Trismegistus someone won 60 millions yen at the lottery,  it protects you from pollen and more importantly: when you place it in your hand, it’s warm.

Medecis’s just there chillin’

A girl who’s most likely Hermes’s accomplice tells a heartbreaking story about her mom saved by the power of the Trismegistus, so everyone wants one even if it’s really expensive. Isshie is pissed off  by all that bullshit, goes full Berserk and scares everyone out of flat.

Hermes tries to save his butt by saying that it’s not his fault it’s his god of commerce instinct. But yeah, Isshie’s not convinced at all and from now on, she’s going to  watch him more carefully. We still don’t know why creepy baby Dionysos is holding to Hermes. He’s really creepy… his face, his voice.. everything about him is creepy.

I was literally captivated by the power of the Trismegistus this episode. Even more when you know that Trimegistus is actually one of Herme’s names. If I remember correctly, Trismegitus is the name of a combine version of the Greek Hermes and the Egyptian god Thot. But at this point, things get really confusing… I’m sorry, I don’t know much about mythology and I don’t want to say too much bullshit. I have a reputation to maintain u know… I actually don’t… buuut… yeah… I don’t know ._.

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