Ojisan To Marshmallow Episode 9 [Oh! I Get It! They’re BOTH Nuts!]

I think i’ve figured it out. It doesn’t make any sense any other way. I think this is it. This show is not MEANT to be funny, it’s not MEANT to be cute, it’s actually meant to show the dangers of insanity and how fascination on a person is unhealthy. If this is what the author meant to do, then it completely makes sense and I am beginning to understand the message he’s trying to convey. ….that is, IF that’s the author is trying to portray here. If he’s not, and he’s just trying to be funny and quirky, then he’s just fucking creepy and needs to be fired from the field of manga writing. Anywhoozles, let me describe what happens in our 2 minute story.

So the busty girl meets up with the fat guy in the park. They walk home together but the brother of the crazy one sees them. He approaches them being concerned, but then finds out from them that he’s not dating the crazy girl so he’s not cheating.

If she WERE actually dating the fat guy, don't you think you'd be the first to know?
If she WERE actually dating the fat guy, don’t you think you’d be the first to know? …also, nice 3ds there.

The busty girl then uses this to her advantage and convinces the brother that if she dates the fat guy she’ll lose her innocence and the brother decides to help the busty girl.

The next day at the office, the busty girl then uses the word “normal” a lot around the crazy girl, which freaks her out because she hates hearing the word “normal.”


I’m sorry. This right here is not okay. THIS is not cool. She goes into panic attacks when she hears the word “normal” too many times. That is a sign that there is SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HER. After hearing it she has to go to her room and write it on cards what looks like over 100 times. She needs to see a psychiatrist. She obviously has BAD antisocial issues coupled with a case of stalker obsession. This girl needs HELP. It is not quirky. it is not funny. It is VERY VERY troubling. If I were her brother I would VERY SERIOUSLY consider calling a doctor. (not to mention that when he accidentally messed up her plans with the fat guy in the past she has hit him, brandished knives and said things like “being my brother won’t save you”. She has taken it from creepy to sociopath. She NEEDS HELP)

The next day the boss says to the busty chick that he wants her to come up with a new mascot for the amusement park. So she invites the fat guy, but the creepy chick invites herself along as well. When the busty girl tries to “normal” her again, the creepy girl reveals that busty girl is 30 years old and that shuts her up…for some reason.

OH NO! NOT 30!
OH NO! NOT 30!

I don’t really see why this is an issue considering if you look at the fat guy it looks like he’s chugging past 40.

Seriously anime, if you try to tell me that this guy's any younger than 40, i'm going to tell you to go fuck yourselves
Seriously anime, if you try to tell me that this guy’s any younger than 40, i’m going to tell you to go fuck yourselves

And the reason i’m rambling off is because that’s where the episode ends.

This love triangle is not a healthy one. One loves him because he accidentally did one nice thing. One likes him because….I honestly have absolutely no idea. It is episode 9 and we have no idea whatsoever on why stalker girl likes him. They haven’t felt the need to tell us yet. Because that would actually help maybe get into her psyche a little more. And that thing is probably a scary place.

As I have said in the past, this show is so fucking strange because there is NO ONE to root for. Everyone here is either dumb, desperate, or insane.

Here’s the thing. I have several issues with busty girl. First off, you’re trying to tell me that this girl. THIS GIRL HERE


is having trouble finding a guy?

Really now?

The only character traits you have shown us so far for her is that she is very nice, and maybe a tad competitive when she finds a guy she likes. There is no way this girl would be thirty and not only single, but with no guys interested in her. ESPECIALLY looking as she does. The only thing is, and here’s my theory, there’s something mentally wrong with her. And what do I mean by that? I mean she must have some sort of social disorder. Which would explain why she is falling for a guy she doesn’t know for a reason that anyone with eyes could have seen that he didn’t do on purpose. The best comparison I can make here is she probably has a thing like Gail from Bob’s Burgers going on.

I really don’t think this is meant to be taken as a regular comedy. I think it’s more of a battle between two girls with social disorders for a guy that is mentally challenged. If you consider this series a dark comedy like that, it’s actually pretty interesting. However, like I said, if this is meant to be taken at face value, it truly makes me question the author’s mental state, because if he thinks this is “Romantic” or “normal”, then I would most definitely have to question his morality or mental wellbeing.

I probably dug WAY to far into something that’s just a crappy 2 minute stupid fest, but I like to think there’s a deeper meaning behind it. Because…I like to to give everything the benefit of the doubt. Even when it doesn’t deserve it.

knowing my luck, it probably IS just a shitty comedy
knowing my luck, it probably IS just a shitty comedy

Episode 3.5/10



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