Reimi looks stunning, they did not disappoint me with my fave.

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She’s my angel and I love her and her story always makes me sad.

This episode is called “Rohan Kishibe’s Adventure” because he dragged Koichi into a bizarre situation, and in the end he finds out he has a connection with Reimi. We’ve officially reached the next big part into Part 4 that deals with this murderer Reimi tells them about.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 17 [1080p].mkv0009Rohan lived in Morioh when he was a kid and he wanted to visit his childhood home, as he thinks it’s important for a manga artist to know about their childhood. But the maps are strange and don’t match up and so he makes Koichi come with him into an alleyway that doesn’t appear on the maps. Again, the maps of the houses inside the alley don’t match up and they walk around, but realize they’ve been walking in circles. It’s then that a mysterious girl appears before them and that’s how we meet Reimi. The boys think she’s a Stand user that trapped them in the alley but when Rohan uses Heaven’s Door, he realizes that she’s just a regular girl. She’s regular in one way, but in fact she’s a ghost.

Reimi is a bound spirit, along with her dog Arnold. She tells the boys of a murder story that happened in a house, which was all about her. Fifteen years ago, she was awakened in the night by a dripping sound, but at first she wasn’t scared because she had her dog with her. The dripping wouldn’t stop, and when she went to check she found that the source of the sound was her dog. A voice tells her that her parents are already dead, and without being able to see his face, she was stabbed in the back and killed.

[HorribleSubs] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Diamond is Unbreakable - 17 [1080p].mkv0040Reimi knows that this man that killed her is still out and about committing more murders and she wants him to be found. Many people in Morioh have gone missing, 8 times more than the average. Some of them have to be from the murders, and she knows it as she hears the spirits of the fallen with her own ears. She’s bound to that alleyway, the place between the living world and the next, and there’s nothing that she can do except tell her story. She’s not telling Rohan and Koichi to find the murderer themselves, but she wanted them to hear her story and to somehow tell police to find the murderer. So peace can be restored to Morioh and people can be safe, and so she can finally pass on into the afterlife and the souls that passed on before her can be at peace as well. And that’s why I love Reimi! For fifteen years she was stuck there, hoping someone would drop by in the alley so she could actually talk to them. Not many people can get there as she mentioned, and she wonders if it’s because they’re Stand users. So to find these two, and to finally tell them her story and to hear that they actually will find a way to help her, just goes to show that her fighting wasn’t in vain. Reimi is so admirable because finding the murderer really isn’t for herself, it’s for others. It’s for the people currently living right now, to keep them safe, and it’s for the town that she loves. She loves Morioh so much that she doesn’t want its name to be tarnished as the place where a murderer was. She cares about others more than herself and I just love her.

A surprise is given to us in the end when Rohan visits Reimi’s family grave. A monk working there comes by Rohan and tells him of the murder of the Sugimoto family. Actually, when Rohan was four years old, he was actually in Reimi’s house at the time of the murder. His parents had to go somewhere and let him stay over at the Sugimoto house. When the murders occurred, Reimi snuck Rohan out the window so he was saved. Rohan forgot about that, so it explained why Reimi called Rohan “Rohan-chan” in such a friendly way. And now, this has become personal for him.

Koichi tells Josuke and Okuyasu about everything, and no matter how much he wants to help, if the murderer isn’t a Stand user, then it’s something the police should handle and not them. Which makes sense. And right when they talk about the murderer

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They made Kira look ikemen as fuck! It’s actually really hilarious.

What a fun and twisted ending! If that’s not a hint then I don’t know what is. 😀


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  1. dyingearth

    And David Bowie the Thin White Duke enters Stage Right. Kira’s appearance kinda of look like David Bowie during the late 80s and early 90s when this particular arc was written.

    1. Berry

      HAHA. He looked more David Bowie-ish in the manga, for some reason the anime art makes him look younger and more pretty boy. Not that he was ugly in the manga or anything…

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