Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu Episode 11: This Might Be the Beginning

I wish the team showed this much anger when Andou messed shit up.

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Where was this anger episodes ago?
I felt like the conflict was resolved a little too fast. but with only one more episode after this it was best the conflict and the game finished with this episode because it would have been a rushed mess if it had been left for the final episode. I’m not sure how I feel about this episode but I guess I can understand how they all felt. Betrayed, of course. All the work they were doing really was for Kuroda’s brother. His company hasn’t been producing anything and the distributor and banks won’t even lend him money. He’s close to bankruptcy until Kuroda promised him that she would make a game that would help him financially. But the brother is confused when he sees the kids’ expressions, saying that Kuroda had said the team agreed to the deal. It’s then that Kuroda walks in and things turn bad.

Everyone leaves and Kuroda is there alone to finish the game. Andou for the third time says she’s leaving and never coming back, so at that point I knew she was coming back. The rest of the team quits, upset. Bunta goes back to his job at the ramen place, everyone is doing their own thing depressed. Bunta, Yuuka, and Kai hang out on the roof of Bunta’s apartment complex like they always do and talk, and then they talk about the game. How even though it was a lot of work, they had a lot of fun too. Feeling great getting the voice acting done, getting the writing done, putting it all together they were excited to see it completely done…until all of this crap happened. They’re all feeling conflicted emotions at this point, angry at Kuroda but also wanting to finish the game.

But then in a predictable turn, Bunta runs over to the clubroom at night where Kuroda still is and tells her that he really wants to see the game through until the end, because before he thought he was a boring guy with no talent, not knowing what he wanted to do in his life. But he finally found something he can do, and he wants to finish it. It’s then one by one the other members start walking in and saying the same, and I was surprised when little Yuuki started yelling and asked for an apology from Kuroda. Which I’m like HMMMM WHY DIDN’T YOU ACT THAT WAY WHEN ANDOU GAVE YOU A BUNCH OF UNNECESSARY WORK TO DO HMMM? YEAH THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.

Andou slaps Kuroda, though Andou deserves a slap too, and they all agree they’re going to finish it. Eariler on in the episode Bunta got a call from writer dude at Typhoon and learned that they had already finished their game. So now the team needs to hurry and finish their own game and they only have so little time. When all is done, they have to burn the data on the CDs and take it to the studio. But they only burned the low resolution stuff so they had to fix it, and do it all in time to make it in time for the train. They make a mad dash and luckily they make it in time, and all is perfect.

[HorribleSubs] Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu - 11 [1080p].mkv0060
They look like a married couple here.
An ok episode, I guess. The exciting part should be in the finale when we’re probably going to timeskip to the day when its the release date and their little contest comes to an end. In the meantime they have to really advertise their game or else they won’t be able to sell anything. Looks like they stuck through until the end, can’t say I’m not surprised which is I’m guessing why I’m not particularly thrilled? Like I’m not mad or anything, I just had a feeling this was going to happen. Just kind of…meh.


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