Ace Attorney Episode 7 [Prosecutor and Defense Attorney]

Naruhodo and Mayoi must prove their client innocent, and now they even have a viable suspect, but can they do it [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 07 [720p].mkv_20160514_103413with such limited evidence? Today the producer of Steel Samurai comes to the stand in order to testify, but well, if this lady doesn’t just give off the air of ‘I might be the evil villain of this case but where’s your proof’ then you might as well just wait 15 minutes because that’s basically how the entire case sounds. The games also did this a lot: basically never making the Prosecution have to give an actually logical motive as long as they have like a random handkerchief, but the Defense better be able to prove everything. This is actually important because the system is supposed to be a trope of how reality is, rather the opposite. While someone in our society (especially American society) has the legal right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, it’s not quite so in this world.

Incidentally, I feel just as bad for Naruhodo as I did myself in the games. The difference was I could stare at the [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 07 [720p].mkv_20160514_101533evidence for hours if need be before they stopped giving me a chance. Invest in a pause button, duh! What really makes this case however isn’t really the villain, but how the villain is stopped: Reiji steps in. Yes, freaking EDGEWORTH steps in to help his friend (who he has been nothing but tsun tsun towards) we have all seen in the show he has someone to answer to: but he is still prompted to step up and ask questions that only help the defense.

What is strange to me here is that basically later games almost seem to contradict the ideas that this case does. [HorribleSubs] Ace Attorney - 07 [720p].mkv_20160514_103828Vasquez is worried about being proven guilty, but in later games the concept of self defense seems like a big no- you don’t want to let someone off with just that. Is there implication that she could be let off, and if so why would she fight that? To avoid certain other charges we see in the episode? Still, the details are very interesting and you should watch to see just how this murder plays out: it’s hot damn interesting. I also am slightly attracted to Vasquez woops.

After the case is won, in an even MORE epic finger point (stop raising the bar so much or the final finger point of the show won’t live up to this!), Edgeworth tells Phoenix he never wants to see him again. This of course means he will see him again next episode, and if the preview is any indication, well, hahahahaha. See you in Court Edgeworth. Not to mention, I kind of love Oldbag now. That character growth tho.


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