Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 17 & 18

Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 17

This was a cute episode, and I really really liked how they sprinkled a bit hints regarding the plot throughout the episode and as well as how it ended. It is about bloody time the enemy gets the upper-hand and pick up one of the Linklestones! It took them SEVENTEEN EPISODES! This is certainly a promising progression of development since I have been patiently waiting for a true obstacle to appear. I was also delighted to see how the enemy was able to get them good for a bit, and was able to use that time efficiently enough to have picked up the Garnet Linklestone they had just found. However, when you think about it, the girls caught a lucky break. Neither Batty or Gamets knows about Haa’s importance. Had he had known, without a doubt he would have tried to grab her and her smart tome and shit would have gone down for sure. Needless to say it was sad to see how devastated Haa was as she felt she had failed them.

We were also given a bit more hints about the mysteries revolving around Dokurokushe. Based off the vague information Sparda had share with the girls, the headmaster able provided some hints, explaining he fears they are up against dangerous magic from the old days, and it is concerning to him for someone to possess the power to bring it back. With that in mind, it appears the headmaster seems to have a gist of who Dokurokushe might be, but won’t say it until he knows for sure.

And while we are on the subject of the Headmaster, this episode revealed to us that the headmaster is way~ older than any of us probably had initially anticipated. Despite his youthful looks, he is the teachers’ senior! HE TAUGHT THEM. Damn he ages well. It is also mentioned he doesn’t use his magic often, and every now and then he’ll fly off to the non-magic world to pick up some goodies- which brings us to the next point, he is the magician Mirai’s grandmother had met when she was young. I wonder if the two would get the chance to meet again, I would love to see that!

Finally, goodness gracious, MIRAI, RIKO- YOU GIRLS GOTTA BE MORE CAREFUL WITH YOUR MAGIC! I can’t believe they went up flying ABOVE the guy to help him find the rice-cracker shop. And perhaps the biggest joke there was the inconsistency of worrying Grandma would see them use magic, where they were flying right above the market without even bothering to using the concealing spell- which they only thought of using later! *FACEPALM* Also what I don’t get is, for crying out loud- you would think performing magic in front of her grandma would be okay because SHE TOLD HER GRANDMA SHE BECAME A MAGICIAN AND THAT SHE IS WAS IN THE MAGIC WORLD TO STUDY IN A MAGIC ACADEMY, AND GRANDMA WAS LIKE, “NO PROBLEM! HAVE FUN!” WTF???!?!?!?!


Mahou Tsukai Precure Episode 18

Well that was short-lived challenge with SUPER underwhelming results. What is up with the enemies being wiped out this quickly? First Sparda and now Gamets, and what it looks the next one in line is BATTY! God I hope I’m wrong because I am quickly becoming more and more irritated with how irrelevant and weak these villains are. Just when I feel like the villains gain an upper hand to change up what has been an extremely plain and uneventful “challenges”, what happens? They lose big time. Perhaps the most frustrating part is the fact Gamets didn’t even bring the Linklestone back to the headquarters! Like COME ON, why would you actually put it up for grabs! After all that time and effort trying to find the damn stones, you can’t even keep one from being taken back?

In all honestly, we knew too little of Gamets to really understand his character. Based off what we know and how his so-called “true form” was a Magic Warrior, it felt more like he was simply looking for a challenging opponent, and having been defeated by someone who was “strong” he doesn’t have any regrets.  He had enough integrity to not crush or swat Haa-chan away, and commended her courage to stand up to him. The only thing he did was blow her away, and that was it. He wasn’t ruthless enough to harm her.

With Batty next in line, I don’t know what to think anymore. The only gain is he has been efficiently observing the fights. He know possesses the knowledge which Sparda had previously gained. He is also the only one who is thinking about why Master Dokurokushe is putting so much priority on the Linkle Smartome, and begins to put the pieces together that the Emerald alone may be insufficient. It also goes without saying, (even though Batty barely had any screentime) he happens to be the most interesting villain at the moment due to not being truly loyal to Master Dokurokushe. He never seen Dokurokushe in person, so he has been speculating whether or not Dokurokushe is a fabrication Yamou has been using the entire time.

As Haa-chan becomes more and more relevant, I’m hoping she will be able to help keep me interested in the long run, but boy- the villains really need to be revamped. And they are supposed to be a threat when they are dropping like flies? Prove me wrong writers, show me what you got!


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  1. My theory is that the villains are getting wiped out early so that they can be replaced after… uh… Haa’s relevancy reaches it’s peak.

  2. With the way the villains are dying before the midseason I can only assume we’re going back to oldschool Precure days where villains didn’t last long. Particularly Splash Star where villains died seven episodes after they were introduced,albeit with Maho doing its own spin on that. Sadly, Maho’s villains aren’t as memorable as Splash Star’s.

  3. (Seriously, WHO subbed the show nowadays where I have to wait for almost two weeks for subs?!!)
    “the headmaster is way~ older than any of us probably had initially anticipated. Despite his youthful looks, he is the teachers’ senior! HE TAUGHT THEM. Damn he ages well.”
    Um Eva, I thought that his age issues was long established as one of the “big mysteries” of the Magical world…?
    Episode 17 was quite good especially with THAT MAN in the flashback of Mirai’s grandma is Mr.You-Know-Who, BUT episode 18! Man what a lacklustre cadre fight, Gametsu the most battle-oriented cadre got floored so easily that Ruby Passionale didn’t even need Ha-chan’s buffing up power (unlike against Sparda)! HA-CHAN though, full credits to her for standing up against Gametsu so defiantly despite being a tiny flower doll, can’t wait to see you grow into Cure Felice 😀
    Next week, OH YES more exploration around the Magical world! The ever mysterious “door” where Ha-chan originated hmm… Oh and my waifu Lizzie is returning too! (But I got the feeling that she’s not gonna be important, and in all honesty I really couldn’t get WHAT role she is supposed to be in the show :p)

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