Hooray! This week Itami and the gang actually get to DO SOMETHING! I know, it’s been a while right? Not sure why they left them in the first place. but at least we’re back to them now and the plot is seemingly getting back on track. …well…mostly. I  mean there’s still some annoying stuff, but that’s to be expected of this show. Because if the series went as “I” wanted it, Someone would have shot the bunny girl in the face and Rory and Itami would be a couple already. (Sigh) I guess we can’t have everything we want. Still, a man cane dream…a man can dream.

So where does this episode begin? Ah yes. Last week we left off with the soldiers killing each other to try to bring back the little girl to arrest her while the other side defends her. This lasts for a while until the crappy bad guy side gives up and goes home.

(here's the part where I imagine Monty Python King Arthur screaming "Run away!!")
(here’s the part where I imagine Monty Python King Arthur screaming “Run away!!”)

Throughout this episode by the way the prime minister of Japan is meeting with the army guys and they’re like “hey, these assholes are attacking the Jade Palace. Can we send reinforcements?” and the Prime minister’s like “Lol, no.”

My face cannot show it, but i assure you, i am lol'ing on the inside
My face cannot show it, but i assure you, i am lol’ing on the inside

His reasoning is because there are going to be diplomats from other countries and media through the gate and he doesn’t want them to look back or get those civilians hurt.

Meanwhile back in Gate land, it turns out that the old guy who escaped with the young girl is safe too since they killed a bunch of the guards before they could return with him.

yay! the...um..marquis? duke? baron? fuck i forgot his title.
yay! the…um..marquis? duke? baron? fuck i forgot his title.

After that little side note we cut to that girl who was saved from being a slave, now hanging out with a reporter who is a giant asshole who doesn’t care about anything other than getting a story regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Ahhh..I see. So he works for fox news.
Ahhh..I see. So he works for fox news.

Oh yeah, I said that this episode focused on Itami, didn’t I? okay yeah. So anyway, after that, we finally head on back to the gang who were staying at that hotel. In the middle of the night they are attacked by those three goblin valets we saw for around 3 seconds in the previous episodes. The gang easily foils their attempt and ties them up. They bring in the owner of the place and the 3 confess that they were tricked into it by guy whose codename is “the pied piper”. He’s an assassin who works from the shadows that can manipulate people into killing for him so he doesn’t have to do it himself.

They figure that they won’t be safe from assassins until they take out the Pied Piper.

Oh, and the owner apologizes for his servants trying to kill them. They accept his apology.

I better have chocolates on my pillow tomorrow. That's all I gotta say
I better have chocolates on my pillow tomorrow. That’s all I’m saying…

Meanwhile the prince and bunny girl are off being assholes. Shocker, I know, right?

The prince basically tells the princess that he needs her to go bring back the girl from the Jade Palace. And she’s tells him basically to go fuck himself and tries to leave. But he won’t let her. That about wraps up that scene.

yes, your scenes are stupid and you should feel bad. all three of you.
yes, your scenes are stupid and you should feel bad. Both of you.. (not shown here: princess because i don’t want to degrade her by putting her in the same picture as these guys)

Once again, the prince is stupid because he’s like “I’m going to send some forces to forcibly take that girl back!” So he sends an army to the gate.

We cut back to our favorite prime minister and military guys where they’re like “PLEASSEEE can we send reinforcements?” the prime minister gets tired of their whining and agrees to it. So now basically the prince’s troops will get the shit kicked out of them……..again. Because these idiots never learn.

And that’s the end of the episode.

Man, when it comes to our main characters, this show tends to get ADD where it can’t just focus the whole episode on them. But man, when it’s something stupid like this little girl’s backstory, hold the phone, we need to stop everything and watch it. I feel like I’m getting whiplash from all the different times we cut between different locations. (for the record, it was 10 times this episode)

For the record, I am no longer Lol'ing on the inside
For the record, I am no longer Lol’ing on the inside

The stuff with the pied piper is actually pretty cool and I want to see these guys take him on and deal with that. That will be pretty sweet. what I DON’T care about is the prince being a douchemuffin. Or the bunny girl being an asshole. This stuff is just par for the course. Luckily I have the ability to zone out during that shit.

This is one of those series that is actually very very hard to watch weekly. You want to marathon it in one sitting as you kind of forget what happens from week to week and you have to refresh yourself on who a bunch of these people are. Also If I were to edit it together I would edit out every scene that didn’t involve Itami and his crew. That would be a much better show.

“But Hideki”, you might say, “if you did THAT we wouldn’t get such great scenes of camera guy being an asshole!”

tee hee. i'm an asshole
tee hee. i’m an asshole

To that I say, that’s my point exactly.

Regardless, this episode definitely makes me less pained than the last one. I actually DID enjoy the parts with Itami and that took up a good third of the episode. So that was nice. I wouldn’t say this episode was USELESS, but it definitely wasn’t one of the most plot heavy we’ve had. It was a kind of a whole lot of floating around. If you want to see this one, go for it. If you don’t….no one will blame you.

Episode 6/10