Now, if you ever said to yourself “You know, I really like World Trigger, but I wish they had an episode that had a whole lot of talking and nothing else going on” then boy howdy is this the episode for you. Because honestly….this episode was a whole lotta nothing. Despite the fact that Xeon and Lillith were stupid characters, at least SOMETHING happened. This….this was just a whole lotta sitting around talking. However, I’m going to do the correct thing and at least TRY to explain what happened. So…here we go.

So the episode starts up with with Wet Blanket going to see the A rank team members to get some pointers from them because he realized that he actually wants to get some points and not be a burden to his teammates. That guy with the red shirt we’ve seen a couple of times then decides to chat with him.

...Yeah! This guy....whatever his name is...
…Yeah! This guy….whatever his name is…

He basically tells wet blanket that shooters aren’t really meant to get points as they really just assist. However he agrees to help Wet Blanket out to teach him some tricks. However, we don’t get to see that because you know…that would be stuff actually HAPPENING so we get to cut to see Chika practicing her sniper skills.

She does pretty well, but meets up with some Border agent who tells her that his original mentor was that girl who betrayed Border and gave civilians triggers. (of course the random border agent doesn’t know the real reason and thinks they kicked her out because she couldn’t shoot people). And of course, like a dumb ass, Chika’s like “Duh, that’s okay, I can’t shoot people either” and he’s like “Yeah…thanks for telling me that, i’m your next opponent.”

We tried to have nice things...then Chika showed up.
We tried to have nice things…then Chika showed up.

We then cut to the third story where Duckface is talking to that guy he beat underwater a bunch of episodes back. He tells duckface to be careful as he’s going to fight some very powerful people. One of the guys is only the number 20 attacker, but he is crazy good when he teams up with his teammates.

remember, friendship is power duckface.
remember, friendship is power duckface.

And that’s basically where the episode ends.

This was definitely a short recap, because, like I said earlier, all that really happened in this episode was a lot of talking. Nothing really special at all happened here. It wasn’t even talking that revealed some twist or anything. It was literally talking about NOTHING. We didn’t even get to see Wet Blanket train. They kind of just…talked about him doing it. Then they cut away from it.

This is the problem I have with episodes like this. There’s nothing to talk about. How do you GRADE an episode that’s just people talking? Do I…do I grade the talking? Because if i’m grading it on how interesting the episode was….it’ll get a pretty low rating. All you gotta know about this episode is, Wet Blanket is going to train, Duckface knows he’s going to fight a strong guy, and Chika’s new sniper friend was friends with the traitor girl. There you go. There’s everything.

go back to sleep duckface. nothing to see here.
go back to sleep duckface. nothing to see here.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an episode that had so much…nothing. I recommend skipping this episode. There’s literally NOTHING to see here. At all. It’s not…BAD there’s just…there’s nothing to talk about. I…I can’t even. It’s like describing beige wallpaper. What do you want me to say about it?

Episode 4/10


Duckface counter: 4