Endride – Episode 14 [Resume]

Now that King Delzaine is dead, the country is starting to fall apart. Crime is rampant, and fighting and mobs are everywhere. What will the Ignauts do next?

Shun, Emilio and the Ignauts are stuck at Babylon for the time being while Pascal and his assistant Joseph finish the last of their research on Babel. They theorize that the connection didn’t work because the path was somehow blocked from the surface. So my guess is that Ibelda is actually dead, not on the surface, but time will tell. Pascal and Joseph need to do more research, so they propose that their group returns to the Royal Laboratory. vlcsnap-00005

Emilio meets up with Demetrio, who is just seeing off one of their allies. Emilio says that he doesn’t know what to do next, now that his mission for revenge is gone. Demetrio says that there is going to be trouble with the regional lords and all of the fighting going on, and asks Emilio if he’s going to continue moping. Which is harsh, in my personal opinion – I mean the guy did just watch his father die after all.

Shun meanwhile has made it his mission to try to cheer Emilio up, and he asks Emilio to spar with him. Emilio initially refuses him, saying he doesn’t understand how Shun can still have such a positive attitude despite losing his ticket home. Shun baits him by asking if his positive outlook makes him angry, and Emilio takes the bait. Back and forth the guys fight with their new upgraded Warp Devices, and we can see Shun’s plan slowly start to take effect. By tearing down Emilio’s walls and encouraging him to work out his anger and pain, hopefully Emilio will be able to heal from losing his father.

Back inside Babylon, Louise confronts the Ignauts and tells them she plans to part ways with them. But moments later that all changes when her little Zoozian messenger bird returns and informs Louise that Zoozian Island is being invaded by lords who are trying to enslave its inhabitants for their own corrupted purposes. Upon hearing this news Louise asks to be allowed to stay with the Ignauts after all, saying she will work to repay her sin of being a traitor by helping the Ignauts help others. Everyone is accepting of Louise except for Mischa, who says she will keep an eye on Louise. Demetrio says that he has always trusted Louise, even when he knew she was planning on betraying them.

Meanwhile Shun and Emilio have been sparring all day, and they’re both pretty exhausted by this point. Emilio is angry that Shun won’t leave him alone, and Shun says that Emilio’s problems matter to him because Emilio is stuck in a rut of regret and Shun doesn’t want to leave him behind. Shun initially wins their match, though Emilio quickly knocks Shun to the ground and proclaims himself the real winner. Afterwards the two guys talk, and Shun tells Emilio that he should start a new outlook by living in the moment and looking forward to the future, and stop being stuck in the past. Emilio acknowledges that Shun’s right, but bemoans his lack of a new purpose. Shun encourages him to do what he can, and Emilio gets an idea.

vlcsnap-00022Inside Babylon, everyone is preparing to leave. Pascal and Joseph have finished their research, and the Ignauts have picked their new travel route. Emilio and Shun join them and Emilio asks Demetrio for a favor – he wants to join the Ignauts. Demetrio smiles and says that it’s a little late for that because he’s already considered Emilio one of the Ignauts. Shun excitedly announces that he wants to join the Ignauts too, but Mischa shoots him down.

As they prepare to leave, Demetrio announces that they will all travel back towards the Royal Laboratory at the capital, stopping to help stop the fighting and riots along the way. Emilio is standing off from the others, and when Alicia approaches him to ask what’s changed (because he seems calmer now), we get the first honest-to-god smile from him that we’ve seen all season. Holy shit!  v(=∩_∩=)フ

My thoughts: Shun and Emilio have gone from being my two least favourite characters to being my favourite. Finally, FINALLY we are starting to see the friendship build between them, and Emilio continues to exhibit some long overdue character development. Shun’s positive attitude in light of the setback to his return home is also an asset to the series because it allows him to be supportive of Emilio and his personal growth.

On the other hand, Mischa is an annoying brat. Her and Felix don’t get a lot of screen time, but when they do it feels like they’re always just hitting the same one or two notes. Either they’re being protective of Demetrio and/or they’re fighting with each other. And really Felix, lowering yourself to fight with a child, even if she is an assassin? *sigh*

I’m really curious about the remaining Babel research, but hope Endride doesn’t forget about the decreasing Warp Particles phenomenon either. Maybe the two will be tied together somehow. I’m also still hoping we learn more about Delzaine’s motivations for wanting to go to the surface.


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