Episode 2

This episode serves as an introduction to some of Ryo’s classmates. We’ve already met Toshiaki, but he gets a formal introduction anyways.

The episode opens with Ryo and Toshiaki riding the train together, and Ryo gets excited when he sees two guys acting BL-ish with each other. Later once they reach their school, Ryo clarifies that he likes BL only when guys choose it over girls. So being at an all-male school and seeing two dudes acting BL-ish with each other doesn’t excite him – only when a guy turns away from girls and has that kind of close relationship with a male peer does it interest Ryo.

vlcsnap-00005Toshiaki mentions that there is another guy who is always spending time around other guys, and speak of the devil those classmates walk by right at that moment. We’re introduced to Akira Ueda, who is always hanging around the blond, effeminate Yujiro Shiratori. And by “hanging around” I mean that the guy is a doormat. Ryo asks Akira why he’s “Shiratori’s bitch”, and really that’s the perfect way to describe their relationship. As someone who used to be extremely passive, all I can say is ugh. >>;

Ryo and Toshiaki asks Akira what he finds so attractive about Yujiro, and Akira launches into a lengthy list of reasons. Akira says that he loves Yujiro, though not in a homosexual way, so I guess Akira’s feelings could fall into the BL category.

In the classroom, one of Ryo’s classmates invites him and Yujiro to attend a mixer after school. Akira tags along because he’s helping to carry things. And it turns out Yujiro is a big hit with his female classmates. He pays attention to skincare and fashion, and he has good conversational skills. Ryo and the other classmate are a little bummed that Yujiro’s hogging all the girls to himself.

One thing leads to another and Akira’s passive personality is highlighted, making everyone other than Yujiro a little uncomfortable. Ryo thinks to himself that Akira’s personality would work well as a BL story, but not in a social situation like their mixer.




Episode 3

Ryo takes him to an anime store, where it is filled with lots of manga, products…. and girls. Lots of girls. Toshiaki is not happy, which makes sense – if I got groped by the opposite sex I’d probably be reluctant to spend time around them in that hyperactive environment too.

Ryo buys a new book, and Toshiaki questions why he bought it from that particular book store instead of from another one. Ryo points out that at certain stores books come with “papers”, which are limited edition bonuses like artwork or extra manga. Ryo’s over the moon, but all Toshiaki can think about is how cheap Ryovlcsnap-00013 is. Apparently the guy never even buys Toshiaki a drink, but he’ll shell out whatever money it takes to get a limited edition BL manga. ^^;;

Back at school, Akira and Toshiaki get close for a moment, and Toshiaki teases Akira that it would be a scene Ryo could appreciate if he were there. Then speak of the devil – Ryo shows up!

The last scene of this episode is Ryo talking about discussing BL with fujoshi (girls who like BL) on SNS, and how they’re fun to talk to as long as they’re talking about BL and fujoshi-related topics. Ryo shows Toshiaki some of his SNS feed, and Toshiaki doesn’t quite know what to make of some of the tweets he’s seeing.

Ryo walks by his classmate Rumi Nishihara, and though she tries to hide her phone before Ryo can see what she’s looking at, Ryo subtly mentions to her that he’s a fan of BL too. They both immediately start freaking out with each other, and they exchange contact information. For Ryo it’s a big deal, as it’s the first time he’s ever gotten a girl’s e-mail address.

My thoughts: Where I feel this series is the strongest is with its comedy. I find the Family Guy-like cutscenes to be the funniest – for example Akira describing Yujiro going into a storage shed with a thug, holding a stick in his hand that had a swirly design, and then having said stick pixelated out in Akira’s little memory bubble… Yeah you get the idea.  xD

I’m not a fan of Yujiro or Akira, at least not yet. Akira’s waaaaay too passive, and Yujiro’s just taking advantage of Akira’s nature. I hesitate to even call them friends, honestly. Rumi on the other hand is adorable, and I can totally relate to the way she fangirls over BL because I’m like that with Berserk Firefly Outlander Escaflowne err, I mean with some of my interests too. 0:-)

Now that we’ve gotten most of the character introductions out of the way in these two episodes, I’m curious where this short will go from here. Will there be a pairing between Ryo and Rumi? Will Toshiaki ever stop being groped? And what about Yujiro and Akira’s totally unhealthy friendship?