91 Days Episode 3 [ It Wasn’t You, Right? ]

Well, this episode begins by confirming what I have suspected since episode 1: Angelo’s only true motivation and [HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 03 [720p].mkv_20160723_233342.703allegiance is to his revenge. ‘Avilio’ tells Nero what happened to Vanno, all of which is a lie he fabricated, and Nero demands Serpente’s body in return. This is where the elaborate repercussions begin: The Orcos and the Vanettis will go to war if it’s shown very clearly that Serpente was captured and murdered. However his body has not been found, and so it is a matter of vital importance that they find it and conceal the truth from the Orcos. The only true player who is winning from all of this is Angelo, who very likely wants the entire Vanetti family to burn and the Orcos might just be a tool in this revenge.

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 03 [720p].mkv_20160723_235535.171What is very difficult about this show to watch is that Avilio’s enemies are hardly shown in a negative light after the events that destroyed his life. So while we saw the systematic murder of his family, we also see that Nero is intensely loyal to his family and wants to do what he believes more correct. That being said, Nero and his family are clearly murderers and in a game of cat and mouse trying to commit murder without being caught. This makes Nero no angel, but he is far more sympathetic than anyone in the Orcos camp. Because of this we as viewers realize we must take sides: either Angelo’s in his no-mercy style revenge scheme, or the Vanettis as they have to live through what Angelo deems their due punishment. Unless you’re just really into Fango and his crazy sadomasochist business.

I’m still interested in the show even though I’m in that awkward gray area. I’m tempted to both feel Nero is getting what’s coming to him and feeling bad for him, and feeling Angelo is righteous and realizing he is a psycho nut job destroying pe[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 03 [720p].mkv_20160723_235224.296ople rather than moving on. Because Fango is just that lucky he figures out the Vanettis killed Serpente and thinks ‘awesome we can go to war now’ which really just prompts the Vanettis to send Nero out of town to avoid any unfortunate circumstances (seeing as he intitiated the hit) honestly here is a tl;dr: Nero sends people to kill Serpente for killing someone else, Vanno kills Serpente,  Angelo kills Vanno, then Serpente is a fucking douchenozzle and sells Serpentes body to someone who tries to blackmails the Vanettis, and then it doesn’t matter anyway because Fango figures it out after a deal to ‘trade’ captured members goes bad.

I have to wonder if Angelo really just keeps letting Fango get away or if he j[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 03 [720p].mkv_20160723_235547.359ust sucks as killing him. In any case, right now Nero is on the run and Angelo is his ‘bodyguard’. I can only imagine the only reason Nero isn’t dead is because it would derail the whole situation and be obvious who killed him. Not to mention, then Nero’s dad would life on and Angelo wouldn’t have his complete revenge. What a bummer to be this guy. . . and I mean that for both Nero and Angelo really.

[HorribleSubs] 91 Days - 03 [720p].mkv_20160723_235557.437

Next time. . .people try to kill Nero and Angelo! Hooray! They’re going to become friends then kill each other~!!


6 thoughts on “91 Days Episode 3 [ It Wasn’t You, Right? ]

  1. I feel the same as you, being in this awkward situation and dont know what side I should root for ahahaha….

    But that is why I like this show, makes me to choose which side I should root for instead of portraying one dimension character and makes me hate the bad guy.

    This ep makes me see Fango in a different light actually, he actually angried at other people in Orca family when Serpente was being insulted by them.

    The story takes a turn that I did not expect, that Angelo and Nero would go together on a run instead of staying and bonding when going to war with the Orca.

    I really sympathize with Nero, especially at that last rainy funeral scene. I kinda hope Angelo would change his mind, but then the series would be worse in term of ending. A happy ending for a mafia series is not actually good.

    It is trivial, but the opening song features a stained glass of Jonathan and David story in bible. They are best friends but fate forces them to be on different side, and Jonathan ends up dying in a war. It is kinda a foreshadowing, dont you think?

    1. You hit the nail on the everything. Ugh, I did not catch that biblical reference! What a catch. I wish the opening was higher quality, it’s the one thing making me afraid for the future of the show because everything else seems so well done.

      1. Me too! It’s kinda a shame that such good written story has this sloppy animation. It is not bad, but you can easily catch those QUALITY scenes during the whole ep, especially the characters’ face. The opening uses lots of in-anime scenes and not that many original frames. However, I still like the op’s structure with the church, the candle, the Angelo holding gun scene. They are all symbolic.

  2. Despite the series using terms like Prohibition and references to other American cities, the Lawless setting doesn’t feel very American at all – in fact it’s more European than anything.
    Then again, if the animators were aiming for a gritty early 20th century Western setting, then they’ve succeeded!

  3. either way im hoping eventually angelo kills fango because that guy is a straight up nut bag. i don’t see angelo thinking about anything but revenge so i feel bad for his buddy who makes the good booze because he is going to get caught up in something fierce.

    1. I’m almost half-thinking that Angelo wasn’t serious about killing Fango. His allowing himself to be seen in the mistress’ mirror is such a rookie mistake as to be suspicious. Could Angelo be secretly cooperating with Fango/the Orca family?

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