Macross Delta Episode 14

Not a whole lot happened this episode, which is kind of understandably given the amount of damage they have sustained from the fight. It primarily focused on the characters reflecting on how much they miss and care about Ragna, and how it felt right and was home to them. But while it wasn’t necessarily boring, it was easy for me to get distracted with other things. There were also some questionable ‘events’ so to speak where I really didn’t understand the purpose- such as Mirage and Hayate both taking off their coats and shirt (Mirage didn’t have anything under her coat, so tough luck for her- but she did it anyways). I don’t know if the temperatures were supposed to be too hot or something, but anyways I didn’t really get it, and paid no further mind to it. They also had some fun with creating quite a misunderstanding via audio about the instructions Hayate was giving to Mirage in regards to trying to make repairs. I cracked up real good how everyone interpreted the instructions being told.

Having left Ragna, the Delta Platoon and the citizens they were able to rescue are now more or less on their own. It was a stressful day for them as numerous problems continued to arise, such as energy systems busting, explosions happening, resulting the air and anything else with the proximity would get sucked into space. Freyja experienced a close-call, and managed to save herself and the two mercats. In the end, the only temporarily solution was to dock Elysion to the Island until they can make sufficient repairs and find some support at other planets and galaxies.

Macross Delta Ep 14 Img 0001Finally, the most interesting part of the episode was the very first scene: Mikumo’s dream. Oh goodness I was like, “WHOA WHAT IS HAPPENING, WHO IS THAT” and then I realized it was probably her, AND she was singing the Wind Song, so now I am wondering if Mikumo is actually directly tied to the Protoculture Ruins. She has a unique sense and connection to the ruins unlike anyone else, and is extremely perspective to many things. She is quite the mystery, but I am excited to see the story will finally dive into that now.  I don’t know whether the dream was a vision for the future, or perhaps a vision from the past, but regardless it was super interesting and I can’t wait for it.

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