Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 15: Confession

My heart goes out to the victims of the earthquake in Japan. This is why this episode has been delayed for so long but I just hope everyone gets through all right. My heart also goes to Ecuador, and being Latina myself and knowing how shitty the governments are over there, I know things aren’t good. I hope for the best.

Finally things are coming full circle in this show because I’ve been begging for this since the very beginning. We still didn’t get everything yet but thank you, I needed this or I was going to go crazy.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 15 [1080p].mkv0019Of course the first half of the episode we still had to deal with “Kayano’s” rampage (I don’t know what to call her). Koro-sensei is having a hard time and everyone knows that if Kayano goes any longer in this fight that she’s going to die. Making an afterimage of his face, Koro-sensei tells the students that he’s going to let Kayano strike his weak spot, his heart. Then he wants the students to help Kayano weaken her bloodlust somehow so while she’s distracted, her can quickly take out her tentacles without damaging her. There’s no other way to stop her other than that so the students are trying their hardest to think of something to help her. None of them can, but Nagisa thought of something. When Koro-sensei was struck, he grabbed Kayano and restrained her. We then see Nagisa walk up to her and then…I can’t even say it was a simple kiss. It was a full on French kiss, a make out session, with tongue and everything! Damn Nagisa! Naturally the students freaked out and so did I, and Kayano gets so flustered that she passes out, and Koro-sensei uses that time to remove the tentacles.

After the fight he’s pretty hurt, and Kayano falls unconscious. Shiro arrives and has someone next to him shoot at Koro-sensei. It turns out, Shiro is someone Koro-sensei knows. A genius scientist named Yanagisawa. He has ill feelings and plans to kill him but he leaves after. At that time Kayano wakes up and explains that at first she had blood lust for Koro-sensei but as time went on with everyone in the classroom, her blood lust waned. And so she can finally stop acting.

So then we move on to Koro-sensei’s past as he explains to them all now that Kayano is awake. While I knew that Koro-sensei’s past would be a bit predictable, I was surprised by something. He was the Reaper! And the guy that we knew as the Reaper was actually Koro-sensei’s student that betrayed him and took his name. Well that was surprising! I didn’t expect that but that piece of information was presented to us so quickly that I wished to know more about Koro-sensei’s relationship with the fake Reaper and why he was betrayed. I’m going to guess that this was explained more in the manga and the anime had to rush things. At least I hope.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 15 [1080p].mkv0064Koro-sensei used to be smokin hot! He was a total bishie and actually pretty cool. He grew up in the slums and knew only one thing to be the truth, that if you killed someone they’d be dead (are they following the Fate meme?). So Koro-sensei as a human turned to become an assassin. He killed so many people that he was soon given the name of the Reaper. But things happened where he was captured and was taken to the lab where Kayano’s sister worked. Koro-sensei was to be put under human experimentation every hour of every day by Yanagisawa, with Aguri checking his vitals and all that. These are all things we knew before. He was put under experimentation and looked after by Aguri, and that these experiments all caused Koro-sensei to turn to what he is right now.

What’s most important from this is the relationship between human Koro-sensei and Aguri. For one thing, I feel horrible for Aguri. She was actually engaged with Yanagisawa! And he’s gross and abusive towards her, yelling at her, saying hurtful things, and hitting her over the head with the clipboard. And he says he’s only marrying her because of her father’s position. And for some reason she looks okay with all this? Don’t know why. But she’s the one that looks after Koro-sensei, and soon she and he formed a nice little friendship. But Aguri was actually being used by Yanagisawa. With seeing the changes in Koro-sensei’s body, Yanagisawa had purposely put Aguri in the room with him just to test his malice, and see if he would actually kill someone if he lost control or tried making a run for it. Basically, Aguri would be a sacrifice to whatever action would take place.

What a sick asshole!

I like Aguri and Koro-sensei’s little frienship, and knowing what happens later, well…it sucks it had to end so horribly. This is all we got from the backstory so far, and next episode we’re going to see Koro-sensei turn into what he is now, and exactly how the accident happened. We all know the outcome, but we’ll at least see how it happened. Also, what the two friends promised each other before they were separated.

I still can’t get over that Koro-sensei used to be hot and not weird. Wow.


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One thought on “Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 15: Confession”

  1. Thanks for that Nice review / I knew you wiuld get used to the revelations

    Oh yes those poor people in both countries / It seems Japan is more prepared

    And the last time we had a chat about the manga which I thought the writer was brilliant /

    This and 4 others are up for the equilavent of the Oscars for the Eisner awards in International prmt North America .Before Stan Lee Eisner was a pioneer in Comics / The winners et announced at Comi-Con no small fear. Regardless I am happy he got an nomination

    In a way I am excited to see the anime finish but wiil be sad at the same time. Just be prepared for a wild ride

    It’ a shame about Aguri she was such a good person. Yanagisawa is just evil.

    Koro was willing to die instead of Kaede. Koro was bad but his hits were probally bad people too!

    But he said the day in March he will die or the class will kill him in no uncertain terms.

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