“We’ve become a good party”


Time to roast some gobelin ass

Before going into the fight, the sucker crew all promise to each other not repeat the same mistakes and to get out there alive. On a side note, Mary calls Harubibro “Hal” and that’s really bothering Ranta more than anyone else. Then there’s an interesting sequence showing the gobelins living their gobelin life, playing cards, sleeping and even playing chess. I don’t want to go down that road again, but I do believe that seeing gobelins doing human activities is a way to reinforce the dramatic tension of the show. Though I’ve already talked about that, so I’ll refrain from more ” Gobelins R human too”.


During the fight, the gobelins are showing some damn strategy, actually maybe more strategy than our heroes. There’s even a duel between Moguzo and the big gobelin. Like Haruhibro remarked, gobelins know how humans fight and know their magic too. They don’t follow Ranta when he uses his “exhaust” ability, and they wake up the big gobelin when he’s touched by Sihoru’s sleeping magic. I guess that after a long time being hunted by humans they’ve learned how to defend themselves. Haruhibro stabs the tall blue gobelin several times but he’s not ready to give up on living yet. There’s the same intensity in the gobelin’s eyes than in my bruh’s ones. However, the tall blue gobelin manages to run away and to go upstairs. Mary uses her magic to heal Yume and Moguzo and thanks to Shihoru’s intervention, Moguzo manages to kill the big gobelin. Her move was a bit reckless but at least she was useful. See, finally Shihoru, I’m proud of you girl. And also, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but you’re definitely opening to the others. That’s good, that’s how teamwork works.

So they go upstairs to finish the tall blue gobelin who’s sitting at his chess table, ready to die like he’s some big evil mastermind in an blockbuster movie. But that was a PLAN ALL ALONG! A gobelin sniper was hiding up there and shot Mary. That was a quick but really stressful moment since she was shot like Manato, in the back. Honestly that scene made me worried for Mary. It lasted for less than a minute since we learn pretty quickly that she’s okay but still, I was worried. STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS ANIMU!


vlcsnap-2016-03-01-12h06m52s311Haruhibro is soo done with this shit gobelin that he decides to follow him on te rooftop to finally kill that bastard. Coincidence, he happens to be the one carrying Haruhibro’s old dagger. So I’m assuming he’s also the sick bastard that sniped Manabro in the back and who caused his death. Haruhibro’s gonna roast his ass like it’s Sunday brunch time.


So they fight a bit and Haruhibro kills him by stabbing him in the neck with his old black dagger. I don’t know if they put a big amount of money in the fights’s animation buuut…. yeah, the fight was cool but I can’t say the same thing for the animation. Every time a character moves in the background, the faces and bodies gets all derpy. I call that the “derpy syndrome”. It’s like I’m watching Magi again. COME ON A-1 PICTURES! Seriously, the backgrounds are nice, the faces in close up plans are cool, but the moving animation … god, that’s such a waste.

“gggnn imma gona kill u basterd, u kil Manato u mothafuka dye”

The second part of the episode shows way less action. After avenging Manato by killing his “murderers” they go to his grave once again to fully end their grief. Haruhibro recognizes that Manato might have had flaws and wishes he knew him more. They’ve bought their volunteers badges and bought another one for Manato, even if he’s dead… OOOH… What a symbolic nice attention. This show is melting my kokoro once again. I’ve seen this kind of act in loads of movies but every time it gets me. God dammit.


After that, Mary and Haruhibro talked a bit alone. It was the occasion for my bruh to tell her that he knows about her losing her friends and stuff. They talk a bit about their feelings and that was nice really. It’s hard for me to write about it since they are expressing feelings hard to translate in words. So I have an even harder time trying to analyze those feelings and to write about them. Though I do believe that’s what is interesting here, expressing stuff without words.

Other than that, I’ve noticed that Ranta has changed a bit. He’s still an imbecile but he says less bullshit than before. He has become nicer to everyone and it’s thanks to Yume who scold him every time he says something inappropriate.


The insert song was nice, again, especially this one. I’m a big fan of music in various medias so you’ll probably won’t hear me complaining about insert songs. Well, if they are badly used, yes, I’ll probably say a word or two. But in his anime, I think that they fit the atmosphere. Also, this show manages to begin and stop their songs at the right moment. Really, I’m a big fan of the music in this anime. It’s greatly used.

I’ve seen people either hating or loving this anime. I don’t know where to put myself. Honestly, I like it and I believe most people misunderstood the intentions of the show. I’ll label this more as a “Slice of life/ Drama” genre more than “Action” or “Adventure”. Because for an Action/Adventure anime it would be pretty bad, but for a Slice of life/Drama I do think it’s a pretty good one. We should no get fooled by the “fantasy ” world they are evolving in, even if the world is different, the issues and human feelings remain the same.

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  1. kofmaster

    This episode felt like a final episode lol, nice battle, revenge, post credits scenes closing major plot points and two insert songs xD.

    “i was thinking about Manato”, Haru starts to becoming creepy, Haru stop! isn’t Healthy! D: . That speech about clothes and sorrow was awkward too xD

    I really want a Goblin focused spin off, they are interesting, that poor guy just wanted to finish his chess match he did nothing wrong 🙁

    The action scenes were fun to watch. I felt this episode ended very fast xD. I lol’d at the sleep magic scene xD, i was yelling NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN at the Arrow scene but luckily Maria is alive (damn dont do it again Grimgar, i like Mari D:), nice to see they are a good party now.

    1. Charibo

      Yeah XD I guess Haruhibro is really into priests.

      I think they’ve made a mini comic on the gobelin’s life :/ I dunno where to find it though.

      True that the episode went fast. Plus, it almost felt like the end of the series… Now, I do wonder how they’re going to fill the rest of the 4 episodes :/

  2. Shiki

    In the LN mary “just” got hit by a throwing knife and it was nice to see her use counter to help haru kill that goblin.
    Wise decision on Shihorus part [if it travels too slow over long distance, make the distance shorter so they can’t dodge]
    The knife from haru does only exist in the anime.. not sure why but i guess they wanted to point out the drama and the aspect of revenge in combination with satisfaction from it (remember that mary lost not only 1 but 3 of her friends)
    MaryXHaru ship is so strong

    You can’t really expect everyone to like deep/slowpaced animes especially nowadays where it goes: no blood, no bones, no likes
    Just because you get thrown into a new world doesn’t mean you life will be that of a hero but might suck and you have to suffer just like here or in konosuba, but I guess many ppl also watch animes to flee from their real life so seeing something “realistic” proves to be fatal

    1. Charibo

      Oh so they did change the “Mary getting shot” scene and add Haruhibro’s knife story to reinforce the “vengeance” feeling. Interesting.

      The ship is ready to sail, at least I hope so. I have my ” best couple flag” ready since episode 6.Though I get the feeling that Haruhibro is the one getting more attached to her. Maybe that’s just my impression, but his face during the last scene in the snow… THOSE EYES DON’T LIE HARUHIBRO

      Yeah I agree with your last point. I’m just sad to see that some people might watch this anime, get disappointed by the slow pacing and the emphasis on death, expecting some kind of Action/fantasy anime and talk trash about it saying that “nothing happens” :/

  3. zztop

    The anime’s nearly covered all of Vol 1, so I wonder how they’ll end it. There’s 6 more volumes of material they’ve yet to adapt.
    PS. If I can find spoilers for future volumes, would you mind if I shareD it?

    1. Charibo

      I guess you can, but be sure to use the spoiler tag if you write any spoilers in the comments :]
      [ spoiler ] insert spoiler here [ / spoiler ] (*remove the space)

  4. Jay

    Do you know the name of the music in the background(insert song) in the battle scene? Search it everywhere, no luck…

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