Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 25: Epilogue (Final Impression)

“We learned so many different kinds of life from him in one year. And even now…they live on inside us.”

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This episode served as an epilogue so I’m just going to quickly go over what happened and just include my final impression together because they’ll be quick little thoughts.

But wow we’re finally at the end. Makes me emotional…as always. This episode didn’t make me as sad as the one before. I was more happy because this was a happy episode, but there were still little tears.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0010As expected, this episode served to show us just what happened after the situation with Koro-sensei. The students give Karasuma and Irina their thanks, and they all graduate with the main campus. Nagisa is surprised to see both of his parents there, together. Since they’re divorced and all. His father tells him that in the beginning of the year, Koro-sensei had actually paid him a visit and told him that Nagisa wanted to be called by his first name and not by his last related to his family issues. Seeing as how Koro-sensei had helped Nagisa, they decided that they would give their relationship another chance. Which made Nagisa happy. Even after his death, Koro-sensei still affected their lives. And knowing my emotional ass, I started tearing up.

Except after that the gross press busted into the school to question them about Koro-sensei, not caring about their feelings at all. And right after their graduation too. These people are just awful, they’re kids!!! Karasuma held them back, but luckily Asano and his squad led the students to the bus Karasuma had prepared for them. That was nice of them.

So after that, we learned the things that happened. The school got bad attention after the Koro-sensei thing. The E-Class was taken away as it was extreme. The principal went under fire for his actions with the way he ran the school so he was fired. But he had a visit from his first students, so he was happy. The students really did get the bounty. They each got their own share for education and for living expenses in the future, but they also used to the money to donate to some places, like the preschool, and then they gave the rest to the Ministry of Defense for all their hard work. Karasuma got promoted to an agent!

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0043And then 7 years pass. We see the students now as college students or in the workforce, doing whatever they’re doing. Some of the students like Kayano meet up at the abandoned E-Class building and they clean it up. They actually bought the mountain so they’re maintaining the school, for both Koro-sensei and Aguri. Then we learn how the students are doing in their lives. Kayano is back in acting and she’s great. Sugino is an ace college baseball player. Itona went to work in his family’s company after high school, as well as the other guys in his group. Terasaka is an intern. Karma’s kicking ass with politics. Hazama looks like a librarian. Kanzaki works with the elderly. Okuda and Takebayashi are working together being amazing and discovering blood cells. Each of them are doing what they do best in, they each have taken their own path and they all look happy. Also I’m really happy too because

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0037

THEY GOT MARRIED!!! <333333333

And they’re still ridiculous and cute together. I would have liked to have seen them kiss at least once, but…well fine, okay. At least they’re married. Not a fan of Karasuma’s hair, but whatever. So so happy about this.

And of course, Nagisa is a teacher…in training. And unfortunately he’s working in a rough looking school. But right when one of the students threatens to kill him, that triggers that assassin in him and he frightens all the students. As he walks to his podium, there’s a shadow of Koro-sensei around him. He’s the next Koro-sensei! I’m sure he’ll do well.

Berry’s Final Impression

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 25 [1080p].mkv0032I had my worries about Assassination Classroom from the very start. The story worried me. There’s this monster we didn’t know anything about that would kill everyone on Earth that these random kids had to kill somehow before the deadline. Seeing as how Koro-sensei was basically impossible to kill, I saw a repetition of: assassination attempt, failure, assassination attempt, will it work?, nope another failure. Some comedy hijinks. Also the fact that the kids loved Koro-sensei. I saw that the formula would get old and boring if they didn’t do anything different. It was a good change of pace when they brought in outside villains because we would shift focus for awhile, and these changes would let us see how the students had grown. We also got episodes related to the segregation and injustice of the school. There were a lot of good things but there were still things bugging me in the back of my mind with this series, and they still did when I first started the second season. But they were completely answered and satisfied and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve said this before, but I really appreciated the relationship Koro-sensei and the students had. He made them love themselves, their flaws as well. He made them muster up some courage and strength within themselves. He taught them to fight back, like the school system. He made their lives so much better, and it just touches my heart.

[HorribleSubs] Assassination Classroom S2 - 16 [1080p].mkv0015The first season was set as getting to know the students. The second season was spent to know more about Koro-sensei. We also got character development for other characters as well, and that was appreciated, even though I know that some chapters for some of the students were cut out to finish the anime in this season. But I’m highly satisfied by everything about Koro-sensei himself, his backstory and everything. Like I said before, his backstory was a little cliche but I still liked it. Some surprises, like who Kayano really was, I still think it was a little too sudden, but that doesn’t mean I did not enjoy it. I just felt like sometimes the mood and some plot points would happen too abruptly. I’m still not over the space thing either. >:/

But what else can I say about this show that I didn’t in my 24 other reviews? Like I said, I had my worries about this show but this season was simply amazing. The story really took a turn for the better and I think that was it’s success, as I felt last season I still had no idea where it was going to go. It was intense, it had me sitting at the edge of my seat, it had beautiful moments, it had fun moments, happy moments, and sad moments. The show did best when it finally got the meat of the plot, which of course was nearing the end of the deadline. What I loved the most was how important Koro-sensei was to the students, I can’t get enough of it. I really felt how close their relationship was this season than with the first one.

I feel like Assassination Classroom is special because of that. Teacher-student relationships aren’t touched upon much in media, so I felt like this was unique. Really, the entire plot was unique. It kept me interested with the whole assassination shtick. Some negatives: the repetition, comedy wasn’t funny all the time and got in the way, some episodes were a little boring, and sometimes plot points would appear out of nowhere. Positives: the plot really got moving, more character development, satisfactory ending.

9/10, almost perfect. I recommend that people who didn’t finish the first season keep watching because it only gets better. This is a special little series and it surprised me with how well it did. I’m gonna miss it.


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2 Responses

  1. 15fan says:

    That was a good review and glad you kied it a lot . I an glad how you and some other reviews get the that Korpo -Sensei cared about the students and the same withe the students, It was all about fulfilling his promise to Aguri. In a year’s time he not onlt educated the studentd to their fullest he made them become good people no matter what they are going to do.

    BTW Kayano is pregrant !

    Nagisa and Kayano’s narratives were done extremely well npt boring or overbearing.

    Here is an open question / did Koro redeem himself for killing like a 1000 people ( who were probally bad anyway ) by guiding the 28 students to their graduation and the blood formula will save millions of lives. You see what he does in the extra chapthers that honed his skiils during winter break that were used on the last couple of episodes. He touches lives there too, If anything Koro is really highlighted.

    That classroom and Nagisa class looked scarier than School Live ( Also Lerche Studio. )

    Now if Yusei can get the Eisner Award at the upcoming Comic-Con / Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia that would be great !

    For myself this ends up being one of favorite animes. Read the manga watched subbbed and DUB / now 2 anime movies are in store.

    • Berry says:

      She’s pregnant?!!?! Oh my god, that wasn’t super obvious to me! That explains the light on her lower area, I didn’t think of it like that. Whooooa….whoa. That’s what happens when I watch stuff really late at night. 😛 But wow that must hurt for the Nagisa/Kayano shippers.

      I think most people would say he did redeem himself since we only saw this yellow-monster side of him. He was an assassin, but Irina was as well and everyone seems to love her despite knowing that she killed people too. Of course, Koro-sensei did something more important with the students.

      One of the movies is supposed to be a recap of the whole series, while the other one is based on a spin-off with Koro-sensei so I’m excited for that one!

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