Bananya Episode 3 [ TV ]

This episode is cuter than all the previous ones as Bananya plays with the TV. Given the nature of cats this is [HorribleSubs] Bananya - 03 [720p].mkv_20160719_222055something that can pretty easily happen. Honestly this show could minus the bananas and just be ‘adorable cat ideas’ and it would work, but given that they’re also food animals and must hide to avoid the prejudices of the human race much like the toys from toy story I don’t mind the additional layer of cute. Bananya is so happy to be looking at the tv I feel like I’m playing with a real cat and always end up wanting to snuggle my cat way more!


Ah, I can’t ever complain about this show. It always follows in the wake of Orange and gives me a much needed pick me up from the feels of that show. If you’re ever sad it’s hard not to watch Bananya and feel instantly better. On top of it all the shows that were featured in Bananya this week were references to things I really like. It was hilarious to see the Godzilla type monsters and then see the TV feature Go was one of my favorite parts. ‘Ah, that was a good move’ made me crack up. [HorribleSubs] Bananya - 03 [720p].mkv_20160719_222106

The ‘surprise’ of the episode was seeing Baby Bananya was the cause of the switching channels. Okay, it’s hard not to love that kitten when he is friends with the Daddy Bananya and when he can just be so precious. On top of it he makes Bananya himself fall asleep which is even more adorable. Ah man, this show just makes me smile.

But is the cat at the end really 16?!


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