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Konosuba OVA Img006It’s happening! I didn’t think it’d be subbed this fast! Based Mori has made my weekend. I might have mentioned this in passing before in some posts or comments (most likely in the context of Kiniro Mosaic or the K-ON movie) but I’m a resident of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which probably hasn’t appeared very ‘great’ lately, might not include Scotland by the end of the year and certainly isn’t ‘united’ – so as you might expect, it’s been a crazy few days. Konosuba has been a perfect stress reliever in response to all this turmoil. Even the lyrics to Fantastic Dreamer could be interpreted as an optimistic outlook on Brexit. This is supposed to be a Chinese cartoon blog though, so I’m going to stop straying off-topic. The only reason I even brought it up was because Kazuma’s choker looks suspiciously like a Union Jack flag, except without the parts of the flag representing England and Wales. So it’s basically a remnant flag of Scotland and Northern Ireland. In light of recent events, I couldn’t stop staring at it the entire episode. Whatever could it mean?! Are they trying to tell us something? I’m sure this OVA was prepared long before the outcome of the Brexit vote! Unless DEEN can somehow see into the future? I mean, they have saved anime, and experienced a meteoric rise into glory with this terribly animated yet hilariously lewd series (as has their bank account) so omnipotence isn’t too far off, right? I bet they decided to invest in sterling too on Friday morning.

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Konosuba OVA Img005I was worried, you know. Worried that I wouldn’t find Konosuba as funny as I previously did, or that they would mess up somehow. But I shouldn’t have been! Because, just like our property-owning friends at KyoAni, DEEN finds a way. DEEN can do no wrong. Or can they? I’ve seen pictures of the various Crimson Semen Demons floating around the internet, and I will say that Yunyun sounds very different from what I was expecting her to sound like. At least, I definitely understand why some people have said that Toyosaki Aki was the wrong choice, especially in light of the fact that Konosuba’s voice acting is one of its greatest assets. I initially hoped that she’d use a different voice for Yunyun (and really, had imagined someone like Tomatsu Haruka for the role based on her character design) but alas, it wasn’t to be. I’ll get used to it over time, I suppose – it’s just a weird casting choice, even more so since only a small minority of the cast are A-list seiyuu.

Konosuba OVA Img013But Yunyun was lewd! I’ve got no complaints in that department! I was kind of wondering why she appeared in the OP even though she’s supposed to be second season material, but I guess it’s for this OVA. I can definitely see her charm. And I’m looking forward to her cute embarrassment at all the depraved things Kazuma will make her do next season. But unfortunately, I can’t give her my heart, because I’ve already given it to Megumin. To those who (correctly) believe that Megumin is best girl, this OVA must have been the most wonderful of gifts to you. As it was to me. Thank you, DEEN. And thank you, Kazuma, for repeatedly thrusting your hips in front of Megumin’s face like the depraved scumbag you are. That was a beautiful scene.

Konosuba OVA Img004Coming to think of it, Konosuba has always been like this, right? For some reason, my lingering memory of Konosuba has been the hilarious comedy and not the fact that, underneath all the humour, it’s actually extremely lewd. It’s all coming back now, though. Kazuma stealing Megumin and Chris’ panties, that time when Megumin had to pee, even the succubus shop episode! Especially the succubus shop episode, rather. As for this OVA, I don’t know whether it’s even right to say that ‘it had fanservice’. It was nothing but fanservice! The entire plot was basically Kazuma making each of the girls do perverted things to prevent him from dying, when dying for him isn’t even permanent since he can get Aqua to resurrect him. What a magnificent scumbag. Every single one of his orders were amazing. The best ones were probably the boob pillow from Wiz (and the preceding lap pillow, where he faced the wrong way and shamelessly and deeply inhaled into her crotch) and the strip janken between Yunyun and Megumin, where the two colluded to tie continuously until the innocent Yunyun was betrayed. For some reason Megumin got a semi-romantic scene where she reminisced about her relationship with Kazuma, that was a little surprising. That and the dick snapping scene were probably the reasons why Megumin secured a win this episode. As well as the fierce boob-slapping she performed on Yunyun, that was the first burst of laughter I had. Why is Megumin so perfect? If I carried her home every day after explosion magic sessions, I admit that I, too, may or may not purposely shift her position in order to feel her flat chest against my back. To think that Kazuma got to experience such heaven on a daily basis… fuck you Kazuma. Fuck you. 

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Konosuba OVA Img016I was actually expecting Kazuma to reveal that the choker was undone after the very first day (or even while they were still at the shop, after he revealed he had no wish) but he genuinely didn’t know! They could have just killed him and taken it off immediately, right? I know they probably don’t want to, but in hindsight he died anyway! Those confessions must have been the last straw or something, it’s by far not the worst sekuhara he’s committed against them. I’m not sure why he sees Darkness as nothing but boobs (it’s never been implied, and Kazuma has always spoken his mind before) but I will accept his similar comments towards Wiz and Yunyun. As for Aqua, I thought he was going to apologize to her for masturbating next to her at night in the barn, but I laughed even harder at what he actually said. He’s tried his best to be a pervert, he really has. He sniffs her hair while she’s sleeping, he masturbates next to her. But he still can’t see her as a heroine. She’s still just a useless goddess only good for parties, who never seems to wear any panties. This guy is gold.

Remember that the others aren’t exactly innocent maidens, either. Especially Darkness, those push-ups looked more like thrusts to me. It’s just all part of how hilariously dysfunctional they all are. It’s business as usual, it’s just that Kazuma got more of an opportunity to be a scumbag to them than the others did to him. No doubt they’ll have the opportunity to get their own back next season. Which is coming Winter 2017, by the way! When the time comes, let’s walk the path of explosions together!

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3 thoughts on “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA

  1. “when dying for him isn’t even permanent since he can get Aqua to resurrect him.”

    Based on what they’ve told us before, I’d think this is only a case of how often they can get Eris to break the rules for them, since Kazuma is supposed to either go to Heaven or be properly reincarnated when he dies now, but all things considered she’s probably willing to let this go a bit.

    1. Don’t forget her breast pads! So long as Eris is the goddess in charge of that subarashii sekai, Aqua will probably be able to bully her into allowing Kazuma to revive.

      1. Although at the end of this OVA they may both have changed their minds about that… I loved that the final scene ended with Eris chastizing him about dying in such a ridiculous fashion. Feel kind of bad for her having to figure out what the heck she’s supposed to say when Kazuma shows up in front of her after all that.

        The pad threat may work for a bit, but constantly using the same threat against someone makes it lose its effectiveness after a while.

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