YGO ARC V Ep 102 Img 0007After a week off, this episode was bummer because virtually nothing happened, except for the fact Yuuya got his ass kicked. And by the time Yuuto finally came up with a plan to try and reach out to him with his Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon, (gee, that too you long enough! You should’ve thought of that from the get go!) Shun comes waltzing in as if nothing was happening just flat out says, ‘Dude, it’s cool man. He is my comrade.’ – which was awesome finally hear since it took him a while before he could bring himself to trust Yuuya. But, the second he mentions Yuuya’s surname, Sakai, Kaito has this ‘what-did-you-say?!’ moment and poofs out like a magician, but not before shouting, “I WORK WITH NOBODY!” Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect any specific outcome for the duel, (and if any it was bound to be Yuuya’s loss), but it felt as though someone just walked through the door and declared, ‘ALRIGHT SHUN IS BACK, PARTY OVER, GO HOME!’ and the whole room or in this case the audience just falls silent and thinks to themselves, ‘That’s it? That’s how they wrap it up?’.

YGO ARC V Ep 102 Img 0003And that’s it. That’s the episode. Yuuya tried his hardest to persuade Kaito he is not the enemy, but tough luck the guy isn’t going to buy it. You can’t blame him, especially after what Academia had done. With this in mind, I really hope Yuuya and Yuuto will be teaming up more efficiently in the future. They can do each other a lot of good, which was highlighted in this duel, where Yuuto told Yuuya to use Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon’s monster effect so that he can finally summon Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon. Right there showed us (besides the fact Kaito was dominating him) Yuuya still has a lot of growing left to do. But perhaps my favourite part was how Yuuto called out and Yuuya later acknowledge the fact, he and Jack were able to successfully communicate because they shared the same goal, bringing peace to the city. This is incredibly important because like Kaito, Academia does not share the same goals nor sentiments as Yuuya and the rest of the gang. Yuuya will need to find another way to get through them, because finding common grounds is not going to be an easy one, let alone a feasible feat.

When Shun finally made his appearance, much to my surprise, he wasn’t alone. He had two kids beside him- I wonder who they are. We might have to wait an extra week though because the next episode is going to the Fusion World where Academia resides- and poor Yuzu is stranded there. BUT NEVER FEAR! ASUKA IS HERE! (I KNOW IT’S YOU GIRL!!!!!!! YOU BETTER BE ON THE GOOD SIDE DAMN IT!)



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  1. Becs

    I agree that it wasnt as exciting an episode as we were hoping… I did like how Yuto and Yuya were communicating together and all that throughout the duel. He didnt do any of that in the previous arc so its nice to see it.
    My heart melted a little when Shun acknowledged Yuya as his comrade… especially since he didnt trust him at all at the beginning including the trust issues he still kind of has. And actually it was also kind of strange considering Shun and Yuya hardly interacted in the Synchro arc, so i guess he decided to trust yuya from both Yuto’s words and Yuya’s actions.
    And i think with Kaito recognising Yuya’s last name… i think Yusho will likely appear soon!
    But yeah, with next week! it’s Asuka girl!! I think she’ll be good! I’m betting on it!

    1. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

      “I think she’ll be good! I’m betting on it!”
      What, you never watched GX before? Of cuz she’s good, her Cyber Angels will fit pretty well with Yuzu’s Melodius monsters, but hope the writers will make Asuka more relevant in Arc V cuz she was turned into a damsel-in-distress that contributed NOTHING later on in GX :p

      1. Eva

        XD I think most people (including Becs) is aware of that, but ya never know with AUs right? 😉

      2. Becs

        yeah, i do remember someone pointing out that she had potential but the story of GX just made her… there! She wasn’t really that relevant, as much as i like her if she had been removed from the storyline i doubt a lot would be missing…
        Hopefully Arc-V will change that! 😉
        Never doubt that i have watched all the yugioh series to date excluding season 0, but my memory is patchy at places cos it has been a while! But main reason is there was a slight worry she was on the enemies side was cos one of my mates speculated she may be an enemy… which i vehemently doubted! But you know… fears do creep up on you. I’m confident however she’s on our Queen’s side!

        1. Eva

          Well it has been a LONGGG time since DM, GX and 5DS aired xD

  2. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    Correction Eva: It is SAKAKI, not SAKAI :p
    Back to the episode: Oh great, for the TRILLIONTH time Yuya bailed his sorry ass with a bloody Action Card, such a pathetic excuse for one who was just crowned as Synchro Dimension’s new King (in all honesty that match could’ve easily been Jack’s victory too had it not for the Action Cards Yuya used) cuz he couldn’t even land a single damage to Kaito, who once again proved how OP he is (especially with him summoning 2 copies of (original) GECD)! YUTO again impressed in this duel especially with that join chant of Dark Rebellion’s summoning, Shun oh crap, seriously wanna see Kaito beat the crap out of Yuya but then him claiming Yuya as his comrade…
    Oh poor Yuzu, next episode she ended up being at the Fusion Dimension that she wanted to avoid the most (I already knew that) but ASUKA the Cyber goddess to her rescue?!! Sweet, let’s see how it unfolds!

    1. Eva

      Same reaction towards the Action Card, it was SO PREDICTABLE, I knew EXACTLY when he was going to go for it. COME ON YUUYA, YOU CAN BE BETTER THAN THAT!

  3. Sanokal

    Not as exciting as the previous episode’s duel, but still enjoyable – OH GOD YES, HE HAS TWO CIPHER DRAGONS!
    I honestly am wondering whether this season is going to be a slog. Surely Zuzu and Alexis will end up in Xyz eventually, right? Argh! This season is so damn vague!

    1. Eva

      Since I didn’t watch ZEXAL completely I was like, “OMFG HE HAS TWO CIPHER DRAGONS!!!” LMAO!!
      I would hope they will somehow get back to XYZ realm, not to mention Reiji and the others are STILL stuck in the Synchro world- unless that machine acts up and splits them up again (they will most likely just all jump in regardless).

      1. elior1

        i glad alexix still will use her monsters from gx by her monster in the preview and her deck wont change

      2. Sanokal

        Well, I’m personally hoping that they make a short trip to Standard to make Zuzu some pendulums if they haven’t already. Hopefully they had the know-how to deactivate that machine – the last thing we need is the City merging with Heartland…actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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