Ace Attorney Ep 3 [ No longer in Animated GIF format! ]

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This week begins the trial of Mayoi / Maya for the murder of her sister Chihiro. I will warn everyone who comes into the anime that this series loves to accuse Mayoi of every crime. I would honestly not be surprised if they came up with an original case of a banana mugger and somehow Mayoi was accused of being the criminal because she ate a banana once in her childhood. The story focuses on retelling a supposed witness account from a woman who was in a nearby building across the way. You can recall her from last week inviting Naruhodo the ‘bellboy’ for some wine. This character has a Japanese name but I love to refer to her by her punnier name- April May. April May is sort of a bimbo and uses that to win the hearts of the court. (This happens a lot with pretty girls, thanks corrupt judicial systems!)

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April claims to have seen Mayoi kill her sister. I admit it is far creepier seeing the witness testimony animated so that we actually see Mayoi ‘killing’ her sister, it provides a lot of eerie imagery and does a better job at the implication that ooooh what if they did it? We all kniow Mayoi is innocent but it will be very interesting when we get down the road to more . . . interesting characters who aren’t quite as savory as she is.

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What is horribly ironic is that Naruhodo seems to legitimately have stolen items from April’s room in order to incriminate her. Because this happens in the game, though it could loosely be seen as just records of it we all know he took it otherwise no way Edgeworth would let it into court, I can forgive it. Still, it is hilarious seeing a lawyers morals be ‘No crime! But stealing evidence is cool.’ Makes Edgeworth’s fudgery of records and changing autopsies seem a little less fishy, but at least Naruhodo’s evidence is legitimate. Most of the time. Lookin’ at you Apollo Justice!


Thanks to evidence, Naruhodo is able to extend the investigation. What he decides to do next, however, is what really unseals the case. Naruhodo pays a visit to the man who Chihiro had been investigating, who I will also call by his punny english name, Redd White. From what it seems, and what we hear from Chihiro’s former boss, White has been blackmailing individuals everywhere in order to keep them quiet. For reasons we won’t find out until much much later, Chihiro was very serious about investigating him and getting to the bottom of his blackmail. Naruhodo confronts him only for the story to take quite a turn: White accuses HIM of being the murderer and has him arrested! Suddenly the one in jail, can Naruhodo possibly win his own case against Reiji, who seems like he’ll stop at nothing to win?!

Well, here’s hoping, I’m way too invested in this show to spoil the surprise for you.

That being said,

THAT FINGER WAG THOUScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.41.23 AM



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