Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 5

It was surprising how little information we learned about the baby fairy and her magical Linkle Smartome. The headmaster was genuinely shocked it had actually existed and didn’t know how to respond to how the baby fairy was born from within it. I was expecting at least some answers regarding the fairy being born out of the Linkle Smartome, but considering it turned out to be thought as a myth, I suppose it makes sense how the Headmaster doesn’t know much about it. The tome responds to the Linkle Stones, which is then used to feed the baby fairy they later name Haa. Frankly thinking the only thing that is running through my head right now is that the fairy is kind of like a Tamagotchi.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 5 Img 0007This week, the girls actually had to perform magic for their next assignment. Their job was to make a kettle boil by channeling Icy Isles’ magic instead of using their own. Despite the cold, Riko diligently attempts to focus on the task at hand, while Mirai suggests to the others to play ‘Shikura Manju’ to help get warmed up again. Once they do so, Mirai and the other girls successfully complete the assignment, leaving Riko the only one who has yet to succeed. However despite the fact Riko had repetitively failed, she had passed the assignment all because Mirai was able to accomplish it on her end. The reason why this is the case is because of their unique partner arrangement. This was especially upsetting to Riko, and I understood her feelings. She is trying her hardest to be a skillful magician, but now she just received a free-pass based upon her partner’s accomplishment, who then used magic for the very first time. It is completely justified and understandable why Riko was jealous and upset. She was ashamed of this development.

Fortunately the tension between Mirai and Riko was short-lived. Mirai is not an oblivious girl after-all. She apologizes to Riko for not taking into consideration her feelings, since she knows how important magic is to her. The hardest part about this situation however is that, Mirai by no means had any ill intentions. We can understand why she was so excited about performing a magic spell for the very first time. She rightfully deserved her moment to celebrate. So the bottom line is this: Both girls were justified to feel the way they did, and it is because they both understood that the tension between them was able to fizzle so quickly.

It was fantastic to see them use the Ruby Linklestone today- which also only made sense because they were on an icy terrain and Ruby wields Fire Magic. They were able to retrieve the new one, not Sapphire like I had been expecting, but Aquamarine (such a pretty stone, one of my favourites). It is in fact one of the Light Guardians in the outer circle which ‘protects’ Emerald.

After having a meal through Aquamarine, the baby evolved into a toddler form. It is clear now that as they collect the linklestones, the fairy will evolve. It begs the question if perhaps the fairy is directly tied to the legendary Emerald linklestone.

Next week, we will be meeting Riko’s elder sister, a professor at the academy. Ohhh that explains a lot! I am really happy we are starting to learn about her family. Riko’s desires to be acknowledge and talented speaks volume if not just her sister, but her family as a whole is considered famous.

03/18/2016 Update:
ImaginationSubs (the fansubs I use) just announced they are going to release Episode 6 & 7 together, so I will be doing a double post.
I am aware there are other subs available but I prefer to stick to one sub-team for consistency sake.


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  1. eva now that i think about it i understand why those 2 tests were so easyand not very challenging. the answer was in this episode when the students talked in the classroom one of the students said this is tests for begginers. so those 2 tests were easy becouse this class and tests are for studends who still dont know much how to cost magic in outher words class for begginers

  2. Eva, why is your blog eating my posts? I’ve tried to respond here twice. This is the third time.

    1. So, let me try this again.
      I think so far as “girls have an unnecessary argument in order to help them eventually grow closer” episodes go, this one was pretty good. The writers didn’t have to contrive a reason for the girls to fight. The girls didn’t have to act out of character in order to fight. As you said, it makes sense for both Mirai and Riko to have behaved the way they did. That’s something of a rarity when it comes to these kinds of episodes. I’m impressed. This wasn’t anything big or dramatic, but shows that use this kind of plot device rarely go to the trouble to write it well, so when it does happen it’s worth noting.
      This argument did remind me of one issue with Mirari and RIko’s relationship: they don’t actually know each other very well. They really only met a couple of days ago, in universe, and there are still a lot of things they don’t know about each other. There are lots of potential pitfalls in their relationship.
      And on that note, I’m looking forward to meeting Riko’s sister. I think this should help us better understand how RIko came to be who she is today.

    2. Sorry about that, 🙁 unfortunately it’s out of our control. We are aware it happens every now and then, but when it happens too frequently in a short span of time, it’s most likely a bug and we have to wait for the latest patch to fix it.

  3. Riko, man I’ve said this about her personality mirrored mine when I was younger, well I started to lose my vote of support for her because her jealousy is actually hampering her from being a good magician as she almost never admitted her mistakes and placed the blame on others for her incompetence. As for the fairy baby, how the hell did she grew so fast by feeding her milk only twice? But next episode Riko’s elder sister OMG my heart’s going dokidoki (damn it MANA) she’s quite gorgeous and she’s my type of girl <3 (Riko would be a lot cuter if she could ditch away her negative character of prejudice) *Yes I haven't really comment much on this Mahou Tsukai show but I really hate slow-progressed animes! (Might as well quit it soon)

    1. i think the word for riko that summ up her personaliy is tsundere. also why you hate slow progressed anime if it give the characters like them get more interaction

  4. Well, this episode is interesting, especially the relationship and conflict moments between Mirai and Riko in this one.
    The magic class in the cold world was cool to me and I really found Mirai’s ‘Shikura Manju’ play very kawaii and also proved helpful to her colleagues, except for Riko at that moment. But glad that at the end both Mirai and Riko worked out and played ‘Shikura Manju’ together in this episode yet. ^^
    Friendship, learning, knowing each other more and experiences of life ahead.
    Their choice of transforming with the Ruby Linkle really made me happy, and yeah, since they’re in the cold environment, it really does make a lot of sense.
    And the evolution of the Haa-chan is intriguing, I wonder how she will be when she reaches her final form. ^^
    I saw episode 6 at this point, but I’ll write it when it arrives on this blog. 🙂

    1. ImaginationSubs just announced they are going to release Episode 6 & 7 together, so I will be doing a double post. I am aware there are other subs available but I prefer to stick to one sub-team for consistency sake. Look forward to it!

      1. Really?! That’s cool! Just like you did with the Happiness Charge season! 😀
        I’m looking forward to episode 7 and your double post, Eva!
        As much as your followers and viewers! ^^

        1. Thanks! ^^;;; I received a lot of messages asking whether or not I have dropped it, so I just added the status update to let everyone know I’m still covering it. The moment I learned about the announcement, I should have put up the notice to expect the delay. >_<|l| But then I was too preoccupied with life, and I forgot about it... welp.

          1. [Giggles], that’s okay, Eva. We all are busy with our lives at some point in time.
            Glad that you’re back with this season.
            And yet, ‘better late than never’. 😉

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