Nijiiro Days Episode 9: [Let’s Practice Confessions!]

I want to sound cool, like from a Drama.


Oh hi Tomoko

What a lovely lady

Mattsun and Keichi are helping Nacchan practising his confession. Indeed, Nacchan feels the urge to confess to Anna since we saw that last episode, a new rival has entered the playground: Mochi who is also a really nice guy to be honest. So Matssun and Keichi explain how the perfect confession should go according to their own fantasies. Of course, using Anna as a reference for the girl, which makes Natsuki blush even more.


For Matssun, it’s the same old trick “why don’t ya come a little closer? Do you hate it when I hold ya like that?”. To me it sounds sooooo lame, but I guess some girls might enjoy it… Or not… Let’s be honest, even if I really love Matssun, his techniques to get the gurls are really lame. I wonder how they even work…

Anyway, Keichi’s fantasy was pretty wild. I’ve hardly seen a more passive aggressive fellow in my entire life. During that scene the only thing I was thinking was: Oh god, I don’t want to be her in shoes right now.



We also got a really nice scene with Yukirin and Tsuypon in a cafe, discussing  the way they express their feelings. I mentioned before that Tsuyopon wasn’t the best at showing how he feels but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any feelings for Yukirin. We learnt in this episode that Yukirin was the one that confessed to him and that did not surprised me. Yukirin is pretty straightforward with her feelings and that’s a thing Tsuyopon admires in her, even loves about her. Also Tsuyopon is aware of his “problem” even though it’s not really a problem, and what the guys said earlier about him being able to speak when he needs to, bothers him a bit but eeeeeh… It’s okay Tsuyponu, as long as they accept you for who you are it’s fine. Plus, It’s one of the reasons why Yukurin likes you much, your shyness is so cute. And because you can “meow” really nicely, let’s not forget that. So the two of them complete each other perfectly and that lads, is awesome.


The scene in the cafe was cute as hell. It was like drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows while shouting ” MAKE IT RAIN!” at the waitress who is pouring whipped cream on your drink. I swear, this was too cute for me to handle. AAAAH they are perfect. Aaaaah my heart is melting, plz send me help, I can’t.


Back to school, Natsuki is still worried about Mochi and Anna. Even more now, since he knows that Spit Woman aka Mary has tighten up her guard.


Let me put this straight. Mary is an awful person and a bad friend. What kind of friend is selfish enough to refuse to their friends any contact with other persons? And I’m not talking about letting Anna fall in love or anything, just letting her see who the god damn hell she wants to see. This is just being a complete asshole Mary. Somebody should explain her, somebody should realize that this girl is completely worthless…
Matssun, I like you but your taste in women is shit. In French we say that: “Il a de la merde dans les yeux” which stands for literally, he has shit in the eyes, so he can’t see clearly what’s going on. Pretty romantic uh? I don’t know… Please someone, do something!


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    1. I actually like all the couples, expect Mari and Mattsun so I can’t really decide :/ Each one of them is different, since Tsuyopon and Yukirin are together it’s normal for them to be more affective towards each other. I really want to see what kind of couple Natsuki and Anna are going to be 😀 I’m pretty sure Natsuki will continue to blush, so adorable <3

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