So we catch up where we left last week, with the sucker gang ready to fight some monsters in the mine,
In a mine!
In a mine!
Where a million diamonds shiiiiine!


In the mine we see Ranta, Haruhibro and Yume’s new skillsvlcsnap-2016-03-13-20h24m06s927. Although Ranta’s skill is not really effective it’s quite cool since it involves an illuminati triangle and blood. Ranta has trouble killing his Kobold, which is the name of the sort of werewolves monsters they are fighting. And even if everyone is done with their opponent and willing to help him, Ranta refuses any kind of help, saying that the Kobold is his enemy and stuff. It’s a bit ridiculous but meh, it’s Ranta, I’m used to it now.

Every Kobold has talismans on it. However, the Kobolds that our happy sucker crew killed were weak, low-class Kobold aka “Peasants”. There’s a nice little moment where Haruhibro wonders about how they should treat their ennemies. Even if the end is the same, he wants to treat his enemy with respect and to retreat the loot nicely. In comparaison, Ranta that doesn’t care and rip the talismans off the Kobold’s body. In that case I agree with my bruh, once again. Being nice to the enemy that you killed is quite hypocritical since it only serves the purpose of making you feeling less guilty so that’s a bit egoist. But in those cases I think I’ll do the same thing. Though I dont think treating your enemy nicely after a fight is a bad thing, it’s just that it doesn’t change anything, expect for yourself.

vlcsnap-2016-03-13-20h26m48s516So back to business, the sucker crew decides to go deeper in the mine. According to Mary, there’s a whole cast system going on, in which the elders are the rulers, the “normal” Kobols are the workers and the peasants kobolds, peasants. They’re going to the second level were normal/worker kobold are. On their way they see some sleeping Kobolds and Ranta wants to attack them. There’s again an ethic conflict between my bruh and Ranta, since the first one doesn’t want to attack them because I suppose they are defenseless. WELL Haruhibro, if I recall correctly you did attack some sleeping gobelins before, don’t try to change your values now son!

Anyway, Ranta says that he’s not a demon but a Dark knight who serves the Dark God Skull Hell. Seriously ? That sounds like a bad pseudonym for an Emo Blog… Anyway, Ranta starts babbling about his god and his way of seeing things, that dark knights do that and that while the others who apparently don’t give a single fuck about what he’s saying, are going, leaving him behind. Then, a gang of Kobols appears, Shihoru uses her new ability which immobilize enemy and Haruhibro sees the green light again. Other than that, not much happens. After the fight, Haruhibro decides to go back to the city Ortana since staying here and getting used to this place could be dangerous. He’s also concerned about Mary. She understands Haruhibro’s concern and replies by saying that she’s fine. They also look at each other for quite a long time if you ask me.

I love this GIF

Back to the city, during the night, Haruhibro is concerned by Ranta’s place in the group since he doesn’t vlcsnap-2016-03-13-20h31m55s932seem to get along with any member. So my bruh, thinking of what Manato would have done in that case, decides to talk to Ranta outside. Ranta has actually been thinking about all this stuff on his own, without consulting the gang and that’s what Haruhibro reproaches him: he acts too much on his own and doesn’t share things. However, Ranta isn’t interested in getting friendly involved with them so he thinks that has long as he’s fulfilling his role as a member of the party, it’s fine. He leaves on this note to go back to his emo room, doing emo stuff.

vlcsnap-2016-03-13-20h37m37s891The next day, they go back to the mine again and Haruhibro experiences some trouble trying be stay calm while Ranta was doing careless shit and continued to be a dick.  When they arrived in a field with loads of Kodols, Ranta triggered an alarm mechanism. Then, the big fat Kodol that killed Mary’s party arrived. This moment was really intense. Seeing her old enemy, Mary was petrified with fear, covering her mouth to prevent herself from shouting, while an epic music was playing in the background. Haruhibro’s reaction was also on point, without really talking to her he understood in a short amount of time what was going on. And then cliffhanger my friends… Well, at least we now that Yume, Mary and Haruhibro are safe based on the preview. If someone has to die, I bet on Ranta. It just a guess though, but the way his character was suddenly developed in this episode makes me fear the worst possibilities.vlcsnap-2016-03-13-20h35m44s360

Overall this episode was interesting. We got some action at the beginning and a nice cliffhanger at the end. The middle of the episode focused on two points: Introducing Haruhibro’s issues with leadership and Ranta’s character development.  Although we already saw that Ranta was having issues with the rest of the group it’s only in this episode that he’s being confronted by Haruhibro. Their exchange was quite interesting too, and pretty realistic. It was like they both understood their respective points of view but without acknowledging it. And they did not tried to solve everything by shouting which was actually a nice move coming from Ranta. It actually showed us that he’s capable of talking, of having a conversation and stating arguments without shouting. Also, Ranta’s will to not get close to any member of the gang might be a way for him to avoid getting hurt if something bad would occur. Indeed, Haruhibro did say at some point that Ranta was shocked by Manato’s death, but on the other hand it’s Ranta’s character to behave like that. So I don’t really know.

As for Haruhibro, his struggle with his new leader’s duties could have been more developed but it’s okay, I’m actually quite happy with the way things went in this episode. I really like Haruhibro as a character. Aside from being my bro since the beginning I think he has a interesting development. He’s not awesome at fighting but he knows how to be useful, he’s quite average looking and a bit awkward to talk to but overall, I like him. He’s the perfect example of the average guy who has to face a lot of stuff but who stays quite average all along because ya know, he wasn’t awesome at the beginning and you can’t change a man but snapping fingers like that.

And I’m done with my 1200 words Essay.
Thanks for reading, I won’t join any bibliography cuz I did not use any books…
It’s pure Charibo’s genius.

“Genius “

I need to sleep.

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  1. zztop

    If these kobolds were cute monstergirls ala Monster Musume, we’d be less symphathetic for what Haru and co. are doing.


    But more seriously, Haru’s insecurity of being an unfit leader is a recurring theme in the later novels.

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