Midoriya is going to inherit All Might’s power. Because All Might’s quirk is a special quirk that can be passed to another person All Might reveals that his quirk was actually given to him. He wasn’t born with a Quirk or at least, not this one. It’s funny to see that the best hero of all time wasn’t born with his quirk. It makes the whole message of the show stronger:  not being born with natural abilities doesn’t stop you from doing great things. Hard work always pays off: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”- Colin Powell

Do I look more intelligent when I quote famous people?
No? ….
I knew I should have put this quote on a scenery picture written in white with a fancy font… 

Anyway, All Might’s quirk is called One for All and he’s ready to give it to Midoriya because this kid freaking deserves it. Back there, when he took the initiative to save Bakugou from the Jelly Monster he was more heroic than all the heroes reunited.
However, since One for All is a powerful quirk, Midoriya needs to train his body because he’s too weak to host it. If his body is not strong enough, the quirk will destroy him. As a training All Might tells him to restore the view of a beach filled with garbage. It’s also a hero duty to do civic actions like that.

vlcsnap-2016-04-17-12h53m39s331Furthermore, All might is also going to help Midoriya pass the Yuei entrance exam in ten months. He gives Midoriya an hard training schedule,  listing what he has to eat, when does he need to sleep and so on. But even if the training is really tough, Midoriya is not giving up, after all he dreamed about this all his life and is really close to reach his goal. In the meantime he continues to go to classes where everyone, even the teacher (nice teacher to make fun of students by the way) is still making fun of him except Bakugou who remains silent. Because Baekugou knows that making fun of Midoriya or bullying him won’t stop him from being a hero anymore. That maybe why he stopped bullying Midoriya since the Jelly monster incident.

So Midoriya trains hard until he vomits, Rocky Balboa style. Actually, his training is quite similar to Rocky’s one when he’s destroying garbage running and stuff while Eye of the Tiger is playing in the background. Knowing that there’s a lot of pop culture references in the manga it wouldn’t be that surprising if the author actually meant to make references to Rocky with Midoriya’s training scene.

Midoriya looks like he’s been following the training schedule carefully but he was actually overdoing things. All Might tells him then to chill a bit, overdoing it won’t help him. Midoriya is more determined than ever, he hasn’t forgotten his aim and wants to become the greatest hero like All Might. He knows that he has to work twice harder than anyone else but he’s not afraid and does his best every day.
On the day of the entrance exam Midoriya is done with his 10 month training and managed to clean the view of the beach, even where All might didn’t tell him to clean. So he succeed and went beyond All Might’s expectations. Also, now he has a solid 6 pack thanks to his hard work. Since he succeed, All Might his ready to grant him his power, the power that he earned thanks to his own effort.

vlcsnap-2016-04-17-13h00m22s737Later that day, ready to meet his destiny Midoriya trips and fall in front of the entrance of Yueii Academy. He’s saved by a girl who’s apparently really cute and friendly. Midoriya is happy that he talked to her even if  he actually did not talk at all. It was his first time talking to a girl… That’s adorable… Midoriya my son…he’s precious.

There’s a sort of lecture presenting the exam done by a hero who I will name Flop-man since he only does flops. Every times he speaks and ask the audience to responds there’s a long awkward silence. I would have felt so bad if this kind of stuff happened to me… It’s hilarious though, he seems quite used to it.
He explains them that they are going to be dispatched in different battle fields and will have to fight some monsters in order to gain some points. But since Deku received All Might’s power just before the entrance exam he did not have the chance to try it out so that might become problematic and affect his performance. However, he’s not troubled about that and is excited to finally have the chance to show what he’s made of. He’s not in the same battlefield as Bakugou which pisses Bakugou off since he can’t crush Midoriya. Oh well, Bakugou my little king of explodokills, chill a bit, attacking other heroes is penalized by the rules but it’s not like Bakugou cares about rules.

We are also slightly introduced to  Iida, the Megame kun of the show who thinks he noticed a mistake in the syllabus of the exam and shows us that  he is particularly fond of rules and discipline. Almost like a class President (͡• ͜໒ ͡• ) ifyaknowwhaddamean

Next week, finally the entrance exam aha! That’s going to be great, I’m hoping good animation for the fights. I also want to see the rest of the cast animated… Especially Todoroki  because I’m a fan girl. But Bakugou remains the best anyway (͡• ͜໒ ͡• ).

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