Poor Yuuto ; ___ ; He is right there with them, but he can’t speak to anyone…

Well holy shit, turns out Yuuya’s dad Yuushou is in the Fusion Realm, and before that he was in the XYZ Realm- doing what exactly? He was teaching them how to duel and have fun with it. Now here he is in the Fusion Realm, taking in the kids who have escaped from Academia under his wings to…I would guess “rehabilitate”them… Especially after seeing how the citizens of the town has shipped off their kids thinking they are going to this epic school to become amazing duelists- when really they are being trained as soldiers. As of right now, it appears the citizens of the Fusion realm, or at least those who are not part of or enrolled Academia are not aware of the Dimension War taking place. Either that, or they consider the kids who run away as “cowards” who needs to be retrained aka, “Brainwashed”.

YGO ARC V Ep 103 Img 0012But as Yuuya learns about how his father was once in the XYZ Realm, the joy and relief to know his father did not run away from his Champion match was short-lived as Alan, one of the boys from the resistance, declared Yuushou as a coward and in a way, perceived as a traitor. Alan and surely many others feel as though Yuushou had abandoned them, because the second Academia showed up, he was nowhere to be found. Now the question lies on why Yuushou has been jumping realms without bothering to stick around. My guess (a theory I have had since the war was revealed) he learned about the Professor’s project, perhaps because Leo had initially tried to invite him. And after learning about Leo wants to invade a bunch of realms to merge them altogether into a single utopia (or something along the lines…) Yuushou took it upon himself to try and prepare the realms in advance of the invasion. So he went to the XYZ realm not to long before Academia first attacked them, to help prepare them with the necessary skills to protect themselves while highlighting the importance of the mindset to always remember to smile. However when Academia attacked, lessons regarding the mindset was useless, especially when the invasion was so violent and terrorizing- and it certainly did not help his case when the citizens who learned from him felt as though he had abandoned them.

Either way, now that Yuzu has by some miracle found him, I hope we will be able to get some good answers and more information on Yuushou’s missions and his actions, and why he kept this a secret from his family- was it deliberate or was it somehow out of his control? It could be he found out about Professor Leo’s plans the same day he disappeared, and didn’t have any time to spare to return home or leave a message.

YGO ARC V Ep 103 Img 0021Our queen Asuka from the GX series made an epic debut today with her badass RITUAL SUMMON! HELL YEAH, IT’S BEEN SO LONGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Also her Cyber Angel – Vishnu was super sick! She wasn’t even slightly fazed by Academia’s guidance committee battle royale- in fact they were more nervous to be facing her because according to rumors: THEY DON’T STAND A CHANCE AGAINST HER, HAHAHAHAHA

We also received the explanation of why Kaito is so hostile. Not long after Shun and Yuuto had traveled to the Standard World, Academia had launched a second full-fleged assault, which wiped out many of the existing resistances. However it wasn’t just the resistance that suffered, Kaito lost his entire family from the assault, (all of them are carded). After that, the remaining resistance had to leave the city and formed their base at what the shrine (that I am pretty sure I recognize from Zexal series). Hearing this made Shun upset, feeling as though if he and Yuuto were there, perhaps there wouldn’t have been so many casualties.

YGO ARC V Ep 103 Img 0011And finally Yuuya. Although we didn’t see a whole lot of him, the limited amount of screen-time was all he needed. Within that time span, Yuuya acknowledge one of his greatest flaws, realizing he is still too immature and naive. He admitted he was being selfish, kept on trying to go about his way by attempting to force open Kaito’s heart. He now recognizes that by acting this way, he won’t be able to reach anyone’s heart, let alone be able to help those who have been hurt to smile again.

Next week, it looks like Yuuya will be undergoing another struggle phase where he will need to do some more self-reflection. I couldn’t be happier that Yuuya is recognizing and admitting these flaws on his own. It only makes me more excited to see his final form once he completes his development. Now the one thing he just needs to work on it stop relying on Action Cards- come on Yuuya, you can use it for your performance, but stop using them as ‘bailouts’!!!! (Pretty please writers? Can you do that please?) And that’s not all, it looks like Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon will be getting a new form!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT! And, surprisingly Edo Phoenix is in XYZ Realm and apparently he has a grudge against Yuushou and wants to use Yuuya as a bait to lure him out. Gosh Yuushou is super UNPOPULAR!

PS: Is it just me… or does it feel like Sayaka might actually be able to see Yuuto??? She has been staring at Yuuya awfully a lot, but I don’t know if it just had to do with his surname.


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  1. elior1

    this was great episode. the queen is back and great then ever and the rituals and the classic cyber angels came back and we get to see yusho

  2. Risanai

    Perhaps Sayaka feels like Yuuya looks like Yuuto or something.
    Yusho has some ‘splaining to do, definitely. The moment he speaks the plot will get to move into overdrive hopefully. Or he’ll bail out of infodropping.

  3. So many plots kicking in I don’t even know where to start! So that dojo in ZEXAL sheltered the remaining Xyz survivors and haven’t been attacked… yet, Kaito’s family (Haruto, Faker) was carded, ACADEMIA what a twisted school that the Professor demands every children to join for Arc Area’s “noble cause”, good brainwashing for recruiting new duel soldiers :p Yuzu really had tough luck in Fusion Dimension but ASUKA, oh her old Cyber Girl cards rolled back the years in GX and Vishnu is used to kill Fusions wilh effects mirroring OERD (in all honesty it will have a field day against Ancient Gear Chaos Giants)! Screw the spoilers for leaking another You Show School in Fusion Dimension, YUSHO the old man was in Heartland three years prior to Academia’s invasion but then ran away to Fusion Dimension, it’s like all the crap is being engineered by him (opposing Leo is pretty obvious but…)?
    Next week it’s the inevitable debut for EDO PHOENIX WITH MOAR D-HEROES!!! Wanna see what grudge he bears towards Yusho, and DARK REBELLION GOT ANOTHER EVOLUTION?!! (Hopefully a Rank-Up, not buying that Raidraptors are the sole Rank-Uping archetype in Arc V)

    1. Eva

      This is gonna be a dramatic season! 8D

  4. Virginia

    Maybe Sayaka had a crush on Yuto?

    1. ukulelembo

      Either that or…. and this is my theory ….. IS HIS SISTER! 😀

  5. Chris Marshall

    Oh my god, those academy guys continue to be such scrubs lol. That third guy could have used that Fusion Recovery and Fusion Reserve to do more stuff. I mean having his monster be 4000 ATK wouldn’t be bad. 6000 is so overkill. I honestly laughed when that kid Yuzu was talking to said that Academia makes you a good duelist. Lol, really? The only good ones to show so far are Sora and Serena (of course Edo), everyone else sucks xp.
    Hoping that Vishnu’s effect gets changed to destroying all of your opponent’s extra deck monsters instead of just fusion, because that would be soooo sweet (considering Alexis’s cards IRL turned out to be better and usable than people initially thought)

  6. Sanokal

    Dammit, this and some jerk on the org spoiled the rituals (I had to check, you posted this and the subs didn’t seem to be up, so I was wondering if you got eager!)
    Anyways, it was an enjoyable episode…and now I hate the Fusion Dimension city worse than the actual City just from that one scene. Seriously. And Allen continues to annoy me; his suspicious look in the opening, his Japanese Goku-esque voice, his dislike (admittedly justified) of Yusho…grr. But I do like Sayaka, and now that you’ve said what you said I’m wondering about that girl too.
    But of course, the queen of the episode, Alexis. Man it was cool to see her at her most badass…was that set card Doble Passe, I wonder? It’ll certainly be interesting to see just how her deck develops.
    It looks like the positions will be reversed next episode; Zuzu will be getting exposition from Yusho and Yuya will be the focus, oh the irony. I wonder though…is that monster really an evolution of Dark Rebellion, or just it equipped with something or affected by something? After all, presumably Aster will be using a monster similar to Plasma. Gah! I just want to see it!

    1. Eva

      I was actually spoiled about Yushou on tumblr just a few hours before the subs came out. It popped up on my timeline due to those stupid promotion posts (ugh I wish they could be disabled so done with being spoiled by it!).

  7. Elvis

    I wonder what the academia kids parents get told when they get turned into cards by lancers “casually sends in the kid trapped inside the card to the mums and dads” letter inside “he died for what he loved”

  8. Becs

    My reaction to seeing Yushou was this *clears throat* HOLY SHIT!! WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!?’ I mean seriously, i thought we’d just get more frustrating hints not a major reveal like that!
    And while it hurts to sort of see Yuya admit that he is immature to himself however true it may be, i would say in fairness to him although it is a weakness it’s not one that’s necessarily wrong to have especially at his age where he’s a growing teen. So however right it is that his weakness lies there, i would not say it is his fault for him to have that… In a way his unknown weakness before served somewhat as a shield for him, but now that isnt enough and it just hurts him more to have it when he tries to understand people.
    I think Yuto sees this and immaturity isnt something in Yuto’s character, but he doesnt criticise Yuya for being naive or immature because i think Yuto understands that Yuya isn’t being naive purposefully or for his own benefit, and he recognises that Yuya has sincere intentions due to growing up differently and Yuto feels like he’s gently trying to guide Yuya to better himself.
    With Asuka! I’m so glad she did a ritual summoning! It was SO COOL!! she was AMAZING!!! She otked them all in one hit! Btw am i the only one who noticed that she was wearing lipstick and the fact that she’s animated MUCH better than she was in gx?
    I sincerely hope Yuya and Yusho get a nice reunion hug like Yuya and Yuzu did!

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