Mahou Tsukai Precure Ep 15 & 16

Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 15

Finally a tiny bit of plot relevancy! Haa-chan went on a rebellion streak after Mira, Riko and Moforun neglected to give her the attention she needed. As result Haa-chan took it upon herself to somehow be fed, and by doing so the smartome gave her an abundance of delicacies from each Linklestone. Haa-chan happily ate the entire buffet set before her, but as result she suddenly starts transforming into various forms based on each of the Linklestones. My favourite was the Moon Linklestone, because peagasus Haa-chan is the cutest thing ever. In fact, I found every single one of her transformations freaking adorable. But besides the visual appeal, it makes me excited to find out how Haa-chan will be able to use this power and as she continues to grow.

However Haa-chan’s transformations did not slip under the enemy’s radar, in fact it was what got her onto the radar in the face place. Before Sparda even encountered her, she could sense multiple Linklestones. Then, once she trapped Haa-chan in her webs, she realized there was something suspicious about this fairy as she was able to sense multiple Linklestones presence directly from her- that is until the magic died down and Haa-chan was reverted to her original form. On top of that, Sparda’s keen observation is what gave her further details and reasons to be suspicious about the fairy when she saw her go back into her book. And it turns out her final observation was the key to alert Yamoh, as he is the one who seems to have the most knowledge and have most likely either read about it somewhere or possesses knowledge that not even the Headmaster of the Magic Academy knows about.

I have always suspected Haa-chan to be indirectly or directly linked to the Emerald Stone. Her ability to take upon several transformations and wield its power makes me curious of how she will be tied to it. I hope from this point on the story starts moving forward because it’s been stuck in a gridlock for long enough.

Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 16

I’m shocked. I was not expecting Sparda to be out of the game so quickly. It’s so strange to me why she had to be defeated this episode. It excited me to see she was using new powers and she was so upfront about her mission to obtain the smartome, it made it way more fun to watch. Bu no, she had to be truly defeated. Of course the way they had set it up for her to be defeated made sense, she morphed herself with a Covettor, a reckless but also a genius move, her only downfall was the fact she couldn’t properly control her newfound power. It also felt as though they had to remove her from the ‘game’ because it was as though she knew too much about Haa-chan. It is true, she has obtained a lot of information within the last episode, but it saddens me that she only got to really be cool in two episodes, and those two episodes could potentially be her final. I would hope this is not the last of her, especially since Batty kindly picked her up and brought her back to their base.

Speaking of Batty, I was almost sure he was going to participate in this operation and take on the precures int the skies why Sparda pursued them from the rooftops. I will admit though I did cheer when Sparda caught them with her web because I wasn’t expecting it and I cheered, “WOW, NICE CATCH SPARDA!”, which speaks for itself of just how flat out boring this show has become, before last week’s episode (because episode 15 was a good one). I was really hoping to see the two team since we haven’t seen the enemy effectively work in pairs as of yet.

I am really starting to wonder if Haa-chan is the Emerald Linklestone. After all, She is being protected and fed and cared for by the Linklestones they have been collecting. Regardless, Sparda saw something from Haa-chan before she was defeated, she not only sensed her power of assisting the precure (and let’s just all take a moment to let it sink of just how POWERFUL Haa-chan is to have been able to pull that off). There is definitely something going on. And on top of that, they showed us today how Master Dokurokushe possesses a dark tome, and I am now speculating that tome could possibly be a DARK Smartome.

It was a relief to see this episode was a plot filled one, especially after last week’s plot teaser. I was a bit concerned with how this episode was going to play out with the their friends from the Magic World dropping by to visit them. I didn’t particularly care too much about their scenes, except for the parts where we saw Riko realize how much she has fallen behind of her peers during her time in the Non-Magic world. However Monsieur François gave Riko the reassurance she needed by explaining how he studied in the Non-Magic world to learn how to tailor and there are many others do the same for their own reasons, and she will be able to catch up eventually. We also learned (though it’s not really that important) that once Jun graduates she plans to study in the Non-Magic world because it interests her so much. This particular event highlighted how closely tied the two worlds are despite the fact how different their way of life are.

Next week, we are going to learn a bit about Mirai’s grandmother’s past. Either she is a magician or she was friends with one (most likely the latter). I’m not sure how much plot will continue into the next episode, but after this one, it provided me the energy and a bit of motivation needed to continue on.



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  1. eva i think so far by this episode we can say this season has it up and downs. sometime the non plot intresting sometimes not

    1. Sounds like standard Precure, to me. They’re pretty much all like this, to some extent. Some more than others, but this is by no means the worst about it, in my opinion.

  2. I don’t mind the cute fluff, but episode 16 is by far my new favourite. It really had me glued to my seat to see what would happen, especially since it was the first time we’ve seen the consequences of an antagonist’s abilities. I’m convinced that Haa is the Emerald, or at least a manifestation linked to it.

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