Being Yomo is suffering.

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So it’s confirmed that Yomo is Touka’s uncle. I’m sure they’ve said it before (most likely during the early arcs set at Anteiku) but for some reason I’ve always taken that fact with a little disbelief. I don’t know why, maybe I’ve always seen it as part of the cover story Touka has set up in order to live properly in the human world. With this confirmation a lot of things make sense, like how Yomo was concerned with taking Touka (and Hinami) away from Anteiku right before the CCG raid. We do know that Narukami was made from Yomo’s sister (I had to double-check the old manga for that – Yomo yells at Arima to give his sister back when Arima used Narukami on him during their first encounter) but I don’t think it was ever explicitly confirmed that Yomo’s sister was Touka and Ayato’s mother Hikari. Yomo did use the same swirling ukaku attack that Ayato has done before, but that could have always just been a generic ukaku thing.

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This means that the CCG have pretty much fucked up the entire extended Kirishima family. It’s a wonder that Touka doesn’t hold more hate for them than she’s displayed (to them specifically that is, instead of just humans in general). Arata has become the kakuja quinque Arata (and is still likely barely kept alive as a kakuhou farm) and Hikari was turned into Narukami. Will Arima catch them all, and complete the ukaku family set with Touka, Ayato and Yomo? Will he be the very best, like no-one ever was? Oh wait.

Heh. Anyway, at the time of writing Chapter 71 has just been released, so it’s confirmed that Yomo is indeed alive – it was dubious from just the last panel of Chapter 70 alone, since Narukami could have either cleanly gone through the middle of his neck, or just grazed the bottom of it under his mask. It’s the latter, thankfully. Their chances of survival are pretty dubious though, seeing as they’re fighting Squad Zero after all – it’s a little odd that Ayato has the ability to casually talk about rescuing Hinami while killing a freaking Squad Zero member (they should all be First-Class at least, if we go by Hairu as a standard-bearer). And Ishida really needn’t remind us that this entire operation, which has ended up with Ayato in bad books with Aogiri and the three remaining Kirishima family members in dire peril, was kind of useless because Hinami has already been rescued by Kaneki. Speaking of which, here’s best girl reminding us why she is so best.

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She kind of looks like she has a bikaku there. And I’m not sure why she has enough strength to use her kagune – actually, I know why. It’s because she’s too perfect. I don’t care, if it means she has an easier time leaving Cochlea alive I’ll allow it. Furuta looked like he was just playing with Kaneki the entire time though – it’s like he was going to kill Kaneki if he happened to be weak enough to get caught out by one of Furuta’s attacks, but it felt like Furuta wasn’t going to particularly strained lengths to make a genuine attempt at stopping him. He could certainly get up again if he wanted to, there’s no way a V member is as weak as to go down just by being stabbed through the stomach. Or maybe this is just his attempt to make it seem like he tried his best to defeat Kaneki for the cameras in order to maintain his cover. That Matsumae-effective thumb attack seems to be a favourite, though.