Hooray! This episode has a bunch of the main crew! Of course..it also has a lot of other crap I don’t care about, but at this point that’s kind of become the mantra of this show. half the stuff is cool, the other half is like…why are you even here? Still, the cool stuff is cool enough to keep going. (albeit IT STILL NEEDS MORE RORY) (sigh) a man can dream. Well, that being said, let’s jump into Gate episode 22.

So the episode starts up with Itami asking that girl from the last episode to spy on the goblins in case they get called upon again by the pied piper to try to assassinate Leilei.

I know this is terrible of me..but honestly I don't know who the fuck this girl is.
I know this is terrible of me..but honestly I don’t know who the fuck this girl is.

She spies on them and sees a woman talking to them saying that SHE’S going to lure out the pied piper by pretending to kill Leilei but tell her to wear armor on underneath so they can play it like she’s dead. The girl hears them and then follows the woman.

We then immediately cut to four days later and everyone is wondering where the hell happened to her as she just…shows up and is like “yeah, sorry I didn’t contact you i was tracking him for 2 days and lost him and had to walk back for 2 days. lol” and everyone just kind of….accepts this without blinking an eye.

Sorry, if that were me I’d be like “um…sorry, we have NO idea where you’ve been and you could have been compromised. We can’t trust you now considering the pied piper’s M.O. is convincing people to kill for him.”

Well, your vague story is all the proof "I" need!
Well, your vague story is all the proof “I” need!

Meanwhile we cut back to the princess who gets arrested by her brother and put in slave clothes and put in a cell. That’s pretty much all you need to know about that. Oh, and the stupid fucking bunny girl is happy about this. (Shrug) I didn’t care much.

(monotone voice) oh no....The tragedy..the pain... i.. (normal voice) yeah i can't even force fake caring on that one
(monotone voice) oh no….The tragedy..the pain… i.. (normal voice) yeah i can’t even force fake caring on that one

So Leilei has to read a paper she wrote on something magical. Before she can however, the woman from before tries to attack her in the open, but since she’s…you know, in a room full of wizards she gets knocked out by the magic. When they think everything is okay, the girl who OBVIOUSLY would have been controlled by the pied piper as she was missing for four days tries to stab Leilei

What a Twist!
What a Twist!

However it doesn’t work. Why may you ask? Because this girl had TOLD the group that the goblin’s plan was for her to wear armor underneath for the fake attack the other woman was planning. And then she was SHOCKED when she actually WAS wearing the armor. It’s like…bitch? Why the fuck are you surprised when YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOLD THEM?! Originally they thought the armor wouldn’t help because they’d stab her in the neck, but random chick decides to stab her in the chest anyway. Why? No reason. Just because.

Anyway, afterwards, the girl basically says that she needs to kill her because evil prince wants her dead and that will bring some peace. Itami just basically says fuck no and the best way to deal with this is just go and kill the prince. Which…honestly at this point makes the most sense.

I love how the SDF is SO RIDICULOUSLY OP compared to these guys it's like "Hey, wanna depose a tyrant in like 30 minutes?" "meh, sure why not?"
I love how the SDF is SO RIDICULOUSLY OP compared to these guys it’s like “Hey, wanna depose a tyrant in like 30 minutes?” “meh, sure why not?”

And the SDF finally gets the okay to go do so from those people having the meeting last episode. yay!

Oh yeah and everyone’s still fighting at the Jade Palace.

Soldier on Ground: you know, instead of just laughing you COULD pull it out guys...
Soldier on Ground: you know, instead of just laughing you COULD pull it out guys…

And…that’s everything interesting that happened in this episode. I’m sure something else happened, but I couldn’t be assed to remember because that’s all I remember happening that was interesting.

Once again this episode tries to do this thing where it cuts between the main story and Pina’s story. And honestly…Pina’s story kind of doesn’t matter at this point. The only thing she’s doing now is being the Princess Peach of the story. The focus needs to be on Itami and the SDF. Because once they show up and fucking wreck everyone, then she’ll be free and when she’s in charge she’ll just make peace. Really the only thing standing between this series and a happy ending is someone fucking shooting this asshole prince in the head.

I know i’ve said in the past that this bunny girl was stupid and pointless, but she seems to have even LESS of an importance now. If the whole lead up here was to simply have the prince be an asshole and arrest Pina and kill people, you didn’t NEED the bunny girl for this. He Could have just been an evil asshole all on his own. At this point in the series she is COMPLETELY superfluous and unless her involvement changes something MAJOR I can’t see a reason why she’s even in this show as her plot points could have easily just have been transferred into the prince.

and no, having a sad backstory neither makes you a good character or a redeemable one.
and no, having a sad backstory neither makes you a good character or a redeemable one.

Trust me, I LOVE asshole characters. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know my favorite character of all time is Raditz from DBZ, but this chick….she’s just stupid evil where he plan makes no sense. In an earlier episode she stops the SDF from beating the prince to death….only to heal him up, gain his trust, them have the SDF kill him later? I… I don’t…why? I GUESS she’s trying to make the whole royal family pay, but Pina didn’t even DO anything and neither did the other brother who ran away. This character’s motivations are just plain retarded and make me miss evil characters that actually make sense.


FINALLY they got the order to attack. I swear, next episode better be these people getting the FUCK blown out of them and bunny girl dying like a bitch because honestly i’m sick of her face. The prince’s too. It’s very simple show. I’m going to spell it out for you.

I. Want. Itami. and. his. friends’. Story.

I do not care about a single other thing. Finish your bullshit, and go back to them. Thank you.

Episode 6/10


…and seriously….who the fuck was that girl in the yellow dress? (please don’t answer that…I really don’t care)

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    I think that chick works for the princess of something Lmfao I had no idea who the heck she was when she showed up last week either lol I thought I was the only one I was like did I miss something

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