Hundred – Episode 10 [School Festa]

Somewhere in the wilderness, two Slayers are fighting Vitaly and her new breed of Savages. What’s different about these Savages? It looks like they have no cores! So does that mean they don’t have a weakness? (That single eye is creepy AF, btw)

Anyways, welcome to our harem’s requisite school festival episode. Claire’s gets the mission report from Hayato while Char chows down on the souvenir snacks they brought back for everyone to try. Claire informs the group that the three Hunters are being kept safely sequestered deep inside Little Garden; she has also taken the Hundreds of two of the three Hunters. Claire also informs them that Warslarn HQ found Vitaly’s lab a few days prior, but Vitaly had already abandoned it. Warslarn HQ tried to analyze the data left behind, but anything important had already been erased.

Why is this important? Little Garden’s second annual Garden Festa is coming up, so with Vitaly on the loose, Claire wants security to be stepped up. This means Hayato, Emilia and the others will be on guard duty and will be helping out with various tasks around campus for the duration of the festival alongside Slayers from several other countries.

Not long after, the other Slayers start arriving at Little Garden. Emilia is not happy to see Claudia, who is of course overjoyed to see Emilia. Wendy is the next to arrive, and she;s the Slayer from the beginning of the episode. But there’s no Ally, the girl who was knocked to the ground by Vitaly. Was she kidnapped by Vitaly and is being used as her brainwashed pawn? Because as we see later in the episode with Wendy…

vlcsnap-00007Later Hayato follows Sakura and discovers her big surprise for the Garden Festa: she’s working with Char and Karen to turn Karen into an idol diva for her concert! Karen has been training with her own Hundred, and has been working on her singing. Hayato is used to his sister being physically weak and is worried she’ll overexert herself, but Char and Sakura are quick to reassure him that Karen will be fine.

So while the Hunters are stuck in the bowels of Little Garden, the Garden Festa goes on up above. Hayato and Emilia walk down a street of themed cafes during one of their breaks, and they see Latia and Erica dressed up in maid uniforms. Erica is FREAKING OUT about being seen in such an outfit, and Emilia is not above taking pictures of poor Erica, who chases Emilia around trying to steal or break her phone or something. Emilia talks Hayato into going inside, and that’s where this episode goes straight over the fanservice cliff.

Erica and some of the other girls steal Emilia away and dress her up in a maid uniform. Surprise, Emilia’s actually got large boobs! Despite, you know, being pretty flat as a board up to this point in the series. Erica teases Hayato about Emilia in a short skirt, and then teases Hayato about grabbing Emilia’s boobs. Seriously. And then all the girls start getting in on it. This is fanservice, so Emilia is acting like she enjoys being fondled, but holy shit this whole fucking scene was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I know I know, it’s a harem ecchi, but just ugh. Poor Hayato being bullied into touching Emilia, and everyone in the room taking cellphone pictures of the whole fucking ordeal. Erica gets her revenge in the end, put it that way.  (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Afterwards Hayato stops by to see Karen before the start of the concert. He gets all protective-big-brother and comments on how revealing her outfit is, and seeing what she looks like once she transforms with her Hundred I think I agree a little. I’d feel better about it if her age was confirmed and she didn’t look so young. Judar shows up and wishes Karen and Sakura a successful concert, in his own creepy way that lets you know he’s planning something.vlcsnap-00029

Finally the concert starts, and Sakura puts on quite the spectacle with her Hundred. After she finishes her first song, it’s Karen’s turn to show up on stage. She’s initially super nervous but Sakura calms her down, and Karen’s able to relax. Karen explains what Sakura’s music has done for her, and Karen also shares her dream of wanting to help people who are in her shoes.

However while all the civilians are at the concert, Vitaly shows up and brainwashes Wendy into taking her down into Little Garden. This is probably what happened after her and Ally’s battle with Vitaly, and why Wendy doesn’t know what happened to Ally. Later Vitaly is back on the surface watching the concert while smoking. She throws her butt on the ground and one of the cleaning robots sucks it up, and then stops working.

Also, another new ending theme! “Jewels of Love” – what do you think of it?

My thoughts: Anyone else find that the line about the automatic cleaning robots was weird? Well it looks like attention to that little detail might have paid off. Will they be disarmed? Converted into robo-Savages?  #IHaveTooManyRandomTheories

Another great episode! We’re down to the last two starting next week – will Vitaly succeed in her evil plans? Will Hundred successfully tie up all of its plot points?


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