The episode opens with a weird and disturbing sequence where Allen is dreaming about Mana who forgets his name. I guess it’s linked to the fact that Allen is having serious identity issues, wondering if Mana liked him for what he really is or because he’s the 14th’s host.

vlcsnap-2016-07-26-11h23m35s499But when “Allen” wakes up,  it seems that the 14th has taken over his body. Is this weird that I found this version of Allen strangely hot? I guess it is… hum… oh well… But I’m not the only one who is confused, Lenalee and Kanda are also having doubts regarding Allen’s mental state, and they are right to be doubtful…
However, although Allen has identity issues his principles haven’t changed. He still believes the Akumas’ souls can be saved. Since an Akuma is created with the soul of an human, he wants to bring them salvation by purifying them, not destroying them. Marie warns him that not everyone agrees with this view and that it might cause Allen more harm than good. It’s funny to note that even with all the shit that happened to him since the beginning, Allen is still determined to become that “destroyer who can save”. 

An important part of the episode was dedicated to introduce the third exorcists. They are humans modified with the Akuma Egg which creates a new generation of exorcists without having to use the innocence. That’s done in order to create more and more exorcists to fight the Count Millennium, but if you ask me, that’s a stupid idea. Of course there still are people against it, especially Bak who reminds everyone of the tragedy that occurred 9 years ago when the Black Order basically tried to do the same thing. Apparently, this experiment 9 years ago turned out to be a disaster and many are worried this tragedy might repeat itself.


We also got to witness the awakening of the rest of the Noah gang, after the 14th killed them, 35 years ago. They are finally getting back the Noah memories along with their original names which leaves Tyki quite doubtful. BUT DAMN THEY’RE HOT! Even that guy with glasses whose name I forgot. Look at this six pack!

vlcsnap-2016-07-26-11h31m22s342The Millennium Earl decides to launch a massive Akuma attack everywhere in the world.  All the Black Order exorcists are fighting along side with the third exorcists. Although they might have looked effective on random Akumas, they are less powerful against the members of the Noah clan.  Furthermore, like Allen thought, those third exorcists are destroying the Akumas’ souls instead of saving them, like the innocence does.

Soon, the Noah clan arrives and Allen is faced with Tyki the Noah who destroyed his innocence ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [and who is also really hot, I mean… he was always hot, but this new outfit…]. So Tyki rekts Tokusa who was bragging about his skills by cutting his arms with his bare hands.
vlcsnap-2016-07-26-11h57m03s806While healing himself, Tokusa explains how they were created and like I thought those third exorcists see themselves and are seen only as tools. Once they cannot fight anymore, they need to be killed in order to produce more and more exorcists.
Tokusa mentions Alma Karma, who was the first human body to merge with the Akuma Egg, in other word, their father. It’s by absorbing Alma’s cells that those third exorcists were created. Then, when they adsorb an Akuma, their cells are growing and when time comes, the third exorcists will become parents bodies like Alma, and create more new exorcists. In other words that’s some sort of line and mass production of exorcists without having to use the innocence. Which in my opinion only brings more and more destruction to this world.

Fan girl corner:


Now, truly everyone is a freaking model. I swear, look at  ma boy Wisely:

vlcsnap-2016-07-26-11h28m18s830He was a tramp and now look at this beautiful white hair animu guy. 
Why is everyone sexy as hell?
I can’t…
I was confused before while reading the manga but seeing all of them animated…
I even more confused…
Am I really on the good guy’s side?

vlcsnap-2016-07-26-11h27m37s119I kind of feel bad about the third exorcists. They couldn’t synchronize with the innocence and basically scarified themselves in order to save the world. They are getting no love from no one, they aren’t true exorcists, they are not human anymore, nor are they full Akumas. Also poor Tokusa whose body gets sooo rekt that it might hurt quite a lot… So yeah, I really feel bad for them, they might look a bit obnoxious first “ooh look at me I’m a new generation of exorcist, I’m so powerful and shit” but in reality, they envy the exorcists with innocence and feel inferior to them.

There’s quite a few hints about Kanda’s past and all of this makes me hyped but yet so sad… Especially that end scene with Kanda slowly fading and remembering things with Alma’s voice… I don’t know if I’m ready… My mind is telling no, but my body is telling yes… I don’t know what to do…

vlcsnap-2016-07-26-11h56m13s372Now for the negative points: I’m a bit sad they cut most of the funny moments although I can understand why. Adapting everything in 13 episodes with a good pacing was impossible so they had to get rid of some stuff, and it was comedy in that case. Furthermore, it’s quite hard to mix funny moments with darker and emotional parts, thing that the manga does pretty well in my opinion, but yeah I’m not so mad they decided to get rid of those moments. Fast pacing and rushed episodes were to be expected, and that’s what we are getting.

However, I’m not so happy they decided to skip an rather important scene. In the manga, after the awakening of the Noahs, the Millennium Earl hears the 14th’s voice inside his head, which drives him crazy and is the starting point of the Akuma attack. It might sound not that important for the moment but is relevant for the next Arc, where the relation between the Millennium Earl and the 14th is explained in much details. So yeah, I can understand rushing the comedy to leave more place for the actual plot, but this was an important scene, at least to me.

Is it bad that the scene where Allen wakes up as the 14th confused me so much that I tried to redraw it? 


I named it [I’ve fALLEN for you] because it’s Allen…
And I thought it was a pretty good pun…


See you next week.