The duel between Edo and Yuuya was quite a fun one to watch. It highlighted the family blood between Yuushou and Yuuya, showing us how it isn’t just their ideals that they share, but their personalities are both very similar. Seeing this was what allowed us to see the process Yuuya have made in forging his own identity as an Entertainer Duelist and is beginning to strike a balance between his father’s style and his own. It was something Yuuya had to work on a lot in the Synchro Realm, but now we are starting to see the results.YGO ARC V Ep 111 Img 0000 As I mentioned last week, Yuuya’s character is now finding a way to strike a balance between the mindset necessary to fight Academia while at the same time, staying true to one’s self. This is what made this particular duel enjoyable to watch. Yuuya’s ability to be able to observe and read his opponent is something he will continue to work as as his opponents will disclose their inner turmoil so blatantly as Edo had. Once he identified what his opponent’s inner turmoil was, he adjusted his style and performance to accommodate the turmoil. Though there were times when Yuuya struggled, he continued to smile and keep his spirit carefree- which I am sure will prove to be an important antidote to preventing the inner darkness within him and Yuuto from taking over (unless the Dragons are involved, he will need to determine a different solution for that one).

It also goes without saying how this particular duel with Edo was in a way a good training exercise for Yuuya. YGO ARC V Ep 111 Img 0009Last week he wasn’t dependent on Action Cards at all, this week that changed a bit but the circumstances which he fetched a couple but I certainly felt better about it than I usually do. It was good because Edo basically had a leash on him, and occasionally he prevented Yuuya from successfully obtaining one (until he got creative with how to work around it- which was quite amusing to watch). This is a good experience for Yuuya because it will also help boost his confidence. Actually, now that I think of it, if we were to look back at where Yuuya had started as a duelist, he was struggling to find his own identity as an Entertainment Duelist and had also lacked self-confidence. Sure he was the clown, goofed around a lot, and enjoyed putting on performance. But when you compare Yuuya’s character from the past and now the present (especially in this duel in particular), he is shining with more confidence and trust in his own ability. Perhaps as a result of this we may not see Yuuya run after Action Cards as much as he used to, and as result they won’t feel as though he is using it as Bail-Outs (as I often described them as) but now what they are really supposed to be for- expanding the game to make it more exciting. I sure hope that is how it will start to feel from this point on forward because it will be a great and subtle way to highlight his growth.

YGO ARC V Ep 111 Img 0015I am happy to see Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon got another chance to shine so soon. I wasn’t sure about it, but I was pleased to see it make a return. I also really like Laughmaker’s design and effect, it was really cool and I hope to see it be used in more duels in the future.

Although Yuuya has successfully managed to defeat Edo and make him smile, his fight isn’t over just yet. Jeez, it is sure starting to feel like he is running in a gauntlet now isn’t it? The sleazy Timer-Dude cleverly called for back-up (isn’t is fun to see the villains use their head?) and now Yuuya is completely surrounded by a horde of Academia soldiers. But luckily for him, it appears he won’t have to go through them on his own (I’m not even sure if he could to be honest…). It looks like Edo finally decides to switch sides, and will be assisting Yuuya (well isn’t this your lucky day Timer-Dude?). On the other-hand, I wonder what the Tyler Sisters are going to do. I am pretty sure Gloria is losing patience now.

Next episode we will also be seeing Yuzu, Yuugo and Yuushou again… along with Dennis- ugh. I wonder where he is going to be at, Academia or swing by to Heartland. Anyhow we do know it’s going to get messy in the Fusion World since Yuzu has been discovered there. Time to#ProtectYuzuAtAllCost.


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  1. Kolis10

    Dennis, YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! But seriously, I missed that guy.
    What I really liked about this episode is how the duels not only showed not only how Yuya & Yushou’s styles were similar, but also how when what worked for Yushou the first time doesn’t work again for Yuya (Revealing Sky Magician & Laughmaker) he just keeps refining the strategy until it gets through to Edo.
    By the way I’m a big fan of your discussions & have been reading them since the Friendship Cup.
    Some other things I liked about the episode were
    -When Yuya used the Action Card ‘Evade’ he did the same pose as the guy on the card.
    -Everything about Laughmaker
    -The fact that Edo actually took the Action Card that Yuya couldn’t get instead of just leaving it be, & that he actually formed a backup plan around it,
    -Noro’s evil faces (New Roger perhaps?)

    1. Eva

      Awww thanks! 😀
      I absolutely agree, and I appreciate that they are making Yuuya undergo development by adapting/tailoring his style based on his opponents. It definitely offers a lot of potential for unique performances! :3
      I KNOW RIGHT? LAUGHMAKER IS SO AMAZING! I LOVE THAT MONSTER! They don’t always click with me, but this one CLICKED with me. = v = I really want to see Yuuya use it more often, I would hate to see it only be used once and never seen again.
      LOL Noro is probably going to be one of those goofy villains since they have been featuring him in comedic spotlight. I would be surprised if they make him a new Roger… actually speaking of Rogers… I wonder what became of him? XD;

  2. Becs

    You’re right! It’s such a slow transition that we hardly recognise it! Yuya had a kind of shell on before and now he’s opened himself up to be more confident in his abilities and adapting his style to make it more fun for his opponent!
    Also i must make a mention on this, i noticed that the animation on this week’s episode was noticably better and much smoother, the action had more fluidity at least from what i remember from last week (not that it was bad). The animation was pretty damn good! don’t you think? Or is that just me? Obviously it’s not movie animation levels but for a weekly episode it’s pretty great if i do say so myself. The movements were just a delight to see!
    Idk tho… maybe i have lower standards than most and you thought it was just basic standard. And maybe it was, it just seemed… a little above standard this week.

    1. Eva

      Not to mention these kinds of slow development/transitions are quite rare in these type of series!
      Oh yes, I too noticed the animation quality went up a notch this episode, I also found the style felt a lot more fresh!

  3. Wilfredo Clear Wilfred

    …Wow, Edo’s redemption came so quick & Noroma plotting to overthrow Edo, why I didn’t see that coming…? (Sarcasm) Yes, Arc V just getting more lame than ever, if Yuya’s EGAO duel can solve EVERYTHING so easily, I would fancy him doing those performances in front of Yuri and the Professor himself, and should they be charmed by it and end the whole war altogether, ARC V CONFIRMED A SHIT YUGIOH SEASON!!! >:( Also, D-Heroes continued to be so trash, and Edo’s current dueling skills was truly a shadow to his original GX self!! AS PER USUAL Yuya needed those Action cards to bail him out!!!
    Next week… man, the director is rushing the whole story fast (especially that bastard Kaito also had his change of heart so fast offscreen), Heartland was “saved” as we leap back to Fusion Dimension again, with the return of the true entertainer miles ahead of Yuya-DENNIS MACFIELD!!! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!

  4. dzaladan

    Maybe it’s just me, but the more I look at the Laughmaker, the more I feel Dark Magician vibes.
    Seriously, it reminds me a lot the Dark Magician, only for Yuya. It even has 2500 ATK.

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