Mayoiga Episode 7: [When the Cat is Away, the Mice Will Play Mischief]


There you go, Tokimune was Mitsumune’s twin brother. So basically, Tokimune was what I call, an annoying kid, making noise, running vlcsnap-2016-05-15-10h22m01s700around being a little brat while Mitsumune was living the perfect love with his god damn cute penguin plush. But one day because Tokimune is either really dumb or jealous of the penguin plush (which is almost the same thing) he takes the plush away from his brother and go running on top of a wall. So of course he falls and presumably dies. But the worst part is, the mom goes crazy because of her child’s lost and mistakes Mitsumune for Tokimune. Seeing that his mother is nuts and really sad, Mitsumune plays along. Not to mention the horrible relatives that are also playing along, and doing nothing to help poor Mitsumune who’s identity is being stolen away and who are even mistaking him for his twin at some point. Of course, Tokimune’s death is horrible and a traumatic experience for the mother, but Tokimune was also Mitsumune’s twin. HIS TWIN! I know nothing about relations between twins but there sure is one, plus pretending to be your dead brother is never good for your mental health, I don’t need to be a doctor to see that. This fact combined to maybe the guilt that Mitsumune might have felt, his childhood is quite traumatic. Oh yeah, and the mother completely forgot that she had another child. She completely forgot Mitsumune’s existence and focused only on Tokimune. That also must be hard, to think that your mother cared more about your twin than yourself and has completely forgot your existence?  It is showed even before Tokimune’s death, the mother was more attentive to Tokimune than Mitsumune, even putting Tokimune’s ugly ass drawing on the wall and forgetting about Mitsumune’s one. But none of my babbling about how Mitsumune must have felt  is actually shown, it’s only assumptions that I’m making. So here, I might be trying to make the character more deep than he really is.

The reason why Mitsumune joined the tour was to find a place where he could live happy with people calling him by his real name: Mitsumune. His intentions are quite nobles, I must say. Masaki is touched by Mitsumune’s story and decides to bring him to some place where he would have to face his fears. So the big pingu appears, Mitsumune tries to fight (meaning running straight and shouting like a dying cow) but gets rekt. Apparently to escape the village you need to face your fears and now, it makes sense. I have a quote from Frank Herbert the dude that wrote Dune, that applies quite well to the situation or our lovely douchebag crew. Facing their fears in that tunnel and passing over them to be free from them.“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-Killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to se its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

In the meantime Megane-Kun thinks he has solved the mystery of the village. According to him, Masaki is a ghost who’s trying to bringvlcsnap-2016-05-15-10h36m59s277 everyone else down with her. The monsters that everyone is seeing are based on their fears. They all agree on the point that if they can get rid of the monsters, they will all want to stay here because their life back home is horrible. Like they say, real life is more scary than any monster. Also, the bromance is real for Hayato who’s completely into that “Masaki is evil theory”. To be fair everyone is, and when Mistumune goes back they all think that Masaki has brainwashed him or that she’s using him as bait. They all use Mitsumune to get infos on Masaki and because Mitsumune believes that they are genuinely interested in him he tells them everything. Even Hayato uses him to get infos because I clearly wants to kill the girl to get the boy back. And I thought you were a good friend Hayoto, I’m disappointed…. In the end all you want is the D…

They are all ready for some witch hunt party, they have crosses, salt, fire torches and other stuff. It’s funny to see that they are all pumped for that hunt giving the fact that they HAVE NO PROOF AT ALL! They are all convinced that those monsters will go away if Masaki is gone. They acknowledged the fact that the monsters are linked to their past and personal experiences but also believe that they can get rid of them by killing a girl? I don’t know, something isn’t right here, their way of thinking is waaayyyy to complicated for me. But I’ve already give up on trying to understand those people. Just do your things and let’s end this bullshit quickly.

vlcsnap-2016-05-15-10h42m57s204They manage to capture Masaki and put her on a stake so they are ready to put her on fire while listening to some Alicia Keys. They are actually some people that are doubting the fact that Masaki is a ghost or more generally that she’s the cause of all the shit that is happening.
But yes, Lovepon stays Lovepon, nobody seems to realize that this girl is clearly dangerous and the nobodies of the cast continue to be like ” eeeeh, I don’t know… maybe… should we?”. Honorable mention to the tour guide that says to Koharun to stop being against the fire camp party and to “go with the flow”. GO WITH THE FLOW? GOD I HATE THIS GUY! I HATE HIM MORE THAN EVERYONE ELSE! I don’t know if seeing dumb people being dumb is supposed to be funny. If it made me smile during the first two episodes, now it’s starting to piss me off. 

Anyway, they are some people disagreeing with that bone fire while listening to Alicia Keys’s idea but not Hayato. Nope Hayato is convinced that she’s a ghost who seduced Mitsumune so he wants to stab her. Heh, Hayato-kun, the fact that Mitsumune doesn’t like the D, or more specifically, yours, does not make Masaki a ghost. So he tries to stab her but Mitsumune arrives and punches him. But he gets rekt on the floor and shit goes wild so Masaki says that know she is ready to speak the truth. I want to say: FINALLY! Really, I hope there’s some reasons to why she could not say the truth before. Expect giving the illusion that the plot is consistent enough to make 13 episodes.


Overall, I don’t really know how I feel about the series. I kind of have the same impression that I had with Another, show made by the same director. “I guess it’s okay…?” is what I want to say now. Maybe the show suffers from the same things that Another was, which is in my opinion, the lack of clues. I was hoping for some show putting clues, hints, there and there, revealing the solution in the end, in a grand finale, plot twist, like some good old Agatha Christie’s novels. And here, we’re just spectators of this “so called” mystery. We can’t identify with the characters and there’s no real things that ought to be solved, expect “why the monsters?” thing. I don’t know about you, by currently, the monsters can come from hell, berserk’s universe, or the butthole of some mystic monkey I would give the same amount of fucks, which is, you’ve guessed it, not really high.
The show took some god damn time to make those characters unlikable and now we are supposed to care about them?I don’t know if it’s the pacing, the character development or Alicia Keys but I’m not enjoying this as much as I would have wanted. Which is quite a shame, I’m a sucker for mystery series but here, MEH, big fat MEH. Well, I might get surprised by the Masaki’s revelation and change my mind, so who knows?

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