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Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0007I am genuinely surprised how everyone I thought had died last week, ended up surviving and are in better shape than Mika is- but before that, HOLY SHIT, FUCK YOU FAREED. How dare you kill off the one guy you considered your true friend!? What is even worse, HE HAD AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE THE ENTIRE TIME FOR BEING ENGAGED WITH GAELIO’S LITTLE SISTER, ALIMIRIA. Most of us thought he was being forced into it by his father, but NO, THIS WAS ALL PART OF HIS PLAN, or at least he beat them at their own game. My heart shattered in a million pieces for Gaelio, it’s absolutely horrible how he has to learn all of this just before he is killed. What upsets me the most is how he chooses to kill him as oppose to trying to form an alliance with his “one true friend”. With how much Carta was heads over heels in love with him, she probably would have instantly gone to his side had he made the offer.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0029So what was Fareed’s game plan? His purpose was to expose the corruption within Gjallarhorn and gain more power. In order to do so, he helped Tekkadan so that they could safely escort Kudelia and Makanai to parliament. By winning the election the collusion between Henri and Fareed’s father will come to light. He used Ein as the living proof to expose disorder within the organization, killed Carta (the only child) in order to disrupt the power balance within Gjallarhorn’s Seven Stars, and killed Gaelio in order to empower himself further by taking his place as the heir of the Bauduin family.

And the results? Tekkadan has been hired as Arbrau’s military advisor, Fareed’s father is now exiled, Fareed is on track of becoming the heir of Bauduin’s family, Gjallarhorn’s corruption has been officially exposed, which has resulted an unrest and distrust spreading to other economic blocs. This makes those other blocs shift to expanding their own military forces, which the mafia bosses are preparing to exploit/take advantage of what will happen for business opportunities. The next conflict now lies with the half-metal resources.

Fareed said he has lived his life in anger. That is why kindness doesn’t reach him, or at least won’t have a strong enough impact on him to change his ways. This particularly concerns me because what will he do with that power? What are his other goals which he has not spoken of? Well we will have to wait a couple of months because Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans will be back with a second season FALL 2016!

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0018Finally, let me say it again: I am very surprised how everyone I thought had died last week, got out alive and are in better shape than Mika is. Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy they are alive, but dear lord, I do not want to have to watch them die/almost die again. My heart can’t take it!!!! Mika however was the one who came out of the fight in the worst condition. After over-exerting himself, Mika is now blind in his right eye and his right arm is paralyzed – however he is able to move it when he is in Barbados. Near the conclusion of his fight against Ein, Mika said he finally understood how the system works. And in a way, I think I do too, but it comes with a price. Ein was said to be displaying the true potential of the Alaya-Vijnana technology, but at the cost of living a life as a machine. It should be noted Mika is now walking the same path, because while he is still able to walk on soil with his own too feet, the future holds either death or essentially become one with Barbados and like Ein, forced to live in it until he dies or is killed. So one way or another, Mika has a grim fate ahead of him- unless a new technology comes around to help address the downfalls. For now, most of Tekkadan’s family gets to live another day and will return to Mars. What awaits them? We don’t know, but the future ahead of them will be a difficult one.

Since Gundam 00, I haven’t been able to enjoy any of the following series… until now. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans has a great story and characters that made me care and become invested in the series. Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Ep 25 Img 0028Actually now that I think of it, this is my first complete coverage of season of Gundam! What appealed to me in this series was the quality of the writing and the characters. It goes without saying the strongest factor were the characters and their struggles. Of all the characters, I would say Kudelia and Atra were the ones who had undergone the most development as they growth were the most distinctive. Orga has grown and learned from his experiences and he has matured further as a strong leader, and Mika… well he seems to be more or less the same as how he was in the beginning, except for the fact he now is interested in being educated. But what made this show so enjoyable were the relationships between the characters. Tekkadan was family, formed by a group of child-soldiers fought for their freedom and future. There wasn’t a single character to hate, they are extremely likable and charming and all I wanted was them to survive. The villains of the series were in a sense a bit more vague, but Fareed himself was one to keep you at the edge of your seat. His unpredictability and manipulative ways made him a fascinating character, one we love and hate.

Overall Score: 8/10



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  1. Carlos Ramírez Espinoza

    If there’s something we learned from this journey is that POLYGAMY ALWAYS WIN !!

  2. Shadow

    I’m looking forward to the second season.
    And Orga didn’t die, thank goodness!! <3

    1. Eva

      Same here, I kept on worrying about Orga until the very last second of the episode. I started freaking out when he said, “I”m going out to help Mika” XD

    1. Eva

      omg LMAO you’re right!!! XD
      Okada Mar is a damn good writer. I have to try and make sure I remember her name (spoiler alert: I am terrible at remembering names)

  3. Risanai

    I think I nailed Chocoman’s plot with the previous episode’s comment yay
    Shit, Gaelio had it really rough. Going out like that really sucks.
    Hopefully the next season will fix the issues in the series while capitalizing on what’s it is good with.

    1. Eva

      RIP Gaelio ; _____ ; I didn’t always like him, but damn it- that was such a cruel way to be killed.
      Yeah I’m hoping S2 will address the issues so that’s why I held back from doing a full fledged review since this is really only the first half of the series.

  4. exof954

    Yeah… it looks like Gaelio couldn’t avoid the Garma’s Karma. Hehehehehaha… ahhhhhh*breaks down and cries* At least Shino made it out alive… and Azee and Lafter too, I guess. On one hand I wanted to see them die for some angsty plot… but on the other hand, I’m so relieved to see them alive… AUUGHH, THE CHOICES!
    As for the fight against Ein… that was absolutely amazing. Fierce, brutal, cold-blooded… Mika didn’t even bother listening to Ein’s Crank-rambling until the very end. AND THEN HE LEARNED HOW TO USE A SWORD AS A SWORD. I swear, that part had me just laughing from the nature of it all- he’s so used to Mace-chan’s “beat-em-up with a stick” style that he never paid any attention to Katana-kouhai. Well, at least it gives me a new reason to buy the Barbatos’ sword edition. *wallet cries in the background*
    But all in all, I’m satisfied with this conclusion. Looking forward to season 2~!

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