Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 14: Secret Identity




This is the definition of going from 0 to 100. @_@ All of a sudden Kayano is the cute one in the corner always hanging out with Nagisa, and then…that happens. To be honest it came out of left field but I should have seen this coming! She has green hair for shit’s sake, that means something in anime! That’s protagonist hair. But I didn’t think about it too much because she was always quiet and never really stood out much like the others, so I never thought that Kayano was anything more than just one of the girls. But then all of a sudden tentacles come out of the back of her neck and shit runs wild.

assclass14.22So Kayano Kaede isn’t her name. She reveals herself to be Akari Yukimura, the younger sister of Aguri Yukimura, after she attempted to kill Koro-sensei. This is the name of the woman we kept seeing from Koro-sensei’s mini flashbacks. She calls him a murderer and she swears she’s going to kill him next time, and she’ll be fair and give him the time and place, and she leaves. We suddenly get thrown into this Akari girl’s life. She’s actually an actress, and she purposely enrolled herself into the E-Class to face Koro-sensei. Before this, she had been walking to where her sister was, but then the building collapsed. Akari was able to get in because she’s small, and for a slight moment she was able to see Koro-sensei escape, with blood on his tentacles. Then she saw before her the dead body of her older sister. Aguri, even for only two weeks, was actually the homeroom teacher of the E-Class, and hearing from the students she was sweet, passionate, and just a wonderful person. Beside her sister’s dead body, there was a note from Koro-sensei saying that he would take over as the teacher of the E-Class. Probably a promise he made to Aguri for some reason.

assclass14.15Akari was devastated and swore revenge against him, and so she reached out and took one of the vials that lay before her sister’s corpse. A liquid that had the cells to implant into humans that would make the tentacles. She decided what she would do. So taking her skills as an actress, she played the part of a meek and frail transfer student who was easily able to fit in with everyone. She dyed her hair, tied it up, and gave herself the name Kayano Kaede, the name of a character from a TV movie she played. She injected herself with the tentacle cells, and like we saw with Itona, she was going through excruciating pain, but her mental state filled with hatred and revenge was stronger and she was able to keep her act. She always stuck with Nagisa because her murderous intent was always masked by his.

And now she found the time to kill Koro-sensei, and it looked like she was working with Shiro behind everyone’s backs. But she’s decided she’ll kill him her own way, even if it means her own life being lost. And in the end of the episode, we are thrown into this amazing fight. Akari’s body is burning, so much that she makes her tentacles make flames. But Itona knows that the way she’s fighting, she’s going to die soon.

What in the world! I seriously didn’t expect any of this, but I’m so glad that we’re finally delving into Koro-sensei’s backstory! Which is what I’ve wanted since…the beginning. Akari played her part well because I didn’t suspect a thing, as well as none of the other kids. And I feel bad for Nagisa because he looks the most hurt of all the students, as he considered “Kayano” to be one of his closest friends. But was it really all an act? I know Koro-sensei didn’t kill Aguri, it’s probably going to be something cliche like something went wrong with this bio weapon they were producing that ended up killing her. So I’m just wondering if Akari/Kayano will be saved. We haven’t really gotten deaths in this show, so she most likely will.


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  1. It came from the brilliant manga writing which is set up to the finish! Get used to it. I dont want to hear plot twist again. Please I am not angry with you but more of a correction / counterpoint

    I wonder if an anime like Assassination Classroom Season which follows the manga very closely
    and gets questioned as if the anime production team just threw this in as a plot twist is very wrong. I knew almost a year ago that Kaede was Akari Yukimura. / younger sister of Aguri Yukimura and the original Class-E teacher.

    There are a lot of animes following the source material closely which I think is commendable.

    The manga readers keep quiet about the spoilers then the anime gets dissed because the reviewer is almost want to impress their idea of how the show should go ?

    Wrong I have found this to be an amazing manga to anime Get used to the wow factor because that was just a warm-up to the finish which will conclude with the ——— ending!

    I know another blog site where you could post the author was reminded that it happened in the manga.

    If a reviewer is going to be critical because of a plot twist some infro-check should be used just IMO

    BTW this wasnt sprung at the last moment / in fact after reading the manga / watching the sub / then dub there are already hints to the ending. The author had all this planned out he should get a reward for writing. As he carefully laid out the ending.

    You should be happy it following the theme of blank Time Titles it’s a countdown

    Fans who didnt read the manga actually thought this was stunning but excellent direction.

    1. You used a lot of words to say few things. I also made a rude post towards another reviewer a while ago so maybe I’m not the best person to say this but still:
      This is a plot twist, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to hear it again, Berry has the right to use that word, because that’s what it was.
      Also, where was this review critical? You’re seeing things that aren’t there.
      And you can just tell another person “you should be happy because x”? Well, in that case, you should be happy with this review and shut the hell up.

    2. Funnily enough I never actually used the words “plot twist” but in my opinion I think it is. I saw that many people were surprised of this revelation as there were no hints that this would happen. I DO think it came out of nowhere. Though I wasn’t very critical in my review, I could have said things like “I wish there were more hints and that this wasn’t brought up abruptly” but I was actually going to leave that for later. I didn’t think the mangaka did this because he had to somehow move the plot along, I’m sure he had everything planned out but it was too abrupt.

      I still did like this turn of events though.

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