Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V Episode 98

As far as I remember, Yuuya’s ways of charming the crowd usually excites me, but this time… I felt as though there was a disconnection. Now I don’t know if is because I’m sick with a fever, but I wasn’t buying into the citizens enthusiasm. Furthermore, I was disappointed with how quickly the duel ended. I was actually hoping it would at least take up an entire episode because it felt so short. It is a problem I have noticed to be frequent problem when duels are wrapped up half an episode later. The build-up from where Yuuya found his resolve at the end of last week’s episode had been cut off with a week break- which perhaps was why I struggled to feel the citizen’s enthusiasm that followed along with Yuuya’s path to victory. Nevertheless, despite having difficulties connecting with the first half, it was still cute and I really like that Yuuya is finally owning his position as The Founder of Pendulum Summon.

YGO ARC V Ep 98 Img 0018On the other hand, the second half of the episode had a greater appeal. I think it appealed to me a lot more because not only Yuzu has some sassy moments while calling Jean Rogers out on his cowardice, but we finally get to see Reiji actively involved again. How many episodes has it been since we have actually seen Reiji fight?  When I think back, I think we have only seen Reiji actually duel three or four times throughout the entire series- and I am referring to full duels, not little in between ones with hardly any screen-time. Now he will be engaged in a duel against Jean Rogers, who is losing his mind- and yapping on about how he’s invincible and all that BS. But, I have enough faith in Reiji to know, while he is being challenged for once, Reiji will definitely will beat him- or at least I am super confident about it. I would be shocked if it were to lose- solely to give Yuuya room to fight, which would be super unnecessary since Yuuya just had his epic duel with the King.

YGO ARC V Ep 98 Img 0013Speaking of the King…. As he has been defeated, he no longer holds the title- but at the same time, the board announces their disbandment, and by doing so- everyone is equal. This part had be scratching my head a bit, but whatever I don’t care about that anymore, the Synchro Realm is almost over- thank goodness… (But wait! What about Yuugo now?!?!? Will he join them? I wonder if he can… We haven’t seen him since the crazy shit happened when he was up against Yuuri.) but it seems that now Jack is just a person and will go back to doing whatever he was doing beforehand- actually you know what, he probably going to want to have some tea.

Lastly, Jean Roger’s desperate back up plan was super predictable. I saw this coming weeks ago. Jean Roger is attempting to use Yuzu as a bargaining chip to be a part of Academia once more.

Next week, it will be a one hour special featuring Episode 99 & 100!!!! WOOOOOO! See you next week!

Random Note of the Week: WAIT, JAEGER HE IS IN THIS CITY?!?!?! I wonder if that means we might see Yusei working in a garage somewhere on D-Wheels.

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  1. // Furthermore, I was disappointed with how quickly the duel ended. I was actually hoping it would at least take up an entire episode because it felt so short. //
    *Coughs* This duel had been dragged on for 2 episodes already, and EVERYONE are 99.9% certain that Yuya would roll over RDA Tyrant with Nirvana’s Pendulum effect with OEPD delivering the finishing blow even before the episode was aired. But this duel is certainly one of the best duels ever in any Yugioh anime especially seeing those “weak” monsters Grand-Slammed RDA Tyrant with Nirvana’s Pendulum effect (yep it’s OP as hell) it rings the bell of Yusei tending to beat Jack with low-Level monsters! (If you’re sharp enough, not just Yeager, you can even spot Rua & Ruka’s friend Tenpei on a skyscraper too!)
    So the main points of the episode: Yuya finally made the whole City EGAO & Jack got rekted (YUGO gonna be salty about this), Yeager actually APPEARED (WTF didn’t expect that!), Gallager got arrested, Council oldies turned sane (They disbanded themselves without making their stance on Academia’s threat -_-), JEAN MICHEL ROGER totally went nuts (how the hell did he beat Sora & Tsukikage?) & REIJI with his time to shine arrives plz eradicate this maniac for the love of God!!
    P.S. Episode 99 & 100 will air as a 1-hour special next week as the arc moves on to Heartland (and YUTO stop dying plz resurrect already). “THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!!”- JEAN MICHEL ROGER??!! ARE U F**KING KIDDING ME THAT’S HILARIOUS XXDD
    The REAL downside of the Synchro arc: YUGO being treated as a non-relevant character that interacted with VERY few other characters & still couldn’t shine in his hometown, also he will stay in the City after this arc according to some sources, meaning NO MORE YUGO in future episodes, not even when Arc V is truly heating up 😛 (All of a sudden I wanted to join the Commons’ riot & raise the pro-Speedroid banner-wait, the riot’s been settled already…)

    1. Ah you’re right >_<;;;; sorry that slipped my mind. I have rephrased it. Yes I absolutely agree with you, I am disappointed how Yuugo did not have bigger and more involved role. 🙁 I'm hoping for a miracle he will somehow join the Lancers. :\ Not holding my breath for it though...

  2. I feel you, Yuya’s dueling style changed because he uses more solid plays and acts more confident, but from his entertainer side I saw nothing new, so I too, felt a bit disappointed.
    Roger needs to buy a stock of burn heal, I got really annoyed that they recaptured Yuzu after just rescuying her an episode ago, but all the burn was worth it, I think it was the third time right?(first during her speech in the Jack vs Sergey, then her body slamming him and now telling he is a coward and a loser)
    Counting with his duel agaisnt Jean it’s the fourth official, full screen duel Reiji had, his first duel was agaisnt Yuya, then agaisnt Barret, then agaisnt Yuya again and now with Jean, for a rival he duels fairly rare.
    I want to laugh at the resolution, the council says that now the populace will decide if they will fight in the dimensional conflict but how? They didn’t even tell them about the Dimension Wars! How the hell are they going to be prepared now if they have no clue about that and when all the system collapsed now? You want me to believe that they will quickly re-do the system from scratch in such a short time? The council was disbanded, the leader of Security(Roger) will be dealt with and there will be no figure of authority unless you take Jack or Tokumatsu in consideration and Jack wasn’t briefed about this War.
    …Ugh, well, my complains aside, I think Jean’s VA must be having loads of fun with his character, I think my sides were obliterated when he said Yuya’s catchphrase while his sanity was crumbling away haha!

  3. Even though the duel did look good, I honestly felt that most of the citizens behavior afterwards or during the duel quite believable like Shinji and the rest of the Tops/Commons. Without of doubt the second half of the episode was what I like best with how brave and fierce Yuzu is with calling out Jean as a whole. My one main thing is I kinda hope they don’t send her to Academia, I feel like it be a bit too soon and at least try to show her perspective of Xyz before Fusions.

  4. I disagree with Yuya’s charming entertainment way being disconnected here, i utterly exploded with joy when he said it and admittedly i was tense (so i understand why you may not have been as excited) because he tried it two times before in the tournament and they took a dark twist in Crow’s duel and utterly failed earlier in the duel with jack! And someone said that his entertainer side hadn’t changed i disagree… I don’t remember a time before this duel where he actively had the crowd involved, at least not to the scale he had here! All beforehand, his way of entertaining the crowds was to get all eyes on him for them to watch in awe of his dueling. That is a fun entertainment but people have the most fun when they feel like they’re actively particpating in an event which is what Yuya did here. He has evolved enough to manipulate the audience to become involved within his own dueling and make them feel included which brings smiles to anyone who loves dueling!
    On Yuzu, i absolutely agree that she is a fearless Queen unafraid to tell it straight to Roger! Although I must admit it was also a bit stupid considering the fact that Roger has pretty much gone off the deep end of his sanity and so is a little unpredictable. So aggravating him really isn’t the best idea despite how satisfying her truth burns were, he could REALLY hurt her if enough wrong buttons were pushed! I nearly screamed in fear when he shoved her against the wall and when he took her collar i thought he was going to choke her!
    So yeah Yuzu is a stupid and brave Queen!

    1. To be fair with all she pretty much been through with Jean at first not thinking of how dangerous it was in the first place with Sergey facing Yuzu with how it nearly killed her and a second time with sending him again to retrieve despite it working, I’d say it is reckless/truthful but it basically shows that no matter what Jean does(despite losing it in general) with Yuzu it’s a massive lose-lose situation for him especially if he wants to get back to Academia but that’s only my thought on it. Even if he does hurt her it’ll end up biting him in the ass with how much Leo needs her alive and unharmed, even Yuuri(who’s known to be messed up) sane enough to see that going anything lethal is a big no-no.

      1. I agree that it shows to prove to Roger how he is trapped in a lose-lose situation but it’s still rather silly of her to provoke him while in that state because it was very possible that he’d hurt her despite her value in the heat of the moment!
        But hey i don’t mind! It proves that Yuzu ain’t a damsel! Insane kidnapper who could possible knock your block off? Pfft! Who care if its a stupid thing to do!? ‘I will lay the cold hard truths in his face no matter when because i am Badass Entertainment Queen Yuzu!’
        It may be stupid but at least she’s not pining to be saved all the time!

        1. In all seriousness does anybody not notice that Rua & Ruka’s friend Tenpei can be seen on a skyscraper? Also nobody seems to take note of the “straight flush” (poker reference) of Yuya’s Pendulums on RDA Tyrant because the order is Level 3 (Timebreaker)> 4 (Radish Horse)> 5 (Rubber Mutton)> 6 (Bubbulldog)> 7 (OEPD) (heck THE MAN himself named it STRAIGHT PENDULUM)? Agreed on Yuzu being badass despite in such helpless situation, at least the writers didn’t turn her into another Aki!
          P.S. Poor Jack Atlas just can’t escape the fate of being owned by weakling monsters :p

          1. I noticed him! I thought i was the only one who saw him, but i couldnt for the life of me remember his name! It’s been AGES since i last saw 5ds so the minor character’s names kind of escape me!
            And i thought that ‘Straight Pendulum’ thing was obvious to anyone that it was a reference to poker!

    2. For all the shit Yuya went through (being hated by the Commons, sending people into slavery, losing Yuzu repeatedly, losing Dennis and Serena, going to prison, being held against his will in the Duel Palace, being harassed by Roger, getting shat on by Shinji, having Jack insult him and his style constantly, going into Berserk Mode and being chained up), this episode serves as the nicest love letter to Yuya. Everyone and everything finally recognizes him and cheers him on, he’s finally earned everyone’s respect. All that horrible crap lead up to this shining moment, where the City is drowning in cheers for Yuya, just desserts I’d say. (Still Yugo got ZERO credit)

  5. Finally, the tiresome Synchro arc has ended. To be honest, I’m kinda satisfied with how the duel went, but still pissed it even happened AT ALL. Nirvana Paladin is kind of an asspull, true, but it’s not like it’s the first time. Remember Beast-Eyes? And really, Nirvana Paladin’s effect was neat. It was a really nice callback to Yuya’s dueling style, and a satisfying way to kill the uberpowered RDA.
    I’m sorry, but the writers jumped the shark when they decided it HAD to end with the duel between Jack and Yuya. Mostly because there was no meaning at all behind it, and it failed spectacularly to give a satisfying closure to the whole classism problem. They spent half an arc building up the fact that you can’t solve everything with card games and smiles, and then ended it with card games and smiles solving everything. Not even a NOD at the huge problem that was the City’s classism. Yuya didn’t even give a speech telling the Tops to give up their discrimination towards the Commons, and the Commons to try and let go of their hatred towards the Tops, and work towards building a new City without classes, where everyone is equal.
    Nah, just give a pretty show and everyone will be happy.
    I’m honestly VERY angry about this because the Synchro Arc tackled a huge issue (class struggle) without giving it the respect it deserves, using it ONLY as a plot device for Yuya to become better at card games.
    At least, the second part of the episode was closer to what I like in the show. Roger was hilariously nuts, and Reiji was unbelievably cool. Finally, we can get away from this magnificent failure that was the Synchro arc. I hope the Xyz arc will be better.

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